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Malacca | Episode 02 | Jalan-Jalan Guesthouse

 1.    In my last trip to the most historic places in Malaysia, Malacca City, I stayed at Jalan-Jalan Guesthouse.

2.    Situated at Jalan Tukang Besi, only next to the Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat).

3.    Very good spot!! Near with everything you need.

4.    I stayed in the dormitory for 2 nights.

5.    Only RM18 per night for dorm (1 bed).

6.    One dormitory room got 6 beds. So you will mix up with other travelers but most of them are foreigners. (Male & Female mix)

7.    Highly recommended by me if you want to explore the city!

8.    Very nice and calm guesthouse.

9.    And the staffs are friendly. Yeah!

10.    I booked through the because this guesthouse is one of the high rated. Oh, I got premium account from Hostelworld, so they dont charged me any service charge...

11.    Not really recommended for those not use to stay in the dormitory. Maybe you can get a private room. Still cheaper if compare to hotel.

12.    Got 2 bathrooms. Only 1 bathroom with the hot shower.

13.    Free drinks (Coffee/Tea). Anytime you want. Also, you can mingle around with other traveler as exchange the traveling experience and some tips..

14.    Got PC for you if you want to use the internet. And also free WiFi.

15.    The room got Fan & Air-Cond. Quite cool! Nice!

16.    Also got bicycle rental. RM5 !

17.    The entrance door you need to enter security code. So its quite secured.

18.    You also got your own room key and your own locker key.

19.    Here is the their website:

20.    Enjoy your stay!

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Malacca | Episode 02 | Jalan-Jalan Guesthouse Reviewed by mytravellicious on 12:15 PM Rating: 5


  1. Wow this is great! Gonna stay there the next time I go Malacca! =)

  2. best tempat ni..leh save bugdet erkk

  3. Charmaine: enjoy with your stay in the future...

    mummy: yup...bacbkpacking is about saving ur money while traveling...

    small kucing.... yup! really2 good

  4. weehhooo...nice guesthuose definitely will choose private room...yerr..malu koh..hahahah

  5. flo: hhehehhe... yalah.... better private... mesti kitak snoring nakkkk...hehehe

  6. Mun pegi West Malaysia,I just can't skip Melaka. Mesti pegi punya..
    Thanks for info..
    So what is yr next destination?.

  7. slalu ke melaka (mencari cinta) but never bump into this place. thanx for ur info. surely drop by. thanx again..


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