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Jogja to Bandung by Train | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 12

Backpacking for 50days | Episode 12
Yogyakarta to Bandung by Train!

"A traveler without observation is a bird without wings." - Moslih Eddin Saadi
The end of Jogja journey
"I love this place!". I told everyone. I love Jogja. I love the environment, the people, the place. I's so peaceful. I can't imagine what happened back then when Jogja was hit by the worst earthquake. The time passed to fast without I realizing it was the end. I definitely will be back. Yeah. I'll be back. I'll be back this end of the year with both of my parents. I will become their guide. My 2 mission accomplished. The Borobudur and Prambanan.

The woman sell "SALAK LONDOH". I wonder what it is. Maybe it just a same fruit called "SALAK" at my place.
Tugu Train Station
Situated near the Malioboro. From my hostel, I booked a taxi. 50,000rupiah to the station. I bought my train ticket one day before my departure. You don't want your plan ruins just because the seat of the train is full. You need to know exactly the time when you want to buy a ticket. There's a morning trains and nights train. Jogja and Bandung journey will take about 8-9hours. I bought a morning train, called LODAYA PAGI, cost my around 120k. Just for your information, there is different price for you if you want to travel on the weekend.

"JALUR 5" / "JALUR 6"
Because I need to wake up early, I did not take any breakfast. Just go straight to the train station. Unsurprisingly, the station is not really big. So, it is easy to know which one is your train. While I was there, I searched for food. Burger!... I had not eat Burger since... I don't know.... So, I bought 2 burgers. The burger dissapeared into my stomach within only 5 minutes. Later, I went to the burger stall again, and I ordered another 2!. Both of the cooks are girls. So they look at me weirdly and laugh. So, I just made an innocent cats face! Hhahaha...... Yummy! Ohw... I don't care about my budget, still within the plan.

LODAYA PAGI Executive Couch
Pinoy Girl
While I fulfilled my stomach. From far there, I saw a girl. I know her. She is my friend on the same Borobudur Temple tour. She is from Philippines. Manila. She's going to Jakarta. And my route to Bandung. I told her that I'll be in Manila soon. She gave me her contact and most importantly facebook. While in Manila, we didn't met because I was too tired in Manila and had another plan with my another Philippines friends. We still keep in touch.

Steward checking the tickets! Smart uniform
Lodaya Pagi Executive Couch
The couch was really my above expectation. Really comfortable. Even though I was not sitting next to the window (I gave up the seat to the girl.... very gentlemen of me!). The seat is very comfortable for 9 hours journey. The service is good. There are train steward. You can ordered a meal. But I didn't order anything because I had my take-away delicious burger. Hahahaha.. In front of my seat, there were 2 boys, Middle East looks, but speak Indonesia. They always looked at me. So, to prevent the boredom in the train, I just play with them. 

The journey view. A paddy field.
White Couples
Behind next to me, there were a couple of white people. (I use to called them that). Of course they a backpackers like me. One things the best things when you traveled alone, you become friendly and easy to talk to. Why they are important in my story? because when they arrived at Bandung train station, they took a taxi. But I walked to my hostel. At the end, we are at the same hostel. Owhh.... forget to tell you guys, it was raining. I always ready with my raincoat. That's why they took a taxi. When I arrived the hostel. They start asking me "Hey... we were in the same train right?".... and the chat continues.... they are from Germany. Only in Bandung for 2 days.

2 boys Middle East look but talked in Indonesia.
So, from Jogja, it is easy to traveled to Bandung or vice versa. The train is safe and fast. ! An lastly, welcome to Bandung! Been here for the second time. My first was on 2007, I represent my university and Malaysia for the student exchange programmed for 2weeks.!

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