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Taman Negeri Kenaboi , Hutan Kita Nadi Kita #back2nature

Enlivened by pristine beauty of flora and fauna
Never-ending crystal-clear river…
And a healthy dose of wildlife surprises
Being here has been a feast for my senses and soul, so soothing for my heart….
Oh Kenaboi!
Its beauty, unforgettable….

Taman Negeri Kenaboi is isolated in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. Merely two hours away from Kuala Lumpur, this state wildlife park is a hidden treasure full of wonderful surprises.


I was greeted by the striking diversity of colours of the nature entwined by a beautiful chorus of the sound of the jungles as soon as I arrived at the heart of Taman Negeri Kenaboi. I instantly felt a world away from the city rat race. I pitched my tent in a corner away from the main area of the campsite. I had the jungles backdrop and my tent was placed perfectly facing the pellucid river.

I couldn’t wait to fall asleep to the soothing sound of nature.

The 9420 hectares of forest reserve previously known as Taman Alam Liar is home to an array of vast diversity of flora and fauna, sky-scraping bamboo forests, Rajah Brooke butterflies and Oriental hornbill. It is a feast for the eyes for nature lovers.


Relax by the river or go for short walks from the campsite. You don’t need to go too far to find some incredible little creatures and plants you will learn beneficial scientifically for health.

I was up at crack of dawn and went on 4x4 to the viewpoint to catch the sunrise. It was unfortunately rather cloudy but that didn’t matter. I was blown away by the melodious birdsong.


Standing proudly at 80 meters, Lata Kijang in Kenaboi is one of the tallest waterfalls in Malaysia. It is an approximately 20 minutes’ drive through dirt tracks and gorgeous sky-scarping bamboo forests and an easy hike to the bottom of the falls. You will be mesmerised the beauty of the falls. 

Lata Kijang in Taman Negara Kenaboi is an impressive 98m high. It os accesible by 4 wheel drive and a short trek. Bring a picnic; you may struggle to leave!

I couldn’t resist lying down on a bed of rocks by the falls, enjoying the sound of cascading water, closed my eyes and allowed the sound of nature permeate my mind… Pack a light picnic, you might find it hard to leave this stunning beauty of nature!


Jeram Berungut, known as Malaysia’s Lord of The Rings scene is a hidden gem, over an hour’s trek, threading through crystal clear rivers, at times having to swim in waters up to chest deep. The journey there can be challenging for some, but certainly worthwhile. 

The mammoth cliffs of Jeram Berungut is known to be Malaysia's Lord of The Rings scene. The trek can be challenging for some, but totally worthwhile. Pack a proper walking boots or divings boots for hike. You'll have to thread through river, most parts rocky to get there.

You’ll be enchanted by the stunning beauty of wild flora and fauna along the river, cute little amphibians, camouflaged spiders bravely hanging above the riverbed and bright green Rajah Brooke butterflies flapping their wings along the river. Jeram Berungut is a spectacular canyon that I struggled to find the perfect word to describe it. It is remote, rugged, grand and mighty all at once. 

On a beautiful morning when the sun is shining through the forest ravines creating a perfect painting of nature, the beauty of it all is guaranteed to blow your mind. Bring a good quality dry bag for your valuables for the trek through the rivers to the canyon.


This waterfall is an easy access enroute to the heart of Taman Negeri Kenaboi. It is popular amongst day-trippers. There are some gorgeous picnic spots in the forests and by the waterfall. It is worth swinging by this waterfall on your way to Kenaboi.

Jeram Toi, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Imagine sipping through your favourite coffee at this picnic table in the middle of the forests, feeling gorgeous sun ray blessing your skin

For more details on visits, you may contact;

Pejabat Hutan Daerah,
Negeri Sembilan Utara,
71600, Kuala Klawang Jelebu,
Negeri Sembilan.
Tel: +6 (0) 6136500

Writer: Shannim Pym 

Shannim Pym is a Travel Writer. She’s a wanderlust and a travel enthusiast. She has eternal cravings for adventure. Writing is her therapy. Follow her on Instagram, Shannim Pym @epicadventuress and her blog epicadventuress.com.  You may also reach her at shannimpym@gmail.com

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