Feb 21, 2015

Malindo Air Review

This was my 2nd time flying with Malindo Air. Both from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur, for morning flight. Kuching to Kuala Lumpur got 2 flights daily, but Kuala Lumpur to Kuching only got 1 flight daily which is in the morning.

Inside the flight

Why I chose Malindo Air? It is simple answer, I just chose the cheapest flight. With RM99 one way, I get 15kg luggage to check it. Its good right? You better check Malindo Air as other alternative. he flight they using are Boeing 737-800.

Free for everyone, biscuits & mineral water

Malindo Air only have stewardess, no steward. Their uniform is quiet unique and elegant in a certain way. They using transparent white kebaya with the Tube inside and a pink batik with very high cut. I can say it is quiet sexy uniform. I got many cabin crew friends, and some of them talking about the crews should using the fire retardant uniform. But for Malindo Air, I do not think so. The high cut pink batik is for the emergency, so they can move freely.

Nice LCD Screen, bring your own earphone, can charge using USB

The seat is comfortable. The leg area is the most spacious is compare to MAS or AirAsia. The seat LCD is good comparable to MAS and plus good sound. But the choice of movie & TV shows are limited. 

Spacious leg space

Bring your own earphone. In hear, they use normal 3.5mm earphone jack, not like other airlines which using twin jack. You can charge your mobile using the USB. Each seat got 1 USB, under the LCD screen.

Chicken Briyani, only RM12

After the seat belt sign is off, they start to give you a snack, which consist the biscuit and a mineral water. Later, they will sells all the hot meal. One thing that weird, they do not have the menu like in the AirAsia flight. In this flight, I tried the Chicken Briyani, not bad and taste is good. It is only RM12, compare to AirAsia RM15 hot meals if you buy in the flight.

Chicken Briyani, yummy!

Anyway, I am happy with Malindo Air, plus my flight just now they had arrived 45 minutes early. Can you imagine that? So Malindo Air will be one of my top priority.

Jan 23, 2015

#7 places to go in Nagoya for 1 day

If you got like only 1 day to explore Nagoya, I recommend you to visit this, you can do it in 1 day, assuming you starting from morning till night. All of the places I stated here are based with my own experience. Nagoya is a very interesting place. I am so lucky because of my work, I keep coming to this beautiful region.

The transportation in here is excellent and you can buy Subway 1 day pass for unlimited use of subway plus you can get many discounts for the attraction entrance fee.

1. Nagoya Castle

I think Nagoya Castle is the main highlight of the Nagoya and one of the historical building in here. The garden in here is huge and one of the good spot for taking photo during cherry blossom.. Inside the castle is the same like museum, and also have the observation deck. In here, there are souvenirs shop for you. Just remember it close at 4.30pm. 

The entrance fee here is 500 yen, but if you using subway 1-day-pass only 400 yen.
To get here, take Meijo Line and stop at M07 Shiyakusho Station (City Hall)

2. Nagoya City Science Museum

Why I really love to visit this science museum is because of the unique building. I really want to take photos with this building and I did. Inside here it has world largest dome screen of planetarium, does it sound awesome? Because of I am an engineer, I found that this museum is quite interesting, it has Electrical Discharge Simulator, Large Water Circulation Simulator, -30C Room, Man Made 8m Tall Tornado and plus they do fun demonstration every day! Plus the surrounding of the museum is spectacular.

The entrance fee is 800yen, 720yen(1day pass) for observatory & Platerium
To get here, take Higashiyama or Tsurumai line and stop at T07/H09, exit 5, walk south 5 mins 

3. Oasis 21

This is where the subway of Sakae Station stopped. Oasis 21 is really nice building and look like a spaceship. I used to hang out at the garden around Oasis 21 because it is so nice. In Oasis 21, you can find many shops and restaurant. Many event had been held here. The interesting part is, you can go the rooftop of Oasis 21 for free to enjoy the view of Sakae. Here is good to take picture of Nagoya TV Tower. Remind yourself to go during sunset.

To get here, take any line to Sakae Station.

4. Nagoya TV Tower

If you really enjoy the city view, I recommend you to go to Nagoya TV Tower, one of Nagoya landmark. If you really not interested to go up, you can take photo around the tower. The best spot to take the picture is at the Central Park (between Louis Vuitton shop and Oasis 21) or at the Oasis 21 rooftop.

The entrance fee for adult is 700yen, 600yen if you using 1day pass
To get here, take any line to Sakae Station.

5. Nagoya Port

Another awesome place to spend time is Nagoya Port area. In here you can go to the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, the entrance fee is 2000yen, and 1800yen for 1day pass). Here you can see dolphins and white whale or the called it Beluga. Next to the aquarium is Maritime Museum and Fuji Antartic Museum. Here its explain all about maritime such as details of ship on a voyage and the observation of their Antartic research. One of the museum is a real ship which they use to go to Antartic. Entrance fee is 700yen, 580yen (for 1day pass). 

To get here: Go to the Nagoyako Station.

6. Kamimeazu Shopping Street / Osu

Another awesome place to spare is Osu or Kamimeazu Shopping Street. Here is like Ginza shop. Many small shops and restaurant. My favourite restaurant here is Gindako which sells Takoyaki Octopus Ball. Also at here, there are 2 Mega Kebab restaurants, which is HALAL. You can find shoes, cloths, and also 2nd hand item. At the end of the street, you can find Osu Kannon Temple which is one of the popular place in Nagoya

To get here: Go to the Kamimeazu Station

7. Sakae Shopping Area

Ahhhh…. Shopping heaven, I hope you can behave yourself. Sakae area is where you can get any designer brand you want. From Louis Vuitton to Coach to medium range of brand like Zara, H&M, Gap, Uniqlo and many more.  You will notice there are Ferris Wheel on top of building. I recommend you 1 duty free shop, located across the Ferris Wheel building and also across of Coach boutique. The entrance is like supermarket, you can go up to find more item such as perfumes, clothes, watches, bags, and many more. The tall building across the Mitsukoshi where you can see “BOOK OFF” banner  is also good. It is like 10th floor building and in here you can find Uniqlo, GU,ABC Mart, and HARD OFF (2nd hand shop). So, Sakae is where the rich go.

To get here: Go to the Sakae Station

Dec 25, 2014

14 Travel Tips for Mulu National Park

14 Travel Tips for Mulu National Park

1. Pencarian tiket / Ticket Hunting

Perkara pertama yang paling penting bagi seorang backpackers adalah meminimumkan perbelajaan dan memaksimumkan keseronokan semasa mengembara. Selalulah memeriksa tiket penerbangan MASWINGS sama ada daripada Miri-Mulu ataupun Kuching-Mulu. Harga normal tiket pergi-balik selalunya di dalam RM600+. Tetapi jika anda bertuah, anda akan dapat didalam RM150+ untuk pergi balik. Harga inilah yang saya dapat semasa trip Mulu lepas. Jika anda dari Semenanjung, tiket dari Kuala Lumpur ke Miri ataupun Kuching juga di ambil kira.
The most important for backpackers is to minimum the cost and maximize the joy during the journey. If you want to plan to go to MULU, always check for flight ticket from MASWINGS whether from Miri-Mulu or Kuching-Mulu. Normal return ticket for this route is about RM600. But if you are lucky, you can get around RM150 for return. This was the price I got for my last Mulu trip. If you fly from Peninsula Malaysia, you also need to consider the flight from Kuala Lumpur-Miri or Kuching.

2. Hubungi HQ Mulu dahulu / Contact the HQ First

Sila hubungi HQ dengan menggunakan email enquiries@mulupark.com. Mengikut pengalaman saya, mereka membalas email dengan cepat. Paling lambat pun dalam sehari. Jika anda sudah ada tarikh untuk tiket murah ke Mulu, dinasihatkan, jangan membeli tiket tersebut terlebih dahulu. Sila hubungi untuk tempah bilik dan tour terlebih dahulu. Setelah confirm, then you book your flight.
Please contact the HQ through their email at enquiries@mulupark.com. Based on my experiences, they replied their email really fast, the slowest replied about 1 day after. If you already found the cheap flight to Mulu, you are advise, not to buy the flight ticket first. Please contact the HQ for booking your accommodation and tour first. After confirm everything, then proceed with your flight booking.

3. Lapangan Terbang-HQ Park / Airport-HQ Park

Jika anda sampai di lapangan terbang, sila keluar, dan anda akan ternampak sebuah kedai kecil sebelah kanan anda.. Disitulah kedai tiket shuttle bas. Dari Airport ke HQ, Cuma RM5 perjalanan dalam 5 minit. Menggunakan kereta pick-up. Tidak recommend untuk berjalanan kaki sebab agak jauh jugak. Perjalanan agak singkat disebabkan tiada kenderaan sepanjang perjalanan. Jika hendak ke airport pulak, Cuma keluar dari HQ, ada kedai disepanjang jalan selepas anda keluar dari HQ, panggil je orang rumah tu, harga pun sama RM5.
After you arriving Mulu airport, go out and you will see small shop on your right. That is the shuttle bus ticket counter. From airport to HQ, only RM5 for 5 minutes ride using the pick-up car. Not recommend to walk because it seems very far. The ride is short because there is no other vehicle on the road. If you to go to airport, just go outside of the Park HQ, there are shop along the road, the shuttle service is at one of the shop (look for the poster). Only RM5.

Shuttle transport ticket counter at the airport 
4. Tempat Tinggal / Accomodation

Saya menasihatkan untuk tinggal di dalam HQ Park itu sendiri. Sebabnya adalah terdapatnya café disitu beserta dengan WIFI service. Paling murah adalah bilik dorm, dengan harga RM43 ringgit semalam. Biliknya sangat besar dan selesa. Jika anda malang di mana kemudahan tempat tinggal sudah penuh ditempah (WALK-IN memang tidak dinasihatkan), anda boleh tinggal di bilik dorm di luar HQ Park. Di luar HQ, bilik dorm boleh didapati dalam harga RM35 semalam. Tempat tinggal kebanyakkan beserta Café, tetapi, Café dikhuatiri tidak halal kerana kebanyakan tuan rumah adalah bukan islam. Lagipun dorm di luar HQ ini selalunya kosong, anda mungkin berasa agak bosan jika anda mengembara seorang dan tidak ada WIFI.
I advices you to stay in the HQ park itself. Because in the HQ, there have their own café with WIFI service (they only WIFI in MULU). The cheapest room is dormitory, only RM43 per night with breakfast. The room is big and comfortable. But if you’re unlucky enough where the accommodation is full (Not advise for Walk-in), you can stay the dormitory at the outside HQ park, cheaper for around RM35 per night. Most of the place outside also including café, but the Café might not HALAL because most of the owner not Muslim. Plus, the dorm at the outside HQ always empty, you might feel bored if you are alone and no WIFI.

Dormitory at the HQ
5. Tour / Tour

Seperti dikatakan, sila tempah terlebih dahulu sebelum menempah tiket penerbangan. Ini disebabkan kebanyakan tour adalah limited. Cuma 6-10 orang sahaja untuk sesebuah tour. Cuba periksa terlebih dahulu sama ada tour pilihan anda ditawarkan pada hari anda melawat Mulu ataupun tidak. Ini adalah kerana, ada beberapa tour hanya ditawarkan untuk beberapa kali sahaja di dalam bulan tersebut. Boleh dikatakan harga untuk tour disini agak mahal. Untuk tour pinnacle RM350 3hari 2mlm, Mulu Summit RM475 4hari 3mlm. Jika anda datang bukan untuk pinnacle tour, saya cadangkan untuk mengambil tour Clearwater & Wind Cave(RM 55, ada 2 sesi setiap hari), tour Eden Valley (RM130), tour Night Walk (RM15 daily utk 2 jam, ada 2 sesi), tour Mulu Canopy SkyWalk (RM40 daily ada 5 sesi). 
Like I mentioned before, please book the tour before you buy your flight ticket. This is because most of the tour is limited number of participant. Only 6-10 persons for 1 tour. Please check first whether your choices of tour are available on the day you are visiting Mulu or not. This is because, there are certain tour only available a few times in a month. I can say tour in Mulu quite expensive. For Pinnacles tour RM350 3days 2night, Mulu Summit tour RM475 4days 3nights. If you visiting Mulu not for pinnacles tour, I suggest you took the Clearwater & Wind Cave tour (RM55, 2 session daily), Eden Valley tour (RM130), Night Walk tour (RM15 2hours 2 sessions daily) or Mulu Canopy SkyWalk (RM40 5sessions daily)

Clearwater & Wind Cave tour including longboat for RM55 daily

6. Tahap Kecergasan / Fitness Level

Mengikut pengalaman saya, sebelum ke sini, sila sediakan tahap kecergasan yang tinggi. Seperti tour yang senang, Clearwater & Wind Cave memerlukan untuk naik anak tangga yang agak tinggi dan condong. Orang yang berumur memang tidak digalakkkan. Saya pun termengah-mengah untuk naik ke gua ini. Eden Valley tour juga sangat mencabar. Daripada naik anak tangga ke dalam Gua Rusa, memanjat, masuk ke dalam lubang gua yang sempit, mengharungi sungai di dalam gua sampai ke paras dagu, merintangi batu2 yang licin, mendaki anak gunung yang penuh dengan pacat. Fuh. Memang mencabar.
Based on my experiences, before visiting Mulu, please prepare for the high level of fitness. Like the easy tour, Clearwater & Wind Cave tour, you need to climb the stairs which are so high and very steep. Older person are not advisable. I also really tired to go up to the cave. Eden Valley tour also very adventurous. From climbing the stairs in the Deer Cave, climbing the cave stone, go through the small hole of the cave, need to walk through the river which the water level until your chin, need to walk at the slippery stone, climb up to the hill which full of leeches. Fuhs, it was tough!

The stairs to the Clearwater Cave. Very high and slippery

7. Cuaca / Wheather

Jika boleh, risiklah samaada tarikh yang anda rancang nak pergi tu, musim hujan ke tidak. Selalunya di Sarawak, ada bulan-bulan yang tertentu, hujan boleh dikatakan turun setiap hari. Jika hujan, kemungkinan penerbangan anda mengalami kelewatan disebabkan pergi ke MULU menggunakan pesawat ATR. Dan tambahan jugak, jikalau hujan, semua tour yang dirancangan akan dibatalkan, dan diganti pada hari lain.
If can, please check the weather on the day you plan your visit, whether the raining season or not. In Sarawak, there are certain month, I can say, the raining went down every day. If it is raining, your flight might be delay because to MULU, you will fly with ATR flight. Plus, if it is raining, all the tour activities are cancelled and postpone to the next day.

8. Kasut / Shoes

Penggunaan kasut yang sesuai adalah sangat penting disini. Daripada berjalan dari HQ ke gua merentasi jambatan kayu yang sangat licin, naik anak tangga di dalam gua juga licin, memanjat batu-batuan yang besar, menharungi anak sungai, berjalan ke kawasan yang sangat becak penuh dengan lintah. Penggunakan kasut adalah syarat utama jika anda hendak menyertai tour. Penggunaan selipar adalah tidak dibenarkan sama sekali.
Wearing a suitable shoe is really important. From walking from HQ to the cave through the wooden bridge which is very slippery, climbing the stairs in the cave also slippery, climbing the big stone, walking through the river and walking up to the hill full with leeches. Wearing shoes is the main rules if you want to join the tour. Wearing a slipper or sandal are not acceptable and you might not be able to join the tour.

Good shoe for caving activity. This was inside Deer Cave during Eden Valley tour.

9. Sediakan duit yang cukup / Standby enough money

Disebabkan disini tiada kemudahan ATM, sila bawa secukupnya duit anda untuk membayar tempat tinggal, tour, dan makanan. Makanan disini harganya seperti di makan di hotel. Air mineral adalah sangat mahal, untuk 1.5L RM 6. Wifi berhaga RM5 untuk sehari, password ditukar setiap jam 8 pagi.
Because here no ATM service, please bring enough money for your accommodation, tour and food. The foods here are like eating in hotel restaurant. Mineral water here very expensive, for 1.5L RM6. Wifi will cost you RM5 per day, the password will reset at 8am every day.

10. Makan / Food

Jangan terkejut kebanyakan semua yang bekerja di kawasan Mulu ini adalah daripada kaum Iban/Bidayuh/Kenyah/Penan yang beragama Kristian. Makan di Café boleh saya katakan dijamin halal sebab ada jugak melihat kakak yang bertudung. Makan di Café HQ disediakan percuma untuk sarapan pagi. Sarapan pagi anda boleh memilih sama anda untuk makan makanan barat ataupun makanan Malaysia sendiri. Jika anda pilih sarapan Malaysia, menu adalah Nasi Lemak. Jika anda beli sendiri, berharga RM12. Burger disini berharga RM11. Semua makanan di Café ini sangat enak. Sebab itulah saya recommend anda untuk tinggal di sekitar HQ.
Do not be surprise most of staffs in Mulu are Iban/Bidayuh/Kenyah/Penan and Christian. Eating at HQ café I can say HALAL because I saw their staff wearing Hijab. Eating at the HQ café is free during breakfast. For breakfast, you can choose whether you want western food or Malaysian food. If you choose Malaysian breakfast, the menu is Nasi Lemak. The price is RM12 if you want to have extra Nasi Lemak. Burger here RM11. All the foods here are very delicious. That is why I recommend you to stay inside the HQ.

11. Alatan yang wajib dibawa / Things to bring

Alatan yang harus dibawa oleh anda adalah sama seperti jika anda hendak pergi camping di hutan. Saya cadangkan untuk membawa lampu kepala sendiri sebab lampu yang diorang sediakan itu mempunyai bau yang kurang enak sebab ramai yang pakai dan anda boleh juga guna lampu itu untuk berjalan dari dorm anda ke Café sebab jalan yang gelap. Juga boleh bawah sedikit alatan first aid, jika anda cedera ketika tour, tetapi semua tour guide ada bawa first aid jugak. Bawalah ubat sapu untuk gigitan nyamuk. Bawaklah spray untuk menghalang anda digigit oleh binatang yang tidak sepatutnya termasuklah pacat. Jika anda leech sock, memang bagus. Camera kalis air dan bag kalis air jika hujan turun semasa tour ataupun anda kena mengaharungi anak sungai. Jangan lupa untuk bawak baju hujan. 
Things you need to bring are the same if you go camping in the forest. I suggest to bring your own headlight because the headlight they provide is very smelly because so many people used it before and you can also use it at night when you want to walk around HQ. Also you can bring your own first aid, in case you are having injury during your tour, but all the tour guide will bring their first aid. Bring lotion for the mosquito bites. Bring the spray to prevent the incsect bites also the leeches. Leech stock is a good idea. Waterproof camera and bag is very useful when it comes the wet weather or you need to go through the river during your tour. Do not forget to bring your own raincoat. 

Eden Valley Waterfall.

12. Peramah / Be friendly

Just be friendly dengan roommate satu dorm, dengan rakan-rakan di dalam tour anda. Sebelum tour bermula, anda dikehendaki untuk memperkenalkan diri sendiri terlebih dahulu untuk sesi suai kenal. Kebanyakkannya jugak pengambara solo, so boleh lah bertukar-tukar pengalaman. Sewaktu saya di Mulu, kebanyakkan pengembara barat terkejut apabila saya memeritahu saya adalah seorang local dan berasal dari Kuching. Saya jugak telah berkawan dengan beberapa traveler yang lain termasuk seorang tour guide bebas yang sama bilik dorm dengan saya. Cuma ringankan mulut, InsyaAllah the wonders will come after that….
Just be friendly with your dorm mate and the friends in your tour group. Before the tour start, there are self introduction session. There are a lot of solo traveler, so you can exchange the experiences. When I was in Mulu, most of the western traveler, surprised when I told them I am local Sarawak and from Kuching. I also be friends with a few travelers including one freelance tour guide which happen my dorm mate. Just be friendly to everyone, InsyaAllah the wonders will come after that.

13. Nikmati saat terindah / Just enjoy your moment

Jangan risaukan anda tidak dapat talian telefon. Mungkin ada juga mengalami WIFI yang sangat lembab sebab mereka menggunakan talian satelit dan menyebabkan anda tidak dapat mengemaskinikan platform media social anda. Just enjoy every moment of it. Even you having a tough day and journey. Itulah pengalaman yang berharga. Sebab anda ke MULU pun sebab you guys wanna enjoy the adventure kan. Enjoy the wonder of Bat Exodus!, sangat rare ok!
Do not worry with your handphone line. Maybe you experience the bad WIFI connection because they are using the satellite line and you might be can’t updating your social media. Just enjoy every moment of it. Even if your having a tough day and journey. That is priceless experiences. That is why you go to MULU and you want to have an adventure right? And enjoy the wonder of Bat Exodus! It is so rare…

Rare phenomenon. Bat Exodus.

14. Berhati-hati / Be Safe

Apa-apa pun yang anda buat sepanjang tour ataupun sepanjang anda berada di MULU. Silalah berhati-hati. Kita datang dalam keadaan sempurna, diharapkan balik jugak kita masih di dalam keadaan yang sama. InsyaAllah.
Whatever you do during the tour, or at the time you are in MULU, please be safe and careful. We come to MULU with perfect condition, and hopefully going back also in the perfect condition. InsyaAllah.

Dec 14, 2014

Bohol Part 2: Visit the City in 1 day

Untuk membaca bahagian pertama, sila klik disini Bohol Part 1 - Panglao Island
To read the part 1, click here Bohol Part 1 - Panglao Island

Chocolate Hills

Jika anda mempunyai masa kembara yang singkat, Bohol sebenarnya adalah satu tempat yang senang untuk perjalananan “Buat-Sendiri”. Ini adalah kerana setiap tempat yang menarik adalah satu arah untuk ke Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills adalah penghujung perjalanan dan paling jauh sekitar 2 jam.
If you have short travel time, Bohol is actually one place which is easy to do-it-yourself itinerary. This is because the attractions are along the way to the Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills is your end of journey and the most far around 2 hours journey.

Anda boleh mengambil 1 day city tour yang banyak ditawarkan oleh agensi tour. Semasa sampai di terminal jetty, aku juga adalah melihat kaunter untuk pendaftaran 1 day city tour ini. Tetapi aku memilih untuk menaiki “Tricycle” untuk ke Chocolate Hills dan tempat-tempat menarik yang lain. 
You can take 1 day city tour which available from the local tour agency. When arrived in jetty terminal, I saw a registration counter for 1 day city tour. But I chose to ride a “Tricycle” for Chocolate Hills and other attractions.

Jadi, ini aku senaraikan tempat-tempat yang anda boleh lawati sepanjang perjalanan ke Chocolate Hills
So here, I list out the attaractions you can visit along the way to the Chocolate Hills

1. Blood Compact

Ini adalah persinggahan pertama aku. Di sini terletak sebuah tugu yang menunjukkan 5 orang pemuda yang sedang menikmati minuman di sekeliling meja. Tugu ini kecil sahaja. Dan terletak di atas bukit dan menghadap lautan. Sangat cantik dan tenang. Sebenarnya tugu ini adalah sebuah upacara seperti ikat janji menggunakan darah dimana mereka minum darah antara satu sama lain simbolik menunjukkan  hubungan Barat dan Timur
This is my first stop. Here there is monument showing 5 men enjoying their drinks together around the table. This is small monument. And situated on the hills and facing the sea. Very beautiful and calm. Actually this monument is a ceremony like “tied-the-knot” using their bloods and they drank each other’s blood symbolic for the Western-Eastern relationship.

Blood Compact

2. Loboc River Cruise

Ini adalah persinggahan kedua aku. Disebabkan aku sampai di sini dalam tengahhari, tersangatlah sesuai kerana ini adalah Makan Tengahhari Buffet di atas kapal di sepanjang Sungai Loboc. Di atas cruise ini terdapat beberapa persembahan nyanyian. Aku sponsor driver tricycle aku untuk pergi makan tengahhari bersama sebab aku tak nak lah makan sorang-sorang. Boleh dikatakan pilihan makanan sangat banyak dan tidak Halal. Di penghujung perjalanan sebelum patah balik, kapal akan berhenti di satu pentas terapung yang berbumbung untuk menikmati persembahan nyanyian dan tarian traditional penduduk tempatan iaitu tarian buluh. Of course I try to dance sebab aku memang meminati tarian traditional.
This was my 2nd stop. Because I arrived here at noon, it was a perfect timing because this is Lunch Buffet Cruise along the Loboc River. There is some live singing performance. I sponsored my tricycle driver to have a lunch with me because I do not want to be alone. There are many choices of food and Non-Halal. At the end of journey before the cruise return back, the cruise will stop at the roof floating stage for the singing and traditional dance (bamboo dance) performance by the local. Of course I tried the dance as you know I love traditional dance.

Loboc River Cruise

Singing & Dancing Performance

Travel Video: Bamboo Dance at The Loboc River Cruise

3. Man-made forest

Sebelum sampai di Chocolate Hill, anda akan melalui satu kawasan yang diliputi pokok-pokok yang cantik. Kawasan ini di panggil Hutan Buatan Manusia. Driver tricycle aku sempat berhenti seketika di sini untuk aku mengambil gambar.
Before arriving Chocolate Hill, you will go through one area which covered by the nice trees. This place is call Man-Made Forest. My driver tricycle stopped here for a while for me took a photos.

Man Made Forest

4. Chocolate Hills Complex

Ini adalah tujuan utama untuk ke Bohol. Perjalanan ke Chocolate Hills lebih kurang dalam 2 jam sebab aku menggunakan Tricycle. Tricycle agak slow mungkin sebab aku sangat berat. Lebih-lebih lagi untuk sampai ke Chocolate Hills Complex, dimana driver Tricycle aku menggunakan semaksimum kapasity kuasa tricycle untuk membolehkan perjalanan lancar sampai ke puncak.
This is my main highlight and target for Bohol. Journey to the Chocolate Hills is around 2 hours because I am using a Tricycle. Tricycle is quite slow because of my weight. Plus, for arriving Chocolate Hills Complex, the Tricycle driver need to used tricycle maximum capacity for a smooth journey to the peak.

Chocolate Hills Complex ini adalah satu tempat yang strategic untuk mendapat permandangan Chocolate Hills yang sangat unik, menarik dan indah. Chocolate Hills adalah salah satu tempat Kawasan Warisan UNESCO. Untuk ke tempat dek pemandangan, kena naik 214 anak tangga untuk ke puncak.
Chocolate Hills Complex is one of the most strategic place for a good view of Chocolate Hills which are very unique, interesting and beautiful. Chocolate Hills is one of the Unesco Heritage Site. For the viewing deck, you need to go up 214 stairs.

Chocolate Hills

Travel Video: Chocolate Hills

5. Mini Zoo

Dalam perjalanan balik, kami sempat singgah di kawasan seperti Mini Zoo tapi hanya ada beberapa sahaja haiwan. Kebanyakannya haiwan liar yang ditangkap dari hutan sekitarnya. Aku masih ingat lagi dimana ada dua ekor ular sawa yang sangat besar dimana seekor bernama Emilia. Disini tidak ada Tarsier.
On the way back, we stopped at the so-called Mini Zoo but only a few animals here. Most of them are wild animals which caught in the local forest. I still remember where there are 2 super big python and one of it named Emilia. Here do not have Tarsier.

Mini Zoo

Travel Video: Giant Python

6. Baclayon Church

Ini tempat persinggahan terakhir aku. Aku cuma mengambil gambar dari luar sahaja. Gereja ini adalah salah satu bangunan tertua yang diperbuat daripada batu yang dibuka oleh 2 orang paderi dari Sepanyol. Sewaktu aku sampai disini, terdapat upacara keagamaan yang membabitkan ramai orang. 
This is my last stop. I only took photos from outside. This church is the oldest building were built by stone which founded by 2 Spanish priest. When I arrived, there are religion ceremony which involving many peoples.

Anda juga boleh melawat kawasan seberang gereja ini. Seperti tebing sungai yang dikomesialkan. Ini adalah jetty untuk ke pulau-pulau sekitar ataupun untuk ke Dolphin Watching Tour.
You also can visit the area across the church. Seems like a commercialize waterfront. This actually a jetty for island nearby transit or for Dolphin Waching Tour

Baclayon Churc

7. Tarsier Visitors Centre

Sebenarnya aku tidak sampai ke sini. Tarsier adalah sejenis haiwan yang sangat misteri, kiut dan mempunyai mata yang besar. Tarsier adalah merupakan primate yang terkecil di dunia dan hampir pupus. Aku memang hendak melihat tarsier ini, tetapi dari yang aku baca, memang tidak digalakkan mengganggu tarsier di siang hari, kerana tarsier adalah pupus kerana disebabkan stress disebabkan diganggu oleh para pelancong pada siang hari, padahal siang hari dia nak tidur.
Actually I did not visiting here. Tarsier is a mystery, cute and having a big eyes animal. Tarsier is a smallest primate in the world and one of the endangered species. I really want to meet with Tarsier, but from what I read before, not recommended to disturb the Tarisier in a day, because Tarsier is endanger because of the stress being disturbed in a day by the tourist, in a day they should sleep.

A Tarsier. Source: bioexpedition.com

Dec 12, 2014

Bohol Part 1 - Panglao Island

Bohol Part 1 – Panglao Island

Decision hendak ke Bohol sebenarnya agak last minit. Boleh dikatakan trip aku kali ini agak kurang persediaan, cuma tiket-tiket flight yang dibeli awal. Mostly hotel-hotel adalah walk-in. Aku tidak menggalakkan sangat walk-in nak cari hotel, iainya sangat memenatkan, dengan kadang tawaran harga bilik pun mahal. Aku konfiden tak book awal-awal sebab masa ini bukan peak time untuk pelancong-pelancong. Kebanyakan bilik adalah kosong.
Actually, the decision want to go to Bohol was very last minute. My trips this time were less prepared, only the flights I bought early. Most of the hotel in Bohol I just walked in. I did not recommended to walk in because it is very tiring, and sometime the price the offered is expensive. I was confident not to book early because I know this is not the peak time for the tourist. Most of the rooms were empty.

Daripada fly dari Ilo-Ilo, ke Cebu City dengan menggunakan Cebu Pacific. Flight agak murah dalam RM35 all-in. Daripada airport Cebu, aku terus naek taxi ke terminal ferry. Aku actually dah survey awal untuk jadual ferry ke Tagbilaran (Bohol). So, aku decide ambik SuperCat ferry yang mana adalah ferry laju ke Bohol. Harga tiket dalam 550peso sahaja tapi untuk balik tiket aku dalam 750peso.
Fly from Ilo-Ilo City, to Cebu City using Cebu Pacific. The flight was cheap only RM35+ all-in. From Cebu airport, I straight went to the ferry terminal using taxi. Actually, I had surveyed earlier for the ferry schedule to the Tagbilaran (Bohol). So, I was decided to take SuperCat ferry which is superfast ferry to Bohol. The ticket price was only 550peso but for the return ticket, it was 750peso.

Alona Beach, the famous beach in Panglao

Supercat Ferry adalah sangat selesa. Tempat duduk bernombor dan menggunakan penghawa dingin. Ada televisyen jugak. Ada penjualan makanan tetapi kalau makanan yang berat adalah berbayar. Snek seperti kacang adalah percuma. Aku masih ingat lagi semasa aku di terminal ferry tersebut, aku terkena pemeriksaan dari polis  dengan menggunakan anjing yang sangat besar. Diorang pilih secara rawak, diorang suruh aku letak bag aku kat bawah, dan anjing yg sgt besar itu mula mencium bag aku kot-kot ada barang yang terlarang. Takut jugak manalah tahu kan. So, I clean dan dilepaskan….
SuperCat Ferry is so comfortable. The seats are numbered and very good air-conditioning system plus also got television. There are foods selling around. Most of the heavy meals you need to pay. Only light snacks such as peanuts are free. I still remember when I was at the ferry terminal, I had been stopped and checked by the police using very big dog. They chose randomly whoever they want to check. They asked me to put my bag down, and the dog start sniffed around my bag for searching illegal items especially drugs. A little bit nervous because you do not know anything can be happening. I am cleaned, so I had been released.

Beach front in Panglao

Perjalanan mengambil masa dalam  2 Jam. Setelah sampai di terminal di Tagbilaran, owh Tagbilaran adalah ibu bandar Bohol, aku pun dengan keadaan blur keluar dari terminal. Memang aku blur lagi sebab aku tak prepare sangat. Aku tengok kat luar ada banyak yang tour company. Kalau nak sign up for a day tour pun boleh. Tapi I decided nak pegi Panglao Island dulu. I always love Island… 
The ride took about 2 hours. After arrived at the Tagbilaran terminal (Tagbilaran is the main city of Bohol), I was still blurred went out to the terminal. Yes, I was blurred because not to prepared for this trip. I saw outside the terminal there were many tour company. You can sign up for the Bohol day tour if you want to. But I decided to go to the Panglao Island first, well, I always love island…..

Aku keluar dari terminal cari Tricycle. Aku bgtau nak pegi Panglao Island, haggle2 the price. Bila aku rasa price dia ok je, aku pun agree. Nak pegi Panglao ni rasanya jauh jugak. Entahlah, sebab aku naik tricycle kot, mcm agak slow. Tricycle ni actually macam tuk-tuk.
I went out from terminal and searching for the Tricycle. I told one of them that I want to go to Panglao Island, and haggle with the price. I was agreed after  I thought that the price they offered were OK. To go to Panglao, actually it quite far, but I was not really sure maybe my tricycle a little bit slow. The tricycle is same kind of tuk-tuk.

Fresh seafoods you can choose

Aku tanya kat driver tricycle tu, kalau dia tau hostel/hotel yang murah area Alona Beach. Oh, dia cakap tau, nanti aku cakap aku nak tengok dulu bilik dia camne dan harga, kalau OK, aku stay lah, kalau tak,  tak payah. Sebab kalau kita stay tempat yang dia bagi tu, diorang akan dapat komisyen. 
I asked my tricycle driver, whether he knows cheap hostel/hotel around Alona Beach. He said he knows, I told him I will see the room and the price first, if OK, I will stay, if not I will find another. This is because if we stay at where they recommended, they will get some commission.

Setelah sampai di area Alona Beach, dia pun terus bawak aku ke hotel, aku tanya harga, not bad, sebab ni private room. Wi-Fi pun ok. So aku agree untuk stay sini. Jalan dalam 5 nak ke pantai. Aku pun tak sure sangat sini ada dormitory hostel ke tidak. Aku prefer hostel sebab takla rasa lonely sgt. Boleh jumpa traveler yang lain mintak pendapat dan experience perjalanan diorang.
After arrived at Alona Beach area, he brought me to the hotel he suggested, I asked for the price, not bad, becausle it is private room with fast Wi-Fi. So, I was agreed to stay here. From this hotel, walking only less than 5 minutes to the beach. I am not really sure whether here got dormitory hostel or not. Actually I prefer hostel because staying in hostel, you will not feel lonely and can meet other traveler sharing their experiences or asking for some suggestions.

Most of the boats are for diving trip

Di Panglao aku decide tinggal semalam je. Sebab aku sampai dalam 2petang, aku pun terus explore Alona Beach area ni. Boleh dikatakan Alona Beach nie bukan peak season. Plus hari ni adalah bukan hujung minggu. Traveler pun kurang. Hotel-hotel yang luxury pun banyak.
In Panglao, I decided to stay only 1 night. Because I arrived here around 2pm, then I explorer Alona Beach for the rest of evening. I can say, this is not peak time season, hence, today is not weekend. There is less traveler. Many luxury hotels around here.

Untuk air pantai dia, sangat jernih tapi mcm byk lumut-lumut hijau seperti kat Sanur, Bali. Aku jalan hujung ke hujung dalam 20 minit sahaja. Actually banyak lagi pantai lain, tapi Alona Beach lah yang paling glemer.
For the beach, the water is very clear but got many algae exactly the same as Sanur, Bali. I walked from end to end only in 20 minutes. Actually there are many more other beaches, but Alona Beach is the most famous.

Having my yummylicious Halo-Halo

Aku bgtau dgn aku sendiri, takpa, maybe aku boleh relax seharian sebab dah penat 2 minggu non stop. Duduk2 kat pantai tengok orang. Panglao sangat glemer dengan Ubi, yang warna ungu tu slalu jadi perisa untuk Halo-Halo. I love Halo-Halo!, tapi tak boleh nak dimakan selalu sebab terlampau manis.
I told myself it is OK, maybe I can relax for the whole day after my 2 weeks non-stop journey. Sitting alone at the beach, observing locals. Panglao is very popular for “Yam”, purple color, one of the ingredient in Halo-Halo. OMG, I love Halo-Halo! But you can’t eat it always as it is very sweet.

Petang tu aku tengok ada kumpulan penari tengah buat latihan tarian. Tarian menggunakan buluh. Ala-ala tarian Magunatip di Sabah. Aku lepak je tengok diorang sampai senja. Aku tak pegi mandi pantai pun, sebab perasaan malas melanda. Maybe aku dah puas kot berenang kat Boracay. Bila aku tengok pantai Alona ni, aku sedeh sikit sebab memang tak sama. Panglao ini hanya popular dengan diving activities.
That evening, I saw there were a dance troupe training their dance routine. The dance using the bamboo, similar with one of the dance in Sabah called Magunatip. I just hanging around watching the troupe until sunset. I did not swimming at the beach because I felt lazy. Maybe I had been to Boracay before, when I saw Alona beach, I was quite disappointed, it is not the same vibe like Boracay. Panglao only popular with diving activities.

Dance troupe training at the beach

Malam pulak, aku memang ingatkan sangat happening. Like Isaid, nie weekdays. Cuma ada satu restoran with live music. Aku pun lepak disitu ambik angin yang fresh, order air kelapa. Aku boleh kira berapa orang je kat restoran tu. Hahaha… Like seriously boring. Aku sgt kecewa coz aku expect ada party ke, kan selalu pulau happening kot.
At night, I really thought it will be more happening. Like I said before, this is weekdays. Only one restaurant with live music. I just hang out at that restaurant enjoyed the night fresh air with my coconut juice. Only a few of us at the restaurant. Like seriously boring, I expect there might be party somewhere because the island life always happening (based on my experience before).

At night, very dull but peacefull

So aku decide nak blah dari pulau ni as soon as possible, maybe early morning kot. Better aku stay kat city. Aku try to contact ngan my tricycle driver yang hantar I kat pulau ni, walaupun banyak tricycle kat sini, tapi saje je aku contact dier sbb aku selesa dgn dier. AKu tanya harga kalau nak bawak aku jalan2 tempat2 menarik including chocolate hills, then bila abis jalan-jalan, aku terus stay kat city. Dia cakap dalam 600 peso, aku setuju sebab nak pegi pulau ni dahla jauh dari bandar, plus nak ke Chocolate hill tu dalams sejam-dua jam jugak ok… gigih aku naik tricycle padahal ada je tour bus.
I decided to leave this island as soon as possible, maybe early in the morning. It is better for me to stay at the city. I try to contact my with my tricycle driver before, even there were many tricycle around here, I just want to contact him as I know he is a good guy. When I asked about the half-day city tour, he offered me  a good price, the half-day city tour including chocolate hills, then after completed visiting, then I checked in the hotel in the city. He asking for 600peso. From Panglao to Chocolate Hills is around one-two hours. Luckily I was survived in the long ride of tricycle.

So the next day my city tour pun bermula…. Bersambung
So the next day, my city tour begins…… to be continue…

Dec 7, 2014

Travel Video: 4 days In Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Hey guys, before I posting my journey to Puerto Princesa, lets take a look at my sneak-peek travel video what had I experiences from my backpacking journey for 4 days.  

I really want to go to El Nido, because of time constrain plus unexpected company and event in Puerto Princesa, maybe next time I will be. I still not get enough with Palawan. It is super beautiful. Ohw, plus I unexpectedly encountered with Baragatan Festival.

Enjoy with my travel video, for the best quality, please view in in HD. FYI, I really love the background song. It really give me the "excited-traveler" feeling whenever I listened to this song.

Summary what happened in Puerto Princesa
-Firefly Watching
-Honda Bay Island Hopping
-Undergound River Subteraanian River - 7 New Wonder Nature of The World
-Sabang Zipline
-Baragatan Festival
-Of course nightlife at Tiki Bar

Dec 4, 2014

My 1st Cooking Class - Gili Cooking School

My first cooking class ever

Sebelum ini, selalu jer tengok pamphlet tentang cooking class especially dekat Thailand. Boleh dikatakan semua cooking class di Thailand sangat popular di kalangan traveler. Walaupun kadang-kadang menu itu kita boleh dapat di Malaysia, cooking class sebenarnya adalah satu aktiviti yang sangat seronok untuk meluang masa di sesebuah tempat dan mengenali lebih dekat budaya mereka.
Before this, always saw the pamphlet about the cooking class especially in Thailand. I can say that all the cooking classes in Thailand are popular among the traveler. Even though the menus we can get in Malaysia, actually cooking class is one of the fun activity to spend at the certain place and getting to know more about their culture.

Selepas balik daripada sesi snorkeling sekeliling pulau Gili di Lombok dalam jam 3.30pm, aku signed up for cooking class dengan Gili Cooking School. Disini adalah satu-satunya kelas memasak yang ada di pulau ini. Dekat jer dengan hostel aku (Gili Hostel).
After I went back from the snorkeling session around Gili Island in Lombok around 3.30pm, I signed up for cooking class with Gili Cooking School. Here is the only one of cooking class on this island. Very near with my hostel (Gili Hostel).

My team from US, CANADA, UK & Malaysia!

Waktu aku tengah tengok course yang ditawarkan, seorang staf disitu pun datang dan aku pun tanya sedikit sebanyak info. Dia cakap boleh lagi kalau nak join untuk sesi jam 4ptg. Sebenarnya diorang memang ingat aku ni local warga Indonesia. Selepas aku cakap aku nak join, diorang pun tak percaya mula-mula ingat aku main-main. Sampai dia tanya aku “Serius ke nak ambik course ni?” Aku cakap memang, selepas aku cakap aku asal dari United Kingdom Malaysia baru dia gelak-gelak dan dia cakap datang jer before 4 sebab ada lagi kekosongan.
While I read the course they offered, one of the staff coming to me and I asked some info. He said I still can join the 4pm class. Actually they really thought I am local Indonesia. After I said that I would like join the class, they didn’t believe at first because I thought I’m bluffing. Until they asked me “Are you serious to join this course?”. I said yes, after I told them that I am from United Kindom Malaysia, then they laughed and told me that I just need to come before 4pm because still got vacancy.

Jam 4 aku datang, buat pendaftaran dan bayar yuran semua. Yurannya adalah 385k rupiah untuk 2.5hrs session. Selepas itu, dijemput aku untuk naek tingkat atas, iaitu tempat menunggu. Dia pun bagi topi chef ngan apron dengan aku. Sampai di tempat menunggu, aku lihat ada roommate aku 2 orang minah from UK, ada seorang couple from Canada and seorang perempuan middle age who are from US dan berkerja sebagai pramugari.
I came around 4pm, done the registration and paid the fees. The fees as 385k rupiah for 2.5hrs session. After that, I was invited to go upstairs which is waiting area. They gave me the chef hat and apron. Arrived at the waiting area, I saw my 2 roommates, who are the girls from the UK, a Canadian couple and a middle age lady who are from US and work as a stewardess.

The cooking class menu. Steam fish in banana leave, Chicken Taliwang, Kalepon, Fried noodles, Peanut Sauce and Basic Yellow Source. Photos credited to Gili Cooking School Website.

Coffee dihidangkan. So kami berkenalan . Kesemuanya ada 6 orang termasuk aku. Kelas memasak ini dijalankan secara berpasangan. Aku disuruh berpasangan dengan Lisa, pramugari dari US, sebab kami dua je yang solo.
Coffee had been served. We introduced ourselves. There were 6 of us. The class session done in paired. I paired with Lisa, the stewardess from US, because both of us were solo.

Instructor kami Fadia, sangat friendly dan seronok jugak bergurau dengan dia. Fadia dibantu oleh 2 orang pembantu yang hendak dilatih sebagai instructor. Aku pun dah lupa nama mamat 2 orang tu. Tapi dia cuba nak handle kelas, still lagi tak lancar sampai Fadia kena take over balik kelas.
Our instructor was Fadia, she is friendly and super fun to have a joke with her. Fadia been assisted by 2 assistant who been trained to become an instructor. I also forgot the name of the 2 guys. But when he tried to handle the class, still not really smooth until Fadia need to take over back the class.

Lisa & Fadia (My instructor) with our fried noodles

Sepanjang sesi kelas dijalankan aku sangat seronok. Maklumlah first time kelas memasak. Banyak jugak menu kena siapkan. Menu pertama kena buat kuih dulu. Sama je kuih dgn negara Malaysia. Yang kuih warna hijau tu, disalut dengan kelapa dan intinya adalah gula Melaka. Menu yang kedua adalah buat tempe goreng dengan sambal kacang. Sambal kacang ni ada yang buat kasar da nada kumpulan yang buat sambal yang ditumbuk halus. Aku suka yang halus lagi. Sedap. Selepas dari kelas ni, terus aku pandai makan tempe. Before nie memang aku tak pandai makan tempe pun.
During the class session, I was very excited. It my first cooking class by the way. There were a lot of menu we need to prepare. The first menu was a traditional cake. It is the same with Malaysian cake. Only different name, here called "Kelepon", in Malaysia called "Buah Melaka". The cake is green in color with coconut around it and inside is a palm sugar, or we called it Malacca Sugar. Second menu was Fried “tempeh” with peanut sauce. After this class, now I can eat “Tempeh” because before this I really can’t eat this thing because of its taste. 
*"Tempeh"=Fermented Soybean Cake

Menu yang ke-3 adalah ikan stim masak dalam daun, dikukus. Sedap jugaklah tapi pedas… tapi memang takda kelainan. Mungkin sangat unik untuk mereka yang berasal dari barat. Menu yang ke-4 adalah sangat istimewa sedikit sebab ini adalah makanan istimewa untuk Lombok. Ayam Taliwang. Seriously Ayam Taliwang sangat sedap ok. Menu yang terakhir adalah mee goreng.
The third menu was the steamed fish in the banana leaves. Really delicious but a little bit spicy but still no different with Malaysia. Maybe it is unique for westerner. The fourth menu was very special because this is the signature dish of Lombo. “Ayam Taliwang or “Taliwang” Chicken”. Seriously I can say that this menu is superb and really delicious. The last menu is friend noodles.

During the cooking class

Apa yang menarik, sepanjang kelas, memang penjelasan sangat jelas senang difahami. Bagi aku bahan-bahannya adalah sama sahaja kecuali kebanyakan kuah di sini diorang wajib letak kacang MACADAMIA. Patutlah sedap. Macadamia adalah salah satu my fav jika aku beli chocolate kat Japan. Aku boleh macan chocolate Macadamia itu tanpa berhenti. Kebanyakkan kuah diorang akan letak satu Macadamia untuk bagi rasa lemak.
The interesting are, during the class, the instruction was very cleared and easy to understand. For me the ingredients are not ordinary but usually the sauce here they usually put the Macadamia. That is why it very delicious. Macadamia is one of my favorite when I bought chocolate in Japan. I can eat the Macadamia chocolate non-stop. They put Macadamia in the sauce to give the extra taste in the cooking.

This is what actually I cooked, different looks from what been advertised. LOL

Untuk kelapa parut, kamu kena parut sendiri ok. Aku tengok Lisa gigih giler memarut kelapa tu. Apa yang dapat aku tengok, Lisa ini pun bukan yang jenis suka memasak jugak. Kekok je dia memasak. Resepi-resepi yang kami masak ada di dalam website Gili Cooking School. So, time kelas memasak nie tak payah lah sibuk-sibuk nak salin resepi. Minuman-minuman di sini adalah free flow, minum je jika anda haus.
For the grated coconut, we need to grate the coconut by ourselves. I saw Lisa was really doing her thing to grate the coconut. What can I say that Lisa also not a cooking person. She cooked awkwardly. All the menu recipes we cooked today, are on the Gili Cooking School’s website. So, during the class, no need to busy copying the recipe. All the drinks here are free flow, just drinks whenever you thirsty.

Yummy, having a "Kelepon" or "Buah Melaka" with Lisa
Setelah habis memasak semua menu, makanan yang kami masak tadi dihidangkan di tingkat atas. Ala-ala candle light. Kami pun menikmati makanan yang kami masak tadi. Banyak giler. Memang tak habis. So hari tu, memang malam aku tak makan dah sebab perut pun penuh.  
After completed cooking the menu, all the foods had been served at the upstairs. They provided the candle light dinner. We all enjoyed the foods we just cooked. These were so many. We cannot finished it all. So on that day, at night I didn’t take my dinner as my stomach still full.

Selepas makan, Lisa pun ajak aku lepas kat restoran hostel aku sebab aku bagitau Lisa yang hostel aku sangat happening dan memang port tempat lepak2. Byk jugaklah benda yang kami borak2 time tu. Macam-macam gossip je. Aku ngan Lisa jadi rapat jugak. Apa-apapun aku sangat enjoy sepanjang kelas. Ini lah kelas memasak aku yang pertama sepanjang aku bergelar backpacker.
After eating, Lisa asked me to hang out at my hostel bar because I told Lisa that my hostel is so happening and one of the hang out spot in Gili. We chatted about a lot of things including all the gossips. Whatever it is, I enjoyed during the cooking class. And this was my first cooking class for me as a backpacker.

All you can eat! Yay!

Macam mana dengan anda? Pernah join kelas memasak sepanjang kembara anda? Saya cadangkan sila cuba, mungkin ini satu kelainan yang akan mewarnai perjalanan kembara anda.
How about you? Ever join the cooking class during your trip? I suggest you should try, it might be a different and wonderful experiences during your trip 

You can check Gili Cooking School
TripAdvisor: Here

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