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Ho Chi Minh City | Episode 04 | Reunification Palace

Location: Asia » Vietnam » Ho Chi Minh City » Reunification Palace

1. My next entry for my previous Ho Chi Minh City journey is about REUNIFICATION PALACE.

2. I love to pronounce "Reunification" as fast as you could. Lets try .. pronounce it fast, 1-2-3 Reunifcation!

3. Reunifcation Palace also known as Independence Palace and as a landmark of Ho Chi Minh City.

4. TIPS: One of the places that you must took the photos if you are going to this city. Remember, "A MUST!"

5. The palace will open early as 7.30am, and will closed for lunch and will be back again at 1300 until 1600.

6. How about the entrace fee? Of course, like i said there are nothing FREE in this world. Even you enter the toilet you need to pay a little money. Only 15,000 Dong! around 1USD only. So, quite cheap. If you can buy Louis Vuitton handbag or shoes and why don't you spend your little money to enter the palace right?

7. Just next to the war museum, not very far. You can walk. No need to ride a motcycle. Or if you rent a bicycle, it will be another case. But, I warn you, the traffic in HCMC quite hectic.

8: TIPS: If you turn up to arrive there at 1200PM, (the palace closed for LUNCH), do not worry, just hang out at the PARK opposite of the palace. Nice green park!. You can buy and drink fresh coconut juice there! Yummy! (Imagine, hot temperature and you enjoying you cold coconut juice, Heaven!)

9. TIPS: When you arrive at  palace, the first thing you need to do is took the photo with the palace and the fountain in it.... Remember, the building + fountain. Not fountain only or building only. Hahaha! Why?, I do not know.!

 10. You will realize you will encounter poster of this man everywhere. And you wonder why? Who is he... Actually, I can't recall his name. And I do not to google it. But as far as I know, like we, Malaysian got Tunku Abdul Rahman as a Father of Indepence, and also the guy in the poster.

11. The the palace was like you had been send to the 60's. Outside before you enter is 2010 but one your foot enter the building, wow it turn out you in the 1960. Time machine, but this machine bring you to the past not in the future.

12. After you enter the 60's era, you will get very hot temperature. No air-conditioning in the palace. But it is logical that in 60's there were no air-condditiong machine. Hurm...

13. Along the alleyway, you can read a lot of history and got many old books. But the old books you can't take the photo!

14. I love the painting, maybe she was the first lady!

15. A little bit shocked, in the 60's palace there also got a movie theather! Maybe there are watching "3 stooges"! Hurm..... Cool! Cool! I want my movie theater too!

 16. Gambling was quite important back there. So they got the own gambling room.

 17. TIPS: Do not be lazy, go to the rooftop and enjoy the view of HCMC. Quite beautiful up there.

18. Just do not forget the back view!

19. I love the room decoration. I want that painting!

20. I guess the bongsai quite famous with rich people. Yeah. That plant quite expensive only some people can affford to buy it.

21. This is the map room. I guess here the make the strategy for war.

22. The president car! It is MERCEDES!

23. We encounter the mystery alleyway which got sign "NO ENTRY". Look like the alleyway got tragic memory. Can you guess what is at the end of the alleyway? The Prison? Maybe a rat route for emergency? Hurm.... I wonder.. 

24. Outside the palace, there got 2 tanks. These two tanks in the palace grounds were used to break through the gates of the palace by the North Vietnamese Army on April 30th 1975 which then lead to the fall of the South and the end of the Vietnamese War. Tank 843 is a Russian made T54 tank while tank 390 is a Chinese made T59 tank.

 25. Nice dinner room!

26. Of course they got helicopter landing station for emergency.

27. I love this room decoration.

28. Can you see the pagoda at the top? It is quite small.... Beautiful!

29. Reception room. For the international affair.

30. Its look like my ship kitchen. In 60's the technology had been evolved.

 31. The radio room for the communication during the war.

32. The telex room. To send and received a telegram.

MY other TIPS for visiting Reunification Palace:

a. If you interested in history. Buy a guide book at the entrance ticket counter. If not, that should be OK!

b. Inside the palace quite in the hot temperature. So make sure you use suitable shirt. DO NOT USE SWEATER.

c. You know its quite hot. Why dont you try to enter early in the morning. More cooler.

g. Do not bring your food.

h. Do not enter any place which you not allowed too.

i. No pets allowed. Are you travelling with your pet?

j. Try to discover the palace as deep as you could.

k. Do not touch anything if you think its valuable. Nice to see nice to hold, once break, consider sold.

l. I do not wether there got toilet or not?. So make your private business before you decide to enter the palace.

m. In the palace, there are beds, example in the war room, the bed for president. DO NOT TRY TO SLEEP! Because nobody will wake you up.

n. Also, no WIFI in the palace!... so take note.

g. Just enjoy the history and try to learn about it OK!

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  1. Boleh nganti Ian Wright kau tok.. haha.. Best juak ehh dpt pergi tempat2 cemya...

  2. kmk alu semangat juak ekot nyebut "reunification" laju2..hahahaha...nice word hooo..
    aih eh kacak hooo,...siap ada theatre...nice place...=p

  3. small kucing: no wifi... correction...hahahah! my bad

    Amirfx: Ian wirght ganti akuuu.....! huhu

    cleffairy: no wifi... correction...huhu

    flow.... Reunification... sebut ktk dgn nada ngegeh... ehhehe... mun rumah kamek sebesar yaa... hurmmm


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