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Hunny Hostel, Bandung, Indonesia | | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 17

Bandung Branch
In my last Jakarta trip, I was stayed in one of the Hunny Hostel branch. You can read my review here. Also in Bandung, I chose to stay at Hunny Hostel. You can check out their website here.

Hunny Hostel Business Card, back view
Highly Rated
It is very limited choices of cheap accommodation in Bandung. I booked this hostel through Based on the costumer reviews, there was quiet promising.

Free Coffee/Tea all day long
Convenient Location
I love where it is situated. Near the train station is a bonus for this place. It also situated in a Pascal Hyper Square where it is a new town next to the Hilton. There was a huge food court where you can get your food easily. A lot of restaurant shop lots.  24 hours convenience store is easy to get.

Friendly Staffs
Do not get surprise when I say the staffs only its owner. The family lives at the hostel. Their son slept in a dorm same room with you. Mr. Micheal and wife are really helpful. Just asked anything, I’m sure he will help you. 

Watching TV area, or you can play your laptop here. Wifi area.

The Dorm Room
The dorm room is really big. They got 6 double decker bed. So in 1 dorm room, consists of 12 persons. There were 6 of us in the room when I stayed there. 2 from Vietnam, 1 from UK, 1 from Russia, and 1 from Germany.

I'm with Stephen from UK. My roommate
The Price
If we talking about limited hostel in Bandung, for me it’s still cheap. Around RM30 per night. But, If you think its again, it is in Indonesia, you will think it expensive. Well it’s depend on you right. My budget for accommodation is under RM50 per day, so this hostel is acceptable

My review for Hunny Hostel Bandung at
You will not get Wifi in your room. Wifi quite fast at the TV area. The toilets are clean. The room air-conditioner is working fine and made the room cold enough. Free flow of coffee/tea. For breakfast, just a simple breakfast you will get such as toast bread with fruit jam.

The new town. Hunny Hostel is situated here, Paskal Hyper Square

mytravellicious Rating

Character: 75% Good, simple & clean. The lounge is small but still comfortable. Not to crowded. 

Fun: 80% I enjoy my stay. The owner & family were very friendly. Because the place is small, you can always mingle around.

Security: 70% No key for any guesthouse. Just hope nobody will enter the hotel with bad intention. No lock for the dorm room door. But you have your own locker.

Staffs: 100% Very very friendly and helpful.

Cleanliness: 95% Very clean

Facilities: 85% WiFi can't reach your dorm. TV lounge is satisfactory. Toilets are clean. Breakfast is ok.

Location: 100% WoW! Very good location... only 10 minutes from Train Station & the hub of Angkots (Minivans)

Price: 75% Not that cheap. Standard price for hostel in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

The price for 2 nights

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