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Japan | Episode 03 | Himeji in May

Location: Asia » Japan »  Himeji

Which way should I take?

On May 2011, my vessel discharging cargo at Himeji, Japan.
So, of course I took this opportunity to explore the city.

HIMEJI, sounds very familiar right?
I am not sure why it is sounds familiar, at first it is because HIMEJI-NOMOTO....
but, its wrong,.. should be AJI-NO-MO-TO
forget bout it....

Help! Help! We are losing our way....
Hey you... don't you dare to copycat our recipe!
Lunch time

Ice-cream anyone?

So adorable!

Japanese, very good  at promoting their business. Non-Stop!

this is my first time getting into this city
Actually, Himeji quite near with Osaka....
Nothing much different from other places [i mean in Japan]..
But, Himeji is a a very tourist friendly places,
Free maps everywhere...

Himeji Castle from far.... still under renovation
On the way to the castle
Stunning view from the Himeji Castle park
What is Himeji popular for?
Of course, the wonderful Himeji Castle!

Don't want to visit real castle, miniature castle should be Ok lah!
The lost tourists
In Japanese, this castle is sometimes called shirasagi, or 'white heron'
A title that derives from the castle's stately white form.
In the following centuries the castle was home to 48 successive lords.
The Castle Gatekeepers
Lost in the urban city
Shopping street

There were some event happening around Himeji....

Queue up for the restaurant.... must be delicious!

1 word = SHOPPING!
But unfortunately, the castle still under renovation process until 2015...
So, I decided not to enter the castle
Exploring around the castle park was enough
Castle Ticket's counter
Because I only got limited time to explore the city
I decided to do shopping around the street

CAUTION: That is not one of the POKEMON character.... it is a castle MASCOT!
Friendly Japanese. Everytime I took her pics, always be in a monkey character. And no idea why... or maybe she know Malaysia & Orang Utan --> Commonwealth 98 Mascot... maybe...
Quite OK but still not very fashionable like Osaka City..
for me, Osaka still the best for fashion...

Roger and Out!

p/s: Its been a long time from my last post... welcome back for me lah!

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  1. Wahhhh.. Geram juak asa nak pergi jepung.. hoho..

  2. Wow. Enjoying the pics!
    Welkam back~

  3. mok juak g jepong mcm amir pdh..heheheh...best!

  4. looks like a very good place to travel to. Cooling weather and a lot of new things to see

  5. wah..saya pun dah lawat pekan tu..castle masih dalam pembinaan.


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