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Travelling for 50 days begins.....

About the video, i just came from watching the Lengong Dance at Ubud Palace, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. When I wake up, i just felt I wanna move because its been a long time I didnt dance.... its spontaneous and its bad... hahahha

hi guys...

First of all,
I am gonna say I'm sorry
because not updating my blog

This is because I am on travelling mode
its gonna take 50 days...
Im kinda tired to update my blog entry
So can see my schedule of the left side of this website....

maybe I will keep posting after the end of the journey
so, wait yaa.....

Oh, anyway, I'm at Bali
Just finished my Indonesia journey
Gonna start with my Thailand journey tomorrow

See u guys~

Kuta Beach at sunset


Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Travelling for 50 days begins..... Reviewed by Abang Fadli on 12:07 AM Rating: 5


  1. Waaa.. Ko tok nang penari ka? Nice! Selamat berangkat ke Thailand bro...

  2. 50 days of backpacking & traveling.. cool!.. anyway nice blog.. found your blog from innit.. hope the current flood conditions in Thailand won't disrupt your journey

  3. I will be looking forward for your post about Thailand particularly in Phuket. I am also set to visit this place March next year. Hope to get some tips from your blog.

    Anyways, i saw your scheduled trips and found out that you will also be coming here in the Philippines. Hope to see you here in Cebu.


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