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Students Demonstration, Jakarta, Indonesia + Video Blog | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 09

Backpacking for 50days| Episode 09
Students Demonstration

WATCH NOW! Travel Video Blog: mytravellicious at Students Demonstration in front of MONAS entrance, Jakarta, Indonesia
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They are preparing the flags with the bamboo poles....

ES Doger, good for their business. Nice marketing.

What is that sound?
When I visited National Monument, MONAS in Jakarta, I heard someone yelling giving a speech somewhere the the area. At first, I was ignored the sound, but it was continuously until I wanted to figure it out. What I found was something I was never experienced before.

Preparing the banner.

The banner for the demonstration

Just arrived at MONAS and what are they doing?
When I arrived in MONAS, I saw a group of people getting ready with the flag and with the bamboo pole. At first, I thought they want to decorate the area, at the entrance gate of MONAS. But after I saw the banner, I know they up to something, they were preparing to start a demonstration. The first group I saw was using the blue jacket. I took the photos then I continued my journey to explore the MONAS.

A lot of police truck a long the road to the North Entrance Gates of MONAS

Follow the sound.....
After I finished visiting MONAS, I tried to follow the noisy sound of the people giving a speech. The sound lead me to the path of the North Entrance of MONAS, full with police's transportation. I was scared at first, should I walked to that way? I should investigate whats going on out there!

Bus also been decorated with the protest banner.

Full of peoples...
At the end of the entrance, I can saw a lot of peoples. When I walked into the crowd, now I know what is going on. There was a demonstration. The demonstration was done my the university students in Jakarta. They did not agree with the government of SBY Boediono, the Vice President of Indonesia. They want Boediono to quit his rank because he did not doing his job very well. After 2++ years he got his job, there were nothing changed.

The demonstration beginss.....

In the middle of polices....

My first experience in the middle of demonstration
Wow.... this is what backpacking all about. To experience what I never experienced before. When I was a student, I never involved in the the university's politics. Never involved in demonstration. I just concentrate with my study. Now, I am in the middle of a big demonstration, where a hundred of police on standby. There were reporters everywhere. So, I took this chance to took some photos and videos.

The paper doll with the face of Boediono, I wonder why there is "PETAI" at the doll?

Spray banner

Different of university
This demonstation involved a few of university in Jakarta. They were differentiate with their jacket colour. There were green, red, blue and etc. The start point of demonstration also different. And they will meet at the main point which is at the North Gate of MONAS. When I asked my friend, why at this gate? That is because, the government office building is situated along the road of the North Entrance Gate.

This is the pamphlet they are giving to the public during the demonstration. I took it and keep it for the memories..... :)

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  1. I may lose the info somehow, but when was this student demonstration?

    PS. Nice scanned copy of pamphlet. Heh.

  2. @Anonymous_X: End of October 2011....


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