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Ho Chi Minh City | Episode 05 | Saigon Street Aerobic

Location: Asia » Vietnam » Ho Chi Minh City » Saigon Street

1.    If you lucky to stay in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) on the weekend, you will encounter the other side of Saigon.

2.    The art and healthy side of Saigon!.

3.    On the weekend, at night especially, at the park in front of Pham Ngu Lao street, you can see a lot of people doing interesting activities.

4.    Such as a dance classes. You will find a lot of dance classes have been conducted such as modern dance, ballroom dance and so on.

5.    I do not know whether the people attend the class need to pay or not. I forgot to ask the local.

6.    Seem like every dance classes challenge each other with loud music. Like a “Who’s the loudest dance music”.

7.    Of course it is involving Radio with it own Subwoofer system!

8.    If I got a chance, I would really take part in the dance class. Maybe for once. At least you try right.

9.    On the weekend also, be careful   because a lot of teenagers will be hang out at the park. I used to call it “Teenagers World Day” (I used to call this day back at home when the teenagers from the downside area of Kuching coming to hang out in Kuching especially on Sunday). A lot, do not say I did not warn you.

10.    For the dance classes, I forgot to take photos.

11.    Not all the dance classes at the park, there also an Aerobic class. A lot of participants. The music was loud and exciting!

12.    But no rough move. More relaxing movement and seem fun!

13.    No man. Only ladies. I think so.

14.    I used to called it “Saigon Aerobic”!. Its more like “Poco-Poco” exercise but this version more to Saigon.

15.    Here is the video of the Saigon Aerobic. Enjoy!.

16.    p/s: I wish I could take part in this aerobic!


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  1. Really interesting facts bro. Will definitely keep this in mind the next time I visit HCMC.


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  2. best juak la....tandak smpe pg..hehehehe..layan..=p

  3. Ko sekda join ka? Best jak senamrobik mlm ari...


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