Halal Foods & Mosques Guide in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Assalamualaikum. I had traveled to Sihanoukville for 3 days before I off to Koh Rong. In Sihanoukville, I did not had any chance to rent out motorcycle as I don't have any mood to drive around. So I decided, only to use motorcycle taxi and tuk-tuk even though it is a little pricey.

I also had been to Kep and Kampot, both places have big Muslim community compares to Sihanoukville. One time in Sihanoukville, I encountered a few Muslim (using Hijab) at the junction when I was on the way to Kbal Chhay Waterfall, so from that event, I knew there is a Muslim community in Sihanoukville.

Here I want to share with you where you can get Halal Foods around Sihanoukville and to go to the Mosque based on my experiences. 


1. Resto Jakarta
Assume you did not using a flight to go to Sihanoukville, there is one Halal Restaurant behind the Bus Station area. Yes, I had really had a hard time finding this restaurant. If you are happen around the bus station area, do stop here. Their WIFI quite strong too.

Resto Jakarta - Menu

Resto Jakarta - Dining Area

It seem the restaurant is operated by a few Indonesian students. I ordered Seafood Fried Rice (2.50USD), Fried Squids (2USD) and Ice Tea(0.5USD). For me the price is still reasonable and its yummy too...

Resto Jakarta - Seafood Fried Rice - 2.50USD (8/10)

Resto Jakarta - Fried Squids (8.5/10)

From downtown (Golden Lion) to the bus station, it will cost you 2-3USD using tuktuk. The best about this restaurant is, they offer delivery service for you so you do not need to go to their restaurant with a small delivery fee.

Resto Jakarta - Just behind the Sihanoukville Bus Station

Resto Jakarta - Business Card

You can check their facebook page for their some food photos. 

To go Resto Jakarta: Maps
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/restojakarta.net/
Website: www.restojakarta.net


2. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
By now, you should know that the whole KFC in Cambodia is HALAL certified by Malaysia. Yes, they are using Malaysia Halal logo. In Southern Cambodia, only in Sihanoukville having a KFC branch. You can see the KFC advertisement banner around the town. 

KFC Advertisement Banner - You can get meal set at low as 2USD

KFC - Nothing much different from Malaysia

It is situated 5 minutes walking from the Golden Lion statue roundabout. If you can have a data connection, use your google maps to find KFC. Yes can get the rice meal about 2USD. The receipt includes the WIFI password, but unfortunately I can't connect the WIFI.

KFC - In Receipt both mentioning price in USD or Riel

KFC - Malaysia Halal Certified Logo

In the KFC, you can pay using USD or Riel. In the receipt it will stated the amount in both currency. Usually 1USD=4000riel.

To go KFCMaps

3. Taj Mahal Restaurant
I don't have a chance to eat at this restaurant. It is near the Ochheauteal Beach. You can check their Facebook Page for the full menu with the price. It is pricier compare to KFC or Resto Jakarta but it offers Indian Meal. This restaurant has a sister restaurant in Siem Reap.

Taj Mahal Restaurant

To go Taj Mahal Restaurant: Maps
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Taj.Mahal.Restaurant.Halal/

4. Lagenda Restaurant of Holiday Villa Nataya Sihanoukville
There is Holiday Villa in Sihanoukville. For you did not know, Holiday Villa is one of famous hotel chain from Malaysia. Lagenda Restaurant in this hotel serving halal foods. If you are staying in this hotel, you no need to worry to find halal breakfast around. 

Holiday Villa Nataya where Lagenda Restaurant situated

You can order ala cart meal for lunch and dinner at this restaurant. It is located at the street between the Golden Lion Monument to the Ochheauteal Beach.

To go Lagenda Restaurant: Maps
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/hvnataya/
Website: www.holidayvillahotels.com/cambodia/sihanoukville/holiday-villa-sihanoukville/dining

5. "Kedai Mi Sup Halal" near Phsar Leu Market
If you are looking more cheaper Halal food and you do not mind about hygiene, you can go to this stall. You can ask your tuk-tuk to go to Phsar Leu Market. And the stall is along Street 214. There are about 3 stalls that offer halal menu.

Kedai Mi Sup Halal

In the Waze or Google map, you can just type "Kedai Mi Sup Halal"

To go Kedai Mi Sup Halal: Maps
Facebook Page: http://bit.ly/KedaiMiSupHalalSihanoukville

I did not have a chance visit a mosque in Sihanoukville. As you know, if you can locate the mosque, then you can locate more Halal foods. In Sihanoukville town, I only can locate 1 mosque. Another 8 mosques is quite far from town (around 30km), but if you are adventurous or rent a motorbike, you can try visit the mosque, its quite a few number of mosques.

6. Masjid Krong Kampong Som (3.2km from Golden Lions)
The only mosque in Sihanoukville town. If you are planning to go here, I suggest you try to ready a written Khmer dialog for you to communicate with the local, such as ready with translation "Where can I have muslim restaurant nearby", or anything you think useful.

6. Masjid Krong Kampong Som

To go here, here is the maps.

If you can see in the map below, the Krong Preah Sihanouk (Red) is the main town of Sihanoukville, and the blue box is where most of the mosque and Muslim community in Sihanoukville. Here I listed 8 mosque around the area (35km+ from the town).

7. Madrasah Darul Ulum (Maps) 39.1km from Golden Lions
8. Masjid Boeng Ta Phrom (Maps) 33.9km from Golden Lions

8. Masjid Boeng Ta Phrom

9. Masjid Boeng Ta Srey (Maps) 34.7km from Golden Lions
10. Masjid Daun Loy (Maps) 35km from Golden Lions
11. Masjid Madrasah Al-Mujahirin (Maps) 35.6km from Golden Lions
12. Masjid O-Chrov (Maps) 36.1km from Golden Lions
13. Masjid Srae Knong/ម៉ាស្ជិឌ​ភូមិស្រែក្នុង (Maps) 37.6km from Golden Lions
14. វិហារឥស្លាម អូរត្រាវ និងបន្ទាយប្រិយ (Maps) 42.1km from Golden Lions

14. ហារឥស្លាម អូរត្រាវ និងបន្ទាយប្រិយ

 14. ហារឥស្លាម អូរត្រាវ និងបន្ទាយប្រិយ

14. ហារឥស្លាម អូរត្រាវ និងបន្ទាយប្រិយ

I think that's all the information I had until today (Aug 2017). Hopefully it can help my Muslim brother/sister to travel around Sihanoukville.

If you are happen to find more Halal Restaurant or mosque, do share with me in the comment as the information is very limited online. Like myself, I always write down the GPS coordinates from my google maps whenever I found a Muslim restaurant for the reference in the future.

I also will share the Halal guide in Kampot and Kep in the upcoming blogpost.


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MYTRAVELLICIOUS - Foods & Travel Blog Malaysia: Halal Foods & Mosques Guide in Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Halal Foods & Mosques Guide in Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Halal Food Guide in Sinoukville, Cambodia for Muslim
MYTRAVELLICIOUS - Foods & Travel Blog Malaysia
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