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Oct-Dec Backpacking: Overall Flight Tickets Price

Insya-Allah I will start my holiday on October till January (3months).

Before I start working, I  had planned my holiday

Searching for the cheap price.

Now, all the flight tickets. had been bought.

43 days, Start from 27Oct-8Dec.

There are some changes to be made. Need to cancel for Pattaya & Boracay due to the time constraint and ticket price.

8 Countries. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Singapore, HongKong,Macau, Phillipines

So, here were the price for the flight tickets I bought.

Total price= Ticket Price + Tax + 15kg Luggage

1. Kuching - Kuala Lumpur = RM 44 (AirAsia)
2. Kuala Lumpur - Jakarta = RM 85 (AirAsia)
3. Jakarta - Yogyajakarta = RM 92 (AirAsia)
4. Bandung - Bali = RM 128 (AirAsia)
5. Bali - Phuket = RM 110 (AirAsia)
6. Phuket - ChiangMai = RM 84 (AirAsia)
7. Bangkok - Udon Thani = RM 178 (AirAsia)
9. Vientiene - Kuala Lumpur = RM 102 (AirAsia)
10. Kuala Lumpur - Singapore = RM65 (AirAsia)
11. Singapore - Hong Kong = RM 375 (Tiger Airways)
12. Macau - Manila = RM 202 (Tiger Airways)
13. Manila - Cebu = RM 88 (Air Phil Express)
14. Cebu - Manila = RM 98 (Cebu Pacific)
15. Manila - Kota Kinabalu = RM 129 (AirAsia)
16. Kota Kinabalu - Kuching = RM 134 (Malaysia Airlines)

So, 43 days, 8countries,16 Airline Tickets = RM 1914


Yeah.... that is what we call Backpacking....
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  1. OMG~ How did you manage to buy some of the airfare so cheap? Is it you bought earlier? I hope I can do the same thing as u. Travel for non-stop but too bad I am a gal.

    U going alone?

  2. Wohoo.. kAcak perancangan kedak tok... Best2.. Mok polah juak kelak.. Aaa.. Ole2 jangan lupak bro.. haha.. Just kidding.. Hepi travelling...

  3. Diana: Some of them i bought on March, and some of them i just bought last week...... yup...travel alone.. male nor female, there's nothing to stop you from travel...

    amirfx: yalah.. harus pegi oneway-oneway, senang crita n lebeh murah....

  4. wow, so many cheap air flights!!! too bad i'm officially bankrupt due to my travelling these past two months..Hong Kong is a fun-filled city filled with scenic sceneries...i know cz i just came back from Hong Kong and Macau last week...enjoy yourself!

  5. Total Rm1914..masa zaman sik ada budget airline dolok..price ya hanya untuk return trip KUL/HKG/KUL(Malaysia Airline)..anyway have fun & enjoy yr backpacking holiday.

  6. kacak! mala berjalan eh. nendak rindok ati... hehe

  7. goshhhhh!! jelessss gilaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    haiya lame nye cuti? gua mintak cuti 4 hari pon, di bagi nye 2 hari je.. x puas nak gi travel!

    anyway jg diri lah kat sane yer :)

    and salam geng travel..jumpe geng backpacker baru :D

  8. 3 month! the route and the flight look so cool, i wish i can do like this one day


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