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Perth, A City with Glorious Weather and Great Outdoors

Perth, an isolated city, a hidden travel gem fuelled with sunshiny weather, friendly people, stunning beaches and thriving with art and cultural scene is a destination that should be on your bucket list.

I first travelled to Perth in 1995. I have noticed tremendous changes throughout the years after many visits until now. Perth, I remember was a laid-back city, Burswood Casino at that time to me was the only modern iconic building that I noticed. I’ve always enjoyed my walks around the city admiring St George’s Cathedral, Perth Town Hall and had a peek through London’s Court. 


Now the streets of Perth aren’t just the historic heart of heritage buildings, astounding skyscrapers and funky designed buildings entwined this isolated city and astounding arts are beautifully curated on alleyways walls. 

As a city, Perth has the right balance of work and play. A delightful city, it is blessed with endless list of stunning beaches and abundance of nature. Here are few top lists of places not to be missed when you’re in Perth!


Kings Park is vast and one of the largest inner city park in the world. Set in 400 hectares of land, it is an impeccable manicured park with splendid panoramic view of the city. It is a delight to have a picnic in the botanic gardens surrounded by abundance of flora and fauna and native plants. Pay attention to the melodious birdsong. This certainly is a gem of the city.

Movie under the moonlight in Frasers Avenue, located in Kings Park is Australia’s largest outdoor cinema. I had the luxury of enjoying the front rows of Goldgrass, having dinner and drinks served to my seat. Fabulous experience watching a movie under the moonlight and star-studded skies. 


The climate in Perth and its beautiful beaches with idyllic setting of the Indian Ocean as a backdrop is a big draw to Perth. The beaches are merely 30minutes drive away from the heart of the city. Cottlestoe, Trigg and Scarborough Beach are my favourite. 

Cottlestoe Beach has a dynamic artistic landscape by the sea. Magnificent sculpture created by local and international artists are displayed on this popular stretch of beach known as #sculpturebythesea 


Only a few miles from Perth, the harbour town of Fremantle, well-known as Freo is vibrant in culture and attracts thousands of seafood lover every year. Walking through the streets of Fremantle will take you back to the Victorian Era. Filled with eclectic coffee shops and restaurants, the glorious streets of Fremantle proudly display astounding wall masterpieces that will leave you in awe. 

Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Market and Cappucino Street are not to be missed. Head to Bathers Beach to witness Fremantle’s fiery sunset.


I have never thought a tour to a stadium would totally blow my mind! I had the opportunity to walk through this incredible AUD$1.2billion worth stadium that was once rubbish dump that turned into a golf course before it was finally built in 2014 as a stadium and begun operations in 2018. This stadium holds 60,000 spectators and is awarded as The World’s Best Stadium. You’ll be fascinated by the 2hours tour around the stadium, even if you’re not a sports fan!

A boat across the Swan River from the stadium to Elizabeth Quay is a great way to end the tour, especially if done at sunset. 


Cruising along Elizabeth Quay and the river on a Segway is certainly fun way to enjoy these highlights of Perth. You’ll be guided through a 15 minutes training prior to the tour and will be assigned with tour leader for this fun activity. It’s a great way to whizz along the city’s riverbank.


If you’re planning to take Instagram to the next level, Perth offers some idyllic spots for Instagram-able photos. Its beautiful blue skies, colourful cityscapes and white sandy beaches will help you sharpen your Instagram photo skills. All you need is a caption! Cottlestoe Beach, Kings Park, Crawley edge Boatshed, The Containbow and the streets of Fremantle are some of the Instagram worthy spots. Perth is so beautiful you’ll be frantically snapping!

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