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Malacca | Episode 04 | Riverine Coffeehouse

 Location: Asia » Malaysia » Malacca » Malacca City »  Riverine Coffeehouse

1.    At last, I went to this restaurant after a few times to visit Malacca.

2.    Riverine Coffeehouse, as its name situated just next to the Malacca River.

3.    If you ride a Malacca River Cruise, of course you will notice this coffeehouse.

Video: A Beautiful view from Riverine Coffehouse at Night
(Duration: 33secs, Music: If We Ever Meet Again by Timberland ft Katy Perry)

4.    I always asking myself, how about the foods and drinks price at this coffeehouse? Is it fair or expensive? This is because of the location very strategic.

5.    For me, the price is reasonable and for the foods, fair and standard price. At Jonker Street, you will find the foods with the same price.

6.    Only the drinks a little bit pricy.  E.g, iced black coffee RM2.70. I will be happy if the taste of the coffee is really WOW me and my expectation for the coffee is taste like Vietnamese Coffee.

7.    I read a lot of blogs and they said the Malacca Black Coffee is one of the best and must drink when you in Malacca. But for me, it is just a taste like your coffee at your home with an over-melted iced. (Which more water taste than a coffee). Really disappointed.

8.    Better bought a Coca-Cola only for RM2.20. More worth it.

9.    Forget about the coffee, I was here to relax myself after a nonstop walk in this UNESCO Heritage City, checking emails and doing some blogging.

10.    As you can see, the view is so beautiful as the winds blew softly at your face.

11.    Outside the coffeehouse, there was no WiFi available, but I managed to get Wifi somewhere else. (Oh, I used to stay some of the guesthouse near the coffeehouse, and I still got the password, lucky me).

12.    What else you want while blogging and enjoying your dinner with this environment.

13.    I ordered Nyonya Laksa for RM4.50. Nyonya Laksa is a signature and famous dish in Malacca. This is my first time ever to taste the Nyonya Laksa.

14.    Nyonya Laksa as described in the menu as Yellow Noodles or Bee Hoon served in thick and spicy coconut milk gravy with prawns, boiled egg, beancurd, cockles, bean sprout and sambal. And I chose Yellow Noddles!

15.    I do not know how to describe the taste. But I think it was delicious, I really like it. But Laksa Sarawak is still the best for me. (and I really don’t like Laksa Penang, I don’t like the taste!). You should try this laksa! No need to be a Nyonya to make this laksa.

Video: I am enjoying my Nyonya Laksa. Nyum! Nyum! Let’s eat
(Duration: 1min, Music: Loca-Loca by Shakira)

16.    For the desert, I ordered Sago Gula Malacca for RM3.20. Sweetness, chillness, milkyness (is that a word?), I really loved it! 

17.    Sago Gula Malacca = Sago + Red Bean + Malacca Sugar + Iced = Yummy!

18.    As for the bill, I ordered 4 items, only RM12.60 (4USD). I am still not happy with the Black coffee price… hurm!

19.    But if you ask me as a backpacker, this coffeehouse is suitable for a low-budget traveler. Not so pricy. (Except for the coffee…. Again?) (I am happy to buy Java Chips Grande Size at Starbucks for RM18++ because it is worth it)….

20.    For you guys out there looking for fresh air environment, less people, relaxing, fair price,  extraordinary view, and romantic, Riverine Coffeehouse is the place.

21.    You should come and try the foods by yourself.

22.    Now, Riverine Coffeehouse had been TRAVELLICIOUS by me…. +wink+

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  1. kira okay la the price. RM4-50 for the laksa.

  2. nang ngerayo2 carik makanlah ko tuk fadli.. Kopi ya semua tempat ngakuk the best.. reya kat johor pun pia.. skali kat rumah ngetest besa-besa jak :P

    *Blog tuk ada masalah script kali, Kaspersky madah ada virus tiap kali mukak blog tuk, cek lok..

  3. nyonya laksa ya nyaman!!!!!!!!
    nice view dr cafe ya hoo...=p

  4. laksa sarawak nyaman ^__^ ri ya sik sempat makan nyonya laksa ;)suka cucur udang di bahagian lendu, melaka ;)

  5. going there next january, visiting my aunt. ada tak tempat yang best bagi ko?

  6. Miss all Malaysian food...Melaka, will check this state once I'm done with my ambition...

  7. Malacca is probably my most favorite negeri in Malaysia, after Penang :) love everything about it - the buildings, the cafes, food, scenery. thanks for sharing!

  8. nyaman nya sago gula melaka ya..gulpppp

  9. I never try this restaurant before because i think it will be very expensive, after read your post i think i will go hv a try one day ^^


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