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Trishaw Ride, Yogyakarta, Indonesia + Video Blog | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 11

Backpacking for 50days | Episode 11
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA
Riding a Trishaw

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A photo taken before I rode the trishaw to town!!

A Trishaw
Traditional three-wheeled and pedal-powered cart, known as becak (pronounced beh-chak), which can be found in most part of Yogyakarta. Haggle furiously before getting into the becak. Be sure to determine whether the price is for a one-way or return (pulang) trip and if you want the driver to wait whilst you conduct your shopping or business. A ride from within the city to the Malioboro shopping precinct should not cost more than Rp 10,000. 

50,000 rupiah
From my hostel at Jalan Tirtodipuran, I took a trishaw to get to know the town. And I want take same some fresh air of night in Yogya. There was a lot of trishaw driver awaiting for their customer. But at last, I choose this trishaw. It cost me 50,000rupiah for a return trip to Malioboro. It's quite far. He's wiling to wait for me until I come back. Also, he's quite friendly and gave me the ideas generally about the Yogya. The food, the place I should visit and many more.

5000 rupiah
For the last night in Yogya, my Indonesia language pronunciation improved a lot. So, I plan I will explore the town as down to earth as I can. I didn't brought my camera, I use my short, simple t-shirt and a slipper. Then I practice my Indonesia language for "Malioboro, brapa pak?" as many as I can. I stopped 1 trishaw, I practiced what I had learn, amazingly, it's working. He only said 5000 rupiah. So cheap. He really thought I was a local. Yes! I saved my budget!!. But during a half journey, he realize that I was not from local. But he said nothing. But I can see his face quite angry. Luckily nothing happen. I paid 5000rupiah once arrived and then I leave!

Different between Malacca & Yogyakarta
In Malaysia, trishaw is really famous when you visiting in Malacca. But what are different the trishaw in Malacca and in Yogya? I can list some of the different here......
1. More colourful & flowerish trishaw in Malacca... In Yogya, no decoration.
2. In Malacca, the trishaw drivers all of them business minded. All the tour pamphlet ready. Only in the route which have been granted. But In Yogyakarta, the trishaw was one of the main transportation.
3. In Malacca, more modern trishaw. Complete with sound system and playing Lady Gaga song. In Yogyakarta, a driver might sing a song for you....
4. You can haggle the price in Yogyakarta, but In Malacca, its hard.....

WATCH NOW! Travel Video Blog: mytravellicious at Malacca, Riding A Trishaw

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  1. Haiz..can't compare melaka trishaw and indon one coz here they aim at tourism. have you been to k.Trengganu? they still have trishaw. mainly for housewife going to and fro pasar. depending on distance. heard my in laws said its just a few rm to their hse


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