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Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia + Video Blog | 50 days Backpacking Journey | Episode 07

Backpacking for 50days| Episode 07
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA
Borobudur Temple

WATCH NOW! Travel Video Blog: mytravellicious at Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Borobudur Brochure which I took at the park
(Click the image for the bigger size)

1. Visiting the largest temple in the world is my main mission for visiting in Yogyakarta.

2. I only had 3 days (1st day: Arrived, 2nd day: Temple tour, 3rd day: Departed using train) in Yogyakarta.

3. One day tour for Borobudur & Prambanan Temple is 70,000 rupiah including the transportion, a minivan, pickup and drop at the front of your hotel. As for me, I took a tour company at the Prawirotaman Rd.

4. The entry fee for Borobudur Temple is 15usd (Around 135k rupiah), which is not including in the tour fee. Buy your own tickets.

5. The journey from the town to Borobudur Temple took about 1 hour.

6. There were 7 of us in the minivan.

7. The van pick me up at 5am sharp in front of my hotel.

8. I stayed at Venezia Homestay at the Tirtodipuran Rd.

9. I had done my 2nd checklist!... my first one was Angkor Wat in Siem Reap Cambodia. Next will be Bagan in Myanmar.

Fast Facts:

҉ Largest Buddhist temple in the world
҉ Built between 778 - 850 AD
҉ Located in central Java, Indonesia
҉ Constructed using 57,000 cubic metres of volcanic stone

҉ Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world.
҉ This temple was built in central Java, Indonesia and constructed between about AD 778 and 850, under the Sailendra dynasty.

҉ The Borobudur monument combines the symbolic forms of the stupa, the temple mountain, and the mandala. Indian Gupta and post-Gupta art influence the style of Borobudur.
҉ Borobudur has a total of 1460 panels, each 2 meters wide, and had a total number of 504 statues of Buddha..

҉ Borobudur was apparently neglected from about 1000 and overgrown with vegetation.
҉ The temple had undergone restoration from 1905 to 1910, and the last restoration was done in 1973 to 1983.

҉Built with about 2,000,000 cubic feet (57,000 cubic m) of grey volcanic stone.
҉Borobudur encloses a small hill and is shaped like a stepped pyramid.

҉The base and the first five terraces being square and the higher three terraces being circular. The highest centre, 103 feet (31.5 m) above the base consists of a large individual stupa.

҉Each of the terraces represents the individual stages toward perfection in a person's life; the pilgrim's walk takes one around the monument nine times (reflecting the mystic number of nine in Buddhism) before reaching the top.
҉There are four stairways, one on each side, leading up to the top.

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  1. Nice!! I would love to go to a backpack trip too. :( LOL

  2. Bestnya juak ktk eh, selalu back packing...

  3. @Nath: Provided by the park and need to give them back at the exit...

    @Lindy: Yeah... U should@

    @Small Kucing: Yup...really exciting...

    @Ms Tikot: Biasa-biasa jak..s.ekda papa yang best,...

    @Kak Mah: mmg unik... kadang2 scary jugak...

    @mr_abs: nang ada jeles... hahaha


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