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Fly With Firefly Airlines! | Sabah | Malaysia

 Location: Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu

1. I had visited Kota Kinabalu a few times. But all the trips are about leisure and work.

2. If Firefly Airlines is giving me the oppurtunity to fly to Kota Kinabalu again, also known as "The Land Below The Wind", what I will do is to fill my trips with different perspective which are VOLUTEERING, NATURE & CULTURAL .

3. I don't mind what kind of aircraft the Firefly will use. But I heard its new model of Boeing. So, as long as they giving me tickets to fullfill my missions an INDEPENDENT BACKPACKER, I will be very glad.

4. The twist of the trips is: TIGHT BUDGET. I want to show to the people, traveling is not about MONEY. You also can travel with a little amount of money. "EVERYBODY CAN TRAVEL"

5. 5 destinations in Kota Kinabalu that fullfill my mission are:

ONE: (VOLUNTEER & NATURE) Aquarium & Ocean Science Discovery Centre
AquaticaKK offers a Backpacker Volunteer Programme to those who wish to do something useful for the planet, for the environment and learn at the same time. Volunteers learn about and work in some of these areas. Animals in water, Snakes, Reptiles, Insects, Bees, Aquariums, Scuba diving, Fish feeding, Science, Technology, Environment or Conservation. Also, I can help them to communicate information. Here is the link: .

TWO: (VOLUNTEER & NATURE) Lok Kawi Wildlife Centre
I would love to be part of CARE FOR THE PROJECT by this centre. I can be up close and personal with Borneo's native wildlife. I am proud to say I was born in Borneo Island. Care for animals in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Malaysian Borneo's newest attraction and home to many of Sabah's native and threatened species.  Many species in Borneo are endangered and so the Wildlife Park has a very important role in educating the public in conservation and awareness of environmental issues.  

THREE: (NATURE) Mount Kinabalu & Kinabalu National Park
Malaysia Truly Asia. Mount Kinabalu is the 2nd highest mountain in the Southeast Asia. I want to explore and feel the nature offers during my journey. Also, flora & fauna can make us very humble as a human on earth. What else you want when you can get beautiful waterfalls and an amazing hot spring.

FOUR: (NATURE) Taman Tunku Rahman Park
Sabah, famous with their islands. The trip in Kota Kinabalu will not complete if you not visiting this park. Beautiful islands with a fresh air. Here, I can relax and enjoy the most amazing of God creation. Be part of the marine wildlife and get to know them is the best thing to do.

FIVE: (CULTURAL) Monsopiad Cultural Village
Here is the twist to this visit, I am looking for the homestay inside this cultural village. I want to learn the Magunatip dance, and maybe I can be part of the performer. If not, other dance should be OK. I want to learn about their culture, because I am from Sarawak, Sabah & Sarawak are like siblings and need each other. Some of the culture maybe similar and I want to learn all that so I can be a better Borneoman. And I can represent my lovely BORNEO to the world during my traveling round the world.

Me in one of the Sabah etnic's costume. Before I performed the Magunatip Dance back in Kuala Lumpur.

6. Actually, I will not waste the ticket only to visit Kota Kinabalu, there are lot of interesting places to visit in SABAH.

7. In my plan, I will travel throughout SABAH, start from Kota Kinabalu until the south of Sabah only using public transport such as bus. Maybe my journey will take about a month to complete.

8. As long as I can view different perspective as an independent backpacker, it should be amazing. And also this journey I hope I can improve myself to become a better person in the future. Because traveling will opened your eyes and will teach you a lot of lessons!

9. Here is my route plan:

Click the image to enlarge

10. Hope I win the flight ticket. Cross finger. Do visit for more info. :)
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  1. You have good info then my entry..
    Gud Luck friend :)

  2. whoa....u done so much volunteer at cool places...! wish to go to day..huhu

  3. yah. mek plan nak gi KK nxt year eh.
    p more to shopping trip. hehe. any suggestions?

  4. teringin nak gi Tawau or Sandakan..

  5. share some info lak k...
    kmk fly g tawau on feb next year...hehehe...

  6. Best eh dah ada Firefly...ada pilihan yg murah gi selain Air Asia...boleh lah embak parents aku berjalan ke Sabah..jadi tour guide sidak & aku jumpa semua geng2 kapak ku di KK & Kinabalu Park


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