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#FlightReview - Korean Air KE672 Kuala Lumpur-Incheon

This was my first time flying with Korean Air and premium airlines to the East Asia. I had been flew using Air Asia X, Tiger Airways, Peach, Busan Air, Eastern Jet and Cebu Pacific, all are budget airlines. This trip was my working trip where I need to sign on the vessel in Incheon. So that’s mean I will only flew one way. My flight was midnight, scheduled on 23.59 but delayed around 15 minutes.

The check-in  was fast. Local KLIA staff at the counter. Because I only had one way ticket, they asking me whether I am working in South Korea. I told them I need to sign on the ship at Incheon. I showed them my company letter. They also asked my Seafarer discharge book and Seafarer Card. All the process was smooth. I still remember when I was flew with Air Asia X from KL to Seoul, we only had 1 way ticket and they never asked anything about the visa or returned ticket. I asked for the window seat.

They aircraft they using is Boeing 777-300. But I was not really surprise. Not the first time flew using this type of aircraft. I was using the economy class, with figuration of the seat 3-3-3. The Business class look pretty normal. Not so much extravaganza.

I really surprised with their Cabin Crew. So good and professional. I really thought the Malaysian Cabin Crews are the best, but when I flew with Korea Air, they are better. Really humble down to earth look, always smiling, pretty cute, I felt really welcome when entered the flight. When I asked to borrow the pen, they gave me the pen without hesitation even I knew they did not provide a pen for us to fill the arrival form. I love their grooming, simple, the makeup not so heavy, very neat hair bun with looks like chopstick at their hair bun.

You will be provided with slipper like hotel always provide to you. It is for you to wear if you want more comfortable rather using shoe. Surprisingly, this was my first experience to have a slipper inside a flight. You also will be provided with blanket. For the movies and series, I only watched James Bond after I wake up for meals because I was so tired and it was midnight.

My company booked my ticket on the morning and my flight is on the midnight. So when I called requested for special meal, they said it was too late, because every special meal request must be made 48hours before your flight. But their customer service said they will inform the KLIA about my request plus they also mention all the meal from KL flight are HALAL, I only need to request the special meal if I fly from South Korea. The meals served at 4 am in the morning. It was really hard for me to wake up. Its felt like I was going to “Sahur”. They offered 3 menus to be choose, Egg, Chicken or Fish. Of course I choose Chicken. It turn out the menu was Chicken with Rice, not really impressive look but simply delicious. It was 4am, and I do not really care and my eyes hardly open.

I gave 80/100 for Korean Air for good services and crews. Recommended airlines for you to start your adventure! 
#FlightReview - Korean Air KE672 Kuala Lumpur-Incheon Reviewed by mytravellicious on 1:29 AM Rating: 5

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  1. Can I work with your company? Hahaha

    I have never tried other premium airlines except for MAS but Korean Air seems nice. Dare to try Koryo Air? Hahaha

    Anyway, after some times, hello again from me! I am back blogging with a re-launched blog brand hehe :)


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