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Ramayana Ballet, Yogyakarta, Indonesia + Video Blog | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 10

mytravellicious with the Ramayana Ballet dancers after the show
WATCH NOW! Travel Video Blog: mytravellicious at Ramayana Ballet Performance, Puriwisata, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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I went to Balai Seni Puriwasata by a trishaw ride after an advice from my trishaw driver. Actually, I just arrived in my hotel around 5pm then around 7pm, I started to explore Yogyakarta and I was visited this amazing place. For your information, you also can watch the Ramayana Ballet at the Prambanan temple, big stage or you can just watch the the town area, which is at the Balai Seni Budaya, Puriwisata.

Yogyakarta Tourism Map, A Pamphlet I took while in Yogyakarta

The foods for the dinner buffet
Dinner + Performance Show
At the entrance, they will asked you whether you want to watch the show only or having a buffet style dinner. I asked them that I want to have take a look at the food they served. There a variety of food, and most of it is a Yogyakarta signature dish. So, I decided to have a dinner at there.

The Gamelan group & the old lady with high pitch voice for the music of the show
Entrance cost
Dinner buffet will cost you 13usd and the Ramayana Ballet show will cost you 17usd. If you choose to have both, cost 30usd. Quiet expensive but I think it is worth it. In here, I can taste a lot of food, especially GUDEG, a traditional food of Yogyakarta. You can check out Puriwisata Jogja for the tickets promotion.

Ramayana Ballet, the suspend scene

The entrance ticket

The dinner will start from 7pm till 8pm Only 1 hour. And the performance will start after that from 8pm till 9.30pm, it is 1.5hours show.

The Love Story
Who doesn't know the Ramayana Legendary stories? So, here is the synopsis of the performance. Actually, the performance is more to Dance-Drama, there's a story plot but by a dance movement. No dialogue.

Ramayana Ballet Synopsis, A Pamphlet I took during the show

Bad Character, the monkeys
Live Music
Along the performance, they will using a live music. Much more of Gamelan music. And the singer is an old lady with the high pitch of voice. Scary~ :)

Scary face
Open Theatre
The performance will take place at Open Theatre with a free seating. Make sure you come early to take a better view of seat. There are also toilets at the theatre.

Cupid of love?
Opening of the Show
Suprisingly, theres an opening ritual ceremony before the show! Wooot woot! Scary. The old-man-aka-shaman will bring his "Kemenyan" at very point of the stage..... hurmm... goosebump?

Presenting to you, all the dancers

Enjoy the show!
So, let sit calmly and ejoy the show and the storyline!

Ramayana Pamphlet I took for the reference in the future

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