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Malacca | Episode 01 | Weekend Trip Summary

Location: Asia » Malaysia » Malacca » Malacca City

Date: 03.12.2010 (Friday) – 05.12.2010 (Sunday)

Day 1 | 03.12.2010 | Friday

1430     - Start my journey from Kuala Sg Baru to Masjid Tanah by private car service.
1530      - Arrived Masjid Tanah Bus Terminal. Took bus to Malacca Sentral.
1630     - Arrived Malacca Sentral. Took town bus (No.17) to Red Building area.
1700     - Arrived Red Building area. Took some photos.
1730     - Searching for my guesthouse, a little bit lost.
1800     - Finally, found my guesthouse. Jalan-Jalan Guesthouse. Checked-in and settle down. Jalan-Jalan Guesthouse situated at the Jalan Tukang Besi just next to the Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street). Will make the entry about this guesthouse later.
1830    - To ride the Malacca River Cruise at Muara Jetty
2000    - Had my dinner at Riverine Coffeehouse just next to the Malacca River. Relaxing and blogging.
2200    - Jonker Street. (So many foods I ate!)
0000    - GSC Dataran Pahlawan to watch Narnia 3D. I do not like the movie!
0300    - Came back to the guesthouse and get some sleep.

Video: You will be welcoming with this musician once you get out from the bus. (Duration: 16secs)

Day 2 | 04.12.2010 | Saturday

0900     - Wake up!
1000    - Just relax at the guesthouse lobby area because it was raining outside. Blogging time!
1200     - Nyonya Cendol at Famosa Famous Nyona Cendol. At Jonker Street. The red restaurant also known as Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant.
1230     - Having my lunch at Jonker 88. Ordered Nyonya Seafood Laksa & Baba Cendol (Cendol again!)
1300    - To the Stadthuys. Visited 5 Museums for RM5. I missed the guide tour.
1500    - To the Mahkota Parade. A little bit shopping and watched the beauty and make-up competition at the lobby.
1600    - To A Famosa & The Ruins of St Paul Church.
1715    - Riding a Beca (Trishaw to Samudera Museum – Replica of Flo De La Mar). RM10.
1730     - Visited Replica of Flo De La Mar, Maritime Museum and TLDM Museum for RM3.
1900     - Jonker Street again. Having my dinner at the food stall. And buy some souveniers.
2100    - Back to my guesthouse. Relaxing and blogging
2200    - Going out again. Just chill out and have a drink at Geographer Café at Jonker Street. Enjoy the nightlife.
2330    - I slept early. Too tired!

Day 3 | 05.12.2010 | Sunday

0900    - Wake up! Having my coffee at the lobby and checking my email
1000    - To the Baba & Nyonya Museum. RM8 per entry with guided tour.
1100    - Had my brunch at the Clock Tower Mamak Stall. Cendol Pulut & Nasi Lemak. Yeah!
1200    - Checked-out the guesthouse.
1230    - Wait for the bus to the Malacca Sentral at the Red Buildings
1330    - Arrived Malacca Sentral and having my lunch at Mc Donalds.
1400    - Took the bus to the Masjid Tanah.
1500    - Arrived Masjid Tanah and took the bus to the Kuala Sg Baru.
1600    - Arrived Kuala Sg Baru! And took a deep sleep!

Video: Red Buildings scenery in Malacca. ( 2 videos in 1, Duration: 32secs, Music: Glee OST - Over The Rainbow)

I will post every journey with a single entry! 10 entry post about Malacca ready to published...hahaha ..Stay tune!

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Episode 01 | Weekend Trip Summary
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  1. yeay! melaka tmpt lahirku...yerr...
    p nang mena mek lahir d sia...
    best ho sia tmpt kacak...
    asa mok pg sia gk eh..hehehe...
    tgu da masa drive g melaka..=p

  2. Best nya.... bila la mek pat gi Melaka.

  3. Fadli.. palagik?? Masa utk bertukar ke DSLR.. nang berjalan kerja nya... :)

    FLo.. Telus rah melaka kah? Apai indai Sarawak?

  4. Melaka...the good foood...i wanna find their Ikan bakar

  5. wau...u like to travel alot.... envy you.... I love melaka i always go there twice a year.... alot of delicious food ^^

  6. best da jak keja, jalan2 jak...beralih gik ke DSLR..

  7. flo: aok...kacak melaka... simple n nice...

    syazwan: takdela sakan sgt... biase jee

    azura: kelak2 ada la yaaa....

    wa kaljis: uhhuuh... malas mok ngembak dslr jln2, berat... kelak gago begamba lalu sikda feeling travel...

    small kucing: abs various of good foods here... Ikan bakar for me nothing special.... i dont like it

    rachel: yup, i like travel a lot..thats why i choose to blog about my travel experiences. yup, agree, delicious food!

    mat: ya kelak2 lok...huhhh

  8. Photographs are printed memories of places you've visited. I want to see those pictures you took when you travelled to Malaysia. cheap flights to manila


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