18 January 2012

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia + Video Blog | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 06

Backpacking for 50days| Episode 06
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA
Prambanan Temple

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My next destination is Yogyakarta. One of my favorite place so far.

If you planning your visiting to Yogyakarta, Prambanan Temple is one of your must-visit place.

The journey to Prambanan Temple took about 1.5hrs from the Borobudur Temple.

As my journey, I took the tour package, consist of transportation (shuttle van), pick-up at the hotel early 5am to Borobudur & Prambanan.... only for 70,000rupiah

Prambanan temple is the the tallest and the most beautiful Hindu temple in the world.

Yup! I am quite agree... it is beautiful  !

Most of the tourist, will go here for sunset...

The entrance fee is 13usd.

Usually, the shuttle van will drop you here for about 2hrs. 

Surrounding, there are many smaller temple, but for me, the main is Prambanan. Visiting Prambanan is enough due to very hot weather.

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  1. Wooo.. Nampak eksotik nar juak tempat ya... Best k polah video...

  2. nak gie jogja jugakla pasni..

  3. wow! seriously awesome bro!!!

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  5. i miss jogja so much.. been there last april.. jogja mmg unique!!


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