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The MyTravellicious blog is written in both Malay and English by a group of travelers eager to bring to the world their passion for everything travel-related online for readers to enjoy. Their stories cover delicious foods found in different restaurants of Malaysia, reviews on accommodation, and the variety of exciting activities waiting for their readers when they visit.  


Hi. My name is Fadli. I was born in the land of Hornbill, Kuching, Sarawak in Borneo. I work as Marine Engineer and a seaferer. I work for 6 months and I will having a holiday for 3 months. Backpacking is my passion during my holiday. Instead of that, I love to write about my journey. I am now into travel vlogging (Video Blogging)!

I always describe my journey as FUN and ADVENTUROUS. Yes, I am fun to be with. I am funny and I love to be around people that can me laugh. I am really random in my travelling.

Don't forget to visit my youtube travel vlog channel.





1. Featuring in Wanderlust Tips Magazine for DECEMBER 2016 issue about travel bloggers around ASEAN

The bilingual magazine Wanderlust Tips is one of Vietnam’s pioneering magazines introducing travel destination and attracting investments. Written in English and Vietnamese, Wanderlust Tips is a collection of high-quality articles, travel experts’ opinions and experience about travelling in Vietnam and abroad and insider knowledge from influential explorers within the community of travel lovers.

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One of 17 selected Travel Bloggers to participate in #AboutKL organized by Tourism Malaysia

Media Trip to Hanoi as a Inaugural Flight to Hanoi by Malindo Air on 1-3 September 2016

 ASEAN Bloggers Trip in Bangkok & Chiang Mai organized by Thai Airways and Thailand Authority Tourism for World Tourism Day from 25-29 September 2016

Media Trip for Kembara Putrajaya 1Malaysia organized by Gaya Travel Magazine and Putrajaya Corporation Berhad

Been selected as a "Friend of CASIO" with few other influencers for their product.


1. As a travel articles contributers for Wanderlust Tip (Vietnam Travel Magazine)
   -January 2017 issue - 2 Weeks Discovering Persia as a Solo Travelerr

1. Had been featured in (thevocket.com)
   - 14 Tip Mengembara ke Taman Negara Mulu, Sarawak. Read
   -7 Cabaran Yang Saya Lalui Sewaktu Travel Solo di Maldives. Read

2. Had been featured in (Harian Metro - 6th October 2016)

3. Had been featured in KOSMO
   -My blogpost regarding Camping in Kuala Lumpur had been attracted the reporter to interviewed me about the event and it had been featured in the newspaper, 2nd Nov 2016

4. Had feen featured in (BorneoColours.com)

This is the interview of me by BorneoColours.com as a Featured Blogger of the month

Intro about myself
I was born in 1985 in Kuching, Sarawak. I was the student of College Datu Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah. Then, continued my study at Matriculation College, and later at University of Malaya in Mechanical Engineering.
Now I am a marine engineer and been sailing in LNG vessel for the biggest shipping company in Malaysia. My work duration is 6 months, and then will be having a holiday for 3 months. As I been sailing abroad and having a very long holiday, that is the main reason I become a travel blogger.

Q1 How did you get into the world of blogging?
I was started blogging in 2008. It was like my online diary where I told everyone what had happened surrounding me. My parents used to read my entries back then because from my blog, they can updated the news about me. They were in Kuching and I was in KL.
But from time to time, most of my entries was about traveling, then I decided to have my own domain and choosing travel as my main topic. And now, I am not only into blogging but also vlogging (blogging through a video). Check out my youtube channel: mytravellicious.

Q2 Do you have any blogger or blog which inspires you the most in travel blogging? Tell us about it.
Yes! One is a “backpackingdad”. He is a single father with a son, still a baby. So he travel around the world with his baby!. He brings his baby with the baby shoulder bag on his back everywhere he go. Very good entries and entertaining.
Another is about a girl also travel around the globe with her teddy bear. I mean very big teddy bear. She brought her teddy bear everywhere she go, such as to the museum, beach, pub, riding a bicycle and etc. Her teddy bear become the magnet of attraction for her to get to the locals. Plus her teddy bear had taken photos with a thousand of people. Cool right? But I forget her name and her blog. But still follow her on the facebook.

Q3 So far, how many places have you visited since you started your blog?
Since I started my blog, I had visited 12 countries. But remember 1 thing, the number is not important. Even you had visited 100 countries but you only staying only 1-2 days per country and doing nothing that you can remember, what’s the point right?
Just enjoy your stay and your travel moments; it is OK if you spend so much time only in one country, as long as you gain valuable experiences. For example Indonesia, the country is so big. Every main island has their own culture and identity, so just take your time to explore the country.

Q4 You are currently traveling to Japan right now, what is the main attraction that you are looking forward to?

My job required me to travel. Every two weeks, I will arrive in Japan or South Korea or Taiwan. So today, as I write this, I am now in Yokohama, Japan. I always love Japanese food. The tempura restaurant is a must. Plus, Japan is a shopping heaven. Every time I am in Japan, I will hunt for the electric & electronic items. Yodabashi camera shop is one of my favorite outlets.

Q5 What advice can you give to aspiring travel bloggers out there who are trying out for the first time.

First thing, just be honest and be who you are. Do not refer from any travel blog. Just gave the opinion from what you had experiences. Photos is a must for a travel bloggers. Always think what’s make your blog unique from others travel blog. As for my blog, every my blog entry, will have a VLOG entry.

Q6 A blogger once asked what is the best camera to bring while they are traveling; any recommendations and tips you want to give about this?

It’s depends on your purpose. If you like photography, of course I recommended the DSLR. But, as an independent solo backpacker, I used mini-DSLR Sony Nex C3 for my last trip. It was not too bulky, shot very high quality pictures and videos, highly recommended
Do not waste much time taking photos until you forgot to enjoy the moments of the places. A traveler without observation is a bird without wings. Sometimes, the photos can’t describe the feels you had when you visited one place, but the photos last forever.

Q7 What is the best ever experience you ever had so far while traveling?

The fast boat journey from the Huay Xai (North Thai-Laos border) to Luang Prabang, Laos. The fast boat took about 8 hours to reach the destination. In one fast boat, there were only 6 passenger and 1 boat driver. Most of the travelers are afraid to ride the fast boat because it is quite dangerous and most of them taking a slow boat (took about 2 days). Most of the accident at the Mekong River involving the fast boat. The fast boat is just a small boat and very light. Glad fully, I was arrived in Luang Prabang safely.
The scenery along the journey was so breathtaking. I am very proud to mention that I traveled the Mekong River using the fast boat. Not all the traveler had those experiences. It’s only for the “strong heart”. You can watch my fast boat journey VLOG at my youtube channel: mytravellicious.
Q8 Back in Kuching, what is your favorite place to hang out?

I always hang out with my best buddies “ILEQ-ILEQ” café at reservoir park. The café surround by nature. There is a stage for you if you want to karaoke and you dare enough to sing in front of the crowd. I used to sing on a stage even though I have a frog voice, confident is most important!
You also can watch football match from the big screen. They also provide the 8-ball pool. If you like playing card & board games, they also provided those things. It also close very late at night.

Q9 Any other places that you are dreaming to go to in the future?

I would love to go to Machu Pichu in Peru & Bora-Bora Island someday.


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    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog MYTRAVELLICIOUS has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Solo Travel Blogs on the web.


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  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Viện thẩm mỹ US

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