16 January 2017

Experience the Virtual Reality at VR Lab Malaysia

Still remember the movie ‘total Recall’ when Arnold Schwarzenegger went to this cool place where people can go to places they want without worrying about plane tickets and stuffs. Well yes! kinda.. Get ready for the journey of your life because you are in for a treat. As you all now might have known VR or Virtual Reality has been quite a thing in the Youtubers world where you see people going on roller coaster rides and even killing zombies.

I present to you Malaysia’s first VR theme entertainment hub, the VR LAB was establishment somewhere in 2016 armed with Malaysia’s most enthusiast VR team that will guide you to a journey of a lifetime, a place where you can do anything for the VR world is yours, but don't worry you can share it with your friends and even people around the world.

It is an experience that for sure will make you crave for more, it is the most intense and hands on (by hands on I mean literally both hands). Equipped with the latest HTC VIVE VR headsets and programs that you can choose from. I’ll say it's a dream workout for gamers throughout the world well in this case Malaysian gamers, for those who are Dota fanatics you are in for a ride because you can be in the game as part of the champions that adore as for me Bloodseeker is the choice or even Pudge.

You could even become the next Picasso or even Da Vinci himself but this time it’s in 3D where you can create art the only limit is your imagination. Care for a new job experience? Well yes of course there’s a simulation for it.

Have you ever feel like how’s does it feel like to be in a room where you need to find clues to escape and you have only a little time if not… bye bye? Or even boxing with an AI, it’s the best workout  ever! So realistic you feel it in your arms.

Something simple would like maybe walking of a plank from a tall building or maybe walking into a room filled with cockroaches walking around you (the bug that we all love).

Horror would be one of the most recommended genre’s that would the highlight to be played, you can kill zombies like ninjas with Katanas and even kill them with guns. The best cool thing is there’s even a zombie killer clown, like it’s not worst when they’re alive right? Erghh clowns out of many things. You could even become the pizza guy who was trapped with 3 cute dolls that goes around and stalking you from behind and catches you and of them is a cute clown with red nose and big red shoes.

I’d love to tell everything about the VR experience but I don't want to become a spoiler,  why not you experience yourself at the VR LAB which located not only in SS2, Petaling Jaya but even in Publika, Bandar Sunway, Manjalara, Kota damansara, and even Wangsa maju. Who knows it might be just across the street you’re staying.

But the biggest and the latest VR LAB is located in SS2, Petaling Jaya that has over 10 rooms to pick, from single room to VIP room which varies of VR game genres like:

Arts & Design





Ouwh did I mention that they provide service for birthday parties and even corporate events with affordable price. VR LAB is a one stop centre anything that is related to Virtual Reality, you can even purchase the headset at VR LAB.

Currently there are few branches of VR Lab Malaysia around Klang Valley, which are:
- SS15
- Bandar Sunway
- Manjalara Kepong
- Kota Damansara
- SS2, Petaling Jaya
-Wangsa Maju  

For more info please feel free to drop by their social media account and website as shown:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vrlab.experience/

Website: http://www.vrlab.my

09 January 2017

Take Away Special Steamboat Package from AK Noodles House

Good news for a steamboat lovers, you can have a Take Away Special Steamboat Packages at the AK Noodles House. This is really convenience for your incoming Chinese New Year for your reunion dinner with your family at home.

Mytravellicious is one of the lucky person to taste the menu of this special steamboat packages. All I can say is, it is really good, really high quality of menu and worth to buy. Like I say before, it is for Take Away only.

There are 2 packages available for Steamboat Special take-away at AK Noodles House. You can choose to have Steamboat package for 5 persons at RM149.90 (Plus GST at RM158.90 nett) or 8 persons at RM239.90 (Plus GST at RM254.30 nett) for all the fresh ingredients as above. 

Customers can also choose to have Vacuum Packaging or Seal Packaging for the Steamboat Special to maintain its freshness of the ingredient.

Currently there are 6 outlets of AK Noodles House around Malaysia, which are:
- One Utama Mall, Damansara
- Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya
- Main Palace Mall, Subang
- Evolve Concept Mall, Petaling Jaya
- Damansara City, KL
- City Square, Johor Bahru 

AK Noodles house was established by Ah Koong Restaurant, which has been serving its signature fishballs since 1987.  Using only high quality ingredients and delivering first-class customer service, AK Noodles’s fish products are made daily using the freshest Wolf-herring and Yellowtail fish under strict hygiene standards. 

AK Noodles house crispy fishcake is another signature product which is well-loved by customers; deep fried until golden brown with crispy skin on the outside and a chewy texture inside. Every bite is full of crispiness and a wonderful chewy sensation. 

On top of springy fishballs and crispy fishcakes, they also serve a wide array of fish products and seafood for customers to mix & match and create their own dish.  Over the years, AK Noodles’s authentic fishballs noodles have attracted a large group of customers and have built a strong reputation. 


For more info, visit AK Noodles House:

08 January 2017

Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki by PABLO

Good news for all cheese tart lover! Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia will be launching another hot selling cheese tart — Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki on Jan 11, 2017.

Baked Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki was made of the top matcha - Uji Matcha, together with well-known shiratama and adzuki beans. The green looks of cheese tart is full with matcha taste mixed with red been paste with mochi balls. All I can say the taste is more complex than the original of their cheese tart.

I also had a chance to taste a baked chocolate cheese tart during the pre-launching event. The tart is full creamy chocolate taste, surprisingly it is not too sweet. Price will be RM49.90, and it good for 3-4 peoples.

Besides, Pablo will also launch the Matcha Cheese Frute with Shiratama, and Matcha soft serve ice-cream.
Seriously I said, I loved the Matcha soft serve Ice-cream. It's creamy and full with matcha taste. The price for this is RM 11.90.

Matcha Cheese Frute with Shiratama will cost you RM 15.90.

A filling made from mascarpone cream cheese, sandwiched between cookie bases infused with the fragrance of matcha. When you bite into this deliciously cookie infused with antioxidant-rich green tea, you won't need a fortune cookie to tell you that good things await! Add a little zen to your day! There are 9pcs in 1 box and it will cost RM 36.90.


For whom purchase a Baked Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki on Jan 11, 2017, you are entitled to redeem a mini Matcha soft serve for free.


More info, visit PABLO:


2nd Floor, Old Wings, One Utama
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

04 January 2017

Central Market Kuala Lumpur Keeping Malaysian Heritage Relevant in Today's World

For a 128-year-old buliding that started out as a wet market, Central Market Kuala Lumpur is a testament that old buildings can be preserved, restored and transformed into a place thatis relevant to modern time. The building has come since its history dating back to 1888. By the 1930s, its structure was improvised to sport the current Art Deco facade we see today.

Facilities in Central Market have improved and upgraded since being taken over by Kha Seng Group in 2004 to better promote its unique selling point as an outstanding centre for Malaysian art and handicraft, making it as an excellent platform to showcase true culture and heritage values.

Central Market Kuala Lumpur's emphasis on arts is further enhanced with the transformation of Central Market Annexe. Located behind Central Market, it is home to the Central Market Art Lane with unique studios offering special charms from Malaysia's talented artists. 

From classic to contemporary art, caricature and potraits, the Art Lance offers a friendly atmosphere both for browsing and buying. Here, visitors get to appreciate ideas at the eclectic art galleris besides participating in modern art at the Illusion 3D Art Museum. Central Market Annexe also houses the Colonial Restaurant and Bar; great for luncheon and chill-out session.

Alongside Central Market is the newly transformed alley - Kasture Walk. Launced on 9 February 2011, this pedestrianised and covered walkaway boasts an al fresco ambience with a tantalising variety of F&B kiosks providing local snacks and bites as well as souvenirs, accessories and handicrafts.

A visit to Central Market today will definitely give a worthwhile and enriching experience as tourists and visitors get to immerse themselves in rich Malaysian heritage and tradition besides purchasing unique arts and crafts. Whether to celebrate a festival or simple to liven up the surroundings, cultural performances and shows are regularly showcased, playing a big role for visitors to open their eyes to our shared culture.

LRT Pasar Seni Station

03 January 2017

Light and Motion Putrajaya (LAMPU) Festival 2016 Returns to Illuminate Putrajaya

Putrajaya Light and Motion Festival 2016 or known as LAMPU 0216 is in its 4th edition since it was organized by Perbadanan Putrajaya in 2013. LAMPU 2016 had illuminated Putrajaya for three nights in a row from 30 December 2016 to 1 January 2017 from 7.30pm to 12.30am at Dataran Putrajaya, Presint 3, Putrajaya.

The opening ceremony of LAMPU 2016 was officiated by YB Senator Dato' Dr. Loga Bala Mohan, Deputy Minister of Federal Territories. The ceremony was also attended by YBhg. Datuk Seri Haji Hasim bin Haji Ismail, President of Perbadanan Putrajaya and YBrs. Pn. Hajah Rosida binti Jaafar. Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Federal Territories.

LAMPU 2016 was held to promote Putrajaya as a city that embraces energy-saving lighting technology in its development and in the world lighting industry, as well as to support the systematic and dynamic city illumination.

Since 2002, Putrajaya is the only city in Malaysia along with 70 other cities in the world that are members of the Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI) which is a body of international association that support the initiative, idealistic evolution and the transformation of the lighting industry in cities around the world LAMPU has been recognized by LUCI as an annual festival of international standing. LAMPU 2016 was also promoted on the official website of LUCI and was shared with over 70 leading cities and more than 100 organizations worldwide.

The signature event of LAMPU 2016 was the Projection Mapping on the facade of Palace of Justice Bulding, using techniques and technologies that are more thorough, accurate, high-resolution, and were creative in the form of 3D that look more vivid and real. Several new activities werealso introduced such as LAMPU Skywave featuring the art technology movement of numerous glowing balls and Fusuion Wayang Kulit, a puppet character performance inspired from the cinema show Star Wars (Star Wars Inspired Wayang Kulit), had been held at the Auditorium Cempaka Sari, Putrajaya Corporation Complex. Visitors also had the opportunity to witness the Digital Fireworks show that was presented for the first time during the countdown of the New Year's Eve 2017 at Dataran Putrajaya.

Other events are Lighted Garden Decor, LAMPU Square illuminated structure, Car and Trishaw Light Show, Glowing High-powered Motorcycle Show, Wayang Kulit Show, Digital Interactive Games, Illuminated 3R Creativity Competition and LAMPU Forum titled DIMENSI.

To complement LAMPU 2016 Food Valley@LAMPU segment introduced 100 stalls that sell various types of local and international cuisines. A total of 24 food trucks were provided by PPj.

The number of expected visitors to LAMPU 2016 is 700, 000. Free shuttle bus service is provided from Putrajaya Central in Precinct 7, Dataran Gemilang in Precinct 4, oppositie the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in Precinct 2 and also from the Agriculture Heritage in Precinct 16.