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Ho Chi Minh City | Episode 06 | Survival Tips

Location: Asia » Vietnam » Ho Chi Minh City

Overall, Ho Chi Minh City is very busy town and full of history. If I want to fill my journey with a war history, Vietnam is on the top of the list. The history make us better from day to day. So sad I need to leave Vietnam after 4days and 3nights in the city and continue to my next destination, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Here are the tips for you guys based on my own previous experince if you planning to visit this city. (Oh, nice spot for shopping too)!

1.    All the taxis in the Ho Chi Minh City have their own meter. Make sure they use they meter, if they haggle the price, ignore the taxi and try to find another. But what worries me about taxi is the “Jet Meter!” (A price meter increase so fast!)

2.    If you want to travel by local TOWN bus (most of the town bus driver not really speaks English), ask your hotel reception (or any local who can speak English) to write your place you want to go in the piece of paper in Vietnam. So you can just show the paper to the driver.

3.    Not only for the driver, just write any place in the paper in Vietnam language so if you tend to go to the wrong way, just show the paper to people around the town. In my experienced, even though the Reunification Palace is a landmark of Ho Chi Minh City, but when I ask around the local, they do not know what the hell is that! Seem does not exist at all. Maybe they call with different name. Exception for  educated Vietnamese.

4.    Careful with the road and when you want to cross the road. The traffic is crazy. But even in the crazy traffic, actually when you cross the road with your eye closed, you will survive! Do not forget to sing a song "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

5.    If you are adventurous enough, to ride your own motocycle. Just be careful!. Motorcycles accident is very common thing. As my experienced, I saw 2 motorcycle accidents in front of my eyes! Then they hitter just go away like nothing happen. As for my travel partner, Udin, he was involved in motorcycle accident! Hit and run. Nobody care!

6.    If you to buy the anything, please haggle the price. And do not forget to survey the price first, then after that you can start buy things.

7.    I do not know about the pickpockets, but just beware!.

8.    At night, when you walked along the Pham Ngu Lao Street, (Only for boys/mans), the motorcyclist will approached you. They are lookalike very beautiful girls. Beware, they are ladyboys. Do not get confused. Just remember, to say NO. Because along the walk (after 10pm), a lot, a lot, a lot of ladyboys with their motocycle will come to approach you. They will try to follow you.

9.    Along the walk also, they were guys using the bicycle and holding like bamboo stick. A lot of them. I do not know about them, but they look at you like something weird. I think they are offering massages. But I am little curious with their activities. But why only guys with their bicycle? I wonder…  Anyway just ignore then.  I am not brave enough to figure it out.

10.    Different bus company different price. Even though in the same bus, you will get different price. So, survey the bus tickets or tours before you buy. If you going to Cambodia, I suggest you to choose Sorya Transportation. They were much cheaper. (Cambodian company). If you got your Cambodian friend in Vietnam, just ask them to buy the ticket for you. Much cheaper!

That’s all! Enjoy in Vietnam! I miss Saigon!

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  1. why bamboo stick? How massage with bmboo stick?

  2. jfook: only based on my experiences

    small kucing: still mysteriously unfigured!

  3. Hi Abang,
    Thanks for sharing yr travel experience,,I like.Jarang ada orang Kuching do a backpack travel.
    Thanks again.I see yr next destination is Melaka (my favorite town to visit).Have a wonderful trip and take care.

  4. not been to vietnam, but will definitely warn my hubs bout the ladyboys! @_@


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