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Malacca | Episode 03 | Malacca River Cruise

Photo: A view from the bridge (between Red Buildings & Jonker Street)

    If you had a chance to visit Malacca, do not forget to ride the Malacca River Cruise.

2.    I had been to Malacca a few times (5-6 times) but I never thought the ride is so exciting and promising. I always think it will be a very boring ride. (Like Tambang in Kuching)

3.    On my last trip to Malacca, I had set my mind to experience myself the cruise. I always wonder why the cruise always full with passengers.

4.    Every cruise you saw when you at the top of the bridge (a bridge connected Red Building & Jonker Street), with full of passengers with a very Happy and excited face.

Video: From the malacca bridge. Hear the video carefully, you can heard the sound of birds which comes to their nest. (Duration: 16sec)

 Photo: You can choose which package you interested. But I suggest a normal river cruise is acceptable for the first timer and budget traveler.

5.    The Malacca River Cruise start from 9AM till 11PM.

6.    TIPS: But I am suggesting you to ride the cruise at the late of evening. Ride it around 6.40PM-7.00PM. Why? Because during the this, from day changing to night. So you can have 2 types of photos. 1 from a day scene and one more from a night scene. (Not too dark night). Beautiful and breathtaking scenery..

Photo: A ticket counter at the Muara Jetty

7.    Only RM10 for adult. Cheap and worth it. I wonder why my previous trip I did not even think to ride this cruise… hurm…..

Photo: Adult ticket. RM10 (Around 3.3USD)

8.    The ride took about around 40 minutes.

9.    Go to Muara Jetty to ride the cruise (Start from here and will end here) 2-ways.

10.    Where is Muara Jetty? From Red Building, you walk toward the Ships Museum (Replica of Flo de la Mar). On your way, you will pass the Quay Seafood. Then just about 40meters from the restaurant, just find the River Cruise sign. (Between the restaurant & the Museum).

11.    TIPS: Be the first to come down to the boat. And pick the last seat (At the back). Easy to snap a photo.

12.    TIPS: Like I said just now, pick the last seat at the back. And sit on the RIGHT (If facing the river, or LEFT if you facing the drivers). Why? I will elaborate later.

13.    TIPS: Do not pick the center seat! Unless you afraid with water.
 Photo: Inside the boat. Remember to pick a last seat on the right (facing the river) or on the left (facing the boat driver). And do not pick a seat at the center!

14.    You will start at Muara Jetty until Taman Rempah Jetty (40minutes).

15.    If you got lucky, you will get the boat driver who can give you a tour explanation during your way. Mostly the women driver always excited to give their on explanation.

16.    But, if not, Muara Jetty to Taman Rempah Jetty, the boat driver will play some music.

17.    But once the cruise arrived at Taman Rempah Jetty, on the way back, the will play the tour tape documentary. (Only voice, In Malay and also English)

 Photo: Me! Feel like I was in Venice!

18.    The explanation of what you passing by. (Most of them are on the right of the boat during on the way back) That is way I ask you to seat down at the right of the boat.

Video: Me start my journey on the Malacca River Cruise. Yay! Slurppp... Fresh air. (4 videos in 1, Duration: 1mins 46secs, Music: Half In Love With Elizabeth by Mystery Jets)

19.    Because it is late evening, your way to Taman Rempah Jetty, still bright, but when you almost reached the Jetty and on your way back, it’s a night! And a beautiful view. Watch my videos to get an idea.

 Photo: A day view, along the Malacca River. But the light had been switched on

Photo: A night view!

Video: On the way back. A changes between a day to night. Beautiful scenery! (4 videos in 1, Duration: 2mins 01secs, Music: Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan)

20.    So, this ride was so exciting and fun. It is just not a ride, but along the ride, there were a history tells!

21.    So, just enjoy your right. Relax your mind. And take a fresh air and enjoy view of Malacca River.

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  1. been to malacca many times.. but never ride the cruise before! just makan.. :)

  2. i have never thought of going for a ride also. Ya thought would be boring.

    Hey your explaination very clear and interesting. Thanks for the tips. Hope can remember all the tips especially on the seat

  3. ken: same case with me... thats why on my previous trip i had set my mind to try the cruise... uhuhuhuh

    small kucing: i though it too.... welcome... sharing is caring...

  4. rm10 for 40 minit....berbaloi gak kn.....

  5. this looks interesting. I wonder when will I ever be able to experience Malacca like you did.

  6. banyak perubahan kat melaka rupanya..

  7. ada gk terfikir nak naik cruise nih but airnya masih berbau..perhaps cuba gk nain nnt. btw,tips naik masa lewat ptg tu mmg best..lalu masjid selat n dpt view sunset =)

  8. aku tak suka naik cruise ni, sampai la haritu terpaksa naik. best rupanya


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