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Bandung, Indonesia | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 19

Backpacking for 50days | Episode 19

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It’s Raining
I arrived in Bandung around 5 pm from Yogyakarta. The 9 hours train journey was amazing experience. I journey here. It was raining when I arrived in Bandung. I choosed to walk to the hostel from the train station because I was informed that the hostel location is quiet near from the station. I refer to the hostel location map they emailed me after my reservation. I walked past the Hilton hotel, entering the Pascal Hyper Square, and there it is, my hostel, Hunny Hostel Bandung!

The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it -Rudyard Kipling-

Hunny Hostel Bandung
I will post about this hostel in my next entry. In Jakarta, I also stayed in Hunny Hostel. So, in Bandung, I booked the hostel early because I do not want any problem with my accommodation plan. In Bandung, it is quiet limited choices of hostel. So, Hunny Hostel Bandung is very highly rated & recommended in It is so near to the train station.

At Hunny Hostel, Bandung
Pascal Hyper Square
It is situated near the train station and next to the Hilton. Pascal Hype Square is a new town which consist of many shoplots. This is where Hunny Hostel situated. A lot of restaurant. The best thing is, there is a very big food court. You can choose variety of food in here.

Pascal Hyper Square
Train Station
Why I chose the place near the train station? Because it is like a hub for minivans @ Angkot. Every minivan will stop here or at least they will put the route “STASION” in front of their minivan. So it was easy for me, to get back to my hostel!

Train rail in Bandung
Second time
It was my second time here in Bandung. Its bring back a lot of memories. My last time to Bandung was on 2007. When my university, University of Malaya, sent out 4 university’s representative for  a student exchange programme with the University of Pasundan, Bandung. It was 2 weeks of program. Last time I stayed in Cimahi area, quite far from the town and very near with the strawberry farm. I made a lot of friends back then.  During my last visit, I already went to a lot of attraction places. So, for this journey, I planned that I will only cover places which I never had a chance to go before.

Art of gravity at the wall of train rail
In Bandung, Indonesia language is a universal.  Sunda language also important in Bandung. I learn a little bit Sundanese, such as “Punten” then they will answer  “Mangan”. You used the word as to polite people if you want to cross in front of them. Sort of.

The monuments
Heaven of shopping
If you are shopaholic, and this is very suitable place for you. Very cheap apparels here sold everywhere. So many factory outlets. Shopping is not really relevant on this trip. I do not want to increase my backpack weight. But, I can’t resist my disease (shopaholic), I had shopped a lot apparel and my weight of backpack increased! Duh! Anyway, who can’t resist to buy YSL jacket only less than RM100? Me! Hahaha. Rumah Mode is one of the example you need to go!.

House of Mode, Factory Outlet
In Bandung, there were so many monuments you can find. So, when I googling about the monuments in Bandung, there was a very long list. Of course I need to choose which one I need to go. Every monuments have their own story. And every monuments will represent the places. I always searching for the unique monuments for my memories of photo. It was like “I’ve been there!”

Train monument at the trains station area
Menara Lautan Api
I went to this place with my hostel owner help. He gave me a direction and which minivan I should choose and how much. It’s not very popular with tourist. It just a recreation park where only this landmark at the centre of it. There was 1 very old uncle, approached me when I was taking the videos. He wants to try my camera. I saw him that he could be trusted. He is an ex-photographer for the newspaper. So he gave me some advice about the camera and he’s quite impress with the technology today. He also told me the stories about the monuments. In translation, Monument of Ocean of the Fire. Watch my VLOG above, it was took around the park where the monument situated.

Monument of Lautan Api
Tangkuban Perahu
I went to Tangkuban Perahu with my friend from UK, Stephen. We took a minivans from town to go to Lembang, and from Lembang to Tangkuban Perahu. It was raining that morning. Luckily I brought my raincoat. Stephen planning to go trekking around the craters. I never plan of it and not prepared. I just wear a pair of sandal not a shoes!. So, when we already opposite of assembly point (half of the circle of the crater), the hiking become so hard. The sulphur gases everywhere. I became frighten, and I told Stephen to go back! This was live or dead experience. I hate crater. It was like, you are lucky enough to get out there safely and no natural disaster happen.

Tangkuban Perahu Crater
Ciater Hotspring
After tiring so-called hiking in Tangkuban Perahu, our next destination is Ciater Hotspring. Stephen did not plan this. I did. So, I said to him just follow me. We had lunch in the restaurant. After our stomach full, we start to swim in a hotspring pool. It was so amazing. Love it. And worth it to go.!

Ciater Hotspring
Tea Plantation
Along the way to Ciater Hotspring, I asked the driver to stop to the tea plantation. Oh, this was my first time to tea plantation. I never been to Cameron Highland. Guilty!

Tea Plantation
Don’t forget to try Sunda & Padang food while you here. For Padang Foods, the tips is do not try to eat only a little portion of dish, you will need to pay full price, every food you touch you need to pay. Martabak Bandung is one of the famous food. There were so many flavors you can choose. It’s look alike “APAM BALIK”, but instead of peanut, they change to chocolate, or strawberry or cheese and etc. “Siew Mai” also worth to try.

Siew Mai in Bandung

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