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Sri Aman, Sarawak and its BENAK

Scenery...... Number 9?

When I was younger
I was confused between 3 locations
Sri Aman, Simanggang, and Samarahan

Alice Fort

But then it seems Sri Aman & Simanggang turn out to be the same place
And Samarahan only next to Kuching
Actually, its originally known as Simanggang
Renamed around 1974 because of the signing of the peace treaaty
End of the communist era

Brownish river


Sri Aman
I had been here a few times
But never staying at this area

Do not sit here when watching BENAK in action, you will getting wet

The town itself is a transit to refuel your vehicle
Or you can stop to fulfill your stomach
or even when you want to use a toilet

Observe BENAK from here

The food stalls at the Sri Aman-Sarikie junction is quite famous
Hotspot for pitstop

Alice Fort

To make a story (Untuk dijadikan ceritalah!)
My father got a meeting in Sri Aman
So, he asked me to drive him all the way to Sri Aman

Sri Aman Town

About 2hours journey from Kuching to Sri Aman
But its took 4hours if you travel by bus

Alice Fort
 This is my gold opportunity to explore the city
Even though nothing much there
But still, I need to get to know my own country


My father's sibling live here
But seriously, I do not remember his face at all
Been a long time
We were not visiting him for this trip

Fauna...I like GREEN

We stayed at Crystal Inn
Cheap place but quite comfortable
I am impressed
Just on top of Supersave, same row with KFC

I stayed here!

When I was free doing nothing  in the hotel
Just wonder around the town
And the village scenery


By the way
Sri Aman Popular with its BENAK
What the hell is that?
Its a tidal wave
You can surf on it

The Giant Tree

But, there is a twist
surfing with crocodile...
nice huh....
At the Wharf
Around the town
  You should see the PESTA BENAK by yourself
Its ....[wait for it] awesomel lah
Share with you some video of TIDAL BORE FESTIVE...

Video: Surfing BENAK
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  1. very tempting to go especially with the cheap fair.

  2. Ada juak sidak berani men benak ya.. Mun gugok ada kenak sambut leh boyak...

  3. Hi there! Sri Aman is near to my mother's hometown. But some of the places I had never seen before. Nice introduction.

    By the way, envy with your travel schedule. I wonder is it related to your job or u just backpacking to there?

    Feel free to drop by my blog. I am following your blog :)


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