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Travel Hacks: Tips on saving money for your flight so you can splurge on your holiday!

The competitive fares on low-cost carriers (LCC) have made it possible for more people to escape the ordinary, enjoy unique experiences in foreign lands and fulfill your Wandermust. The more bargains you score, the more trips you can make.

But contrary to popular perception, travelling on low fares doesn’t have to mean compromising on comfort. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can even enjoy more comfortable travel on the same budget.

-        Have flexible travel dates? Know when to book to enjoy the best deals.
-        Bought an economy ticket but want to stretch your leg room? Yes, it is possible!
-        Planning a trip in advance? The best planners get the best prices!

Scoot Travel Hacks/ Myth Busters:

Follow these tips below to get the best bang for your buck the next time you travel on Scoot:

·        It is a common myth that expert flight bookers always buy flights on Wednesdays, just after midnight, in order to get the best fares. While mid-week flights might generally cost you less than weekend flights, certain periods such as eve of public holiday might see a surge in pricing, even if booking or traveling on a Wednesday. Dynamic pricing can cause fares to readjust according to time and booking demands. Set up price alerts that pops out during your flight search on Scoot website, and make sure you pounce on those good deals when you see one!

·        Another common myth is that the more advance you book the flight ahead, the cheaper it is. Most airlines’ flights are made available for booking up to two seasons in advance (that’s 12 months ahead). While early planners (especially those with flexible travel dates) usually do catch the best prices, earlier doesn’t always mean cheaper.

o   The more you know:
A great tip to help you plan your travel is to know when exactly the seasons end and begin:
- Summer season starts from the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Saturday of October; whereas
- Winter starts from the last Sunday of October and ends on the last Saturday of March.

·        So how exactly do you enjoy the best travel deals? Want to be the first to find out when flights have opened up for new destinations, and even receive vouchers to purchase flights? Enjoy all those special privileges and more by signing up as a Scoot Insider! Simply browse over to the Scoot website ( to sign up for free.

o   The more you know:
On top of a 15% off Welcome Voucher you’ll also get a Birthday Voucher, both of which you can use to unlock cheaper fares for eligible flights. Check out the Scoot Insider programme to find out more about the privileges you can enjoy including faster booking and Insider-only promotions.

·        An avid traveler with an open mind and flexible travel, simply shopping around for a bargain flight deal? If you’re browsing for a trip, check out the “Take Off Tuesday” deals on Scoot’s website, to see a list of discounted airfares to a number of destinations, each listed with their own travel periods. Valid for travel originating out of Singapore, check out the discounted airfares that you can book every Tuesday from 6am onwards.

·        Another key tip to avoid high-fare travel, is to steer clear of blackout periods. When travelling outbound from Singapore, flying during the year-end holiday period, school holidays and other major public holidays means that you will likely encounter higher fares. If you’re preparing for that major holiday that you’ve been planning for some time, avoid peak seasons and save yourself a few bucks by referring to your annual public holiday calendar to verify major festival dates such as Chinese New Year, as well as if two major celebrations are happening back to back or near a weekend.

·        When buying an Economy seat on a flight, everyone knows that the exit and first-row seats (known as Stretch seats on Scoot flights) will give you a just a little bit more legroom. But did you know that you can enjoy up to 50% extra legroom compared to the normal Economy seats while you fly in peace and quiet by booking a flight in the ScootinSilence zone? Available on all 787 Dreamliners, for a modest fee you can give yourself a more tranquil flying experience as you travel in an adult-only cabin (no children under 12 permitted). Furthermore, both silent zone and Stretch seats also allow you to be one of the first to disembark the plane.

·        Frequent and savings-savvy flyers can also use their skills to max out on the LCC model of travel. On Scoot, you can enjoy great bundles according to your needs; FLY for just an Economy seat with just carry-on luggage, FLYBAG for seat with 20kg checked-in luggage, and FLYBAGEAT for both checked-in luggage and a hot meal.

Stretch the Dollars:
-   Short flight for a short trip, let’s say a 45-minute journey from Singapore to Pekanbaru? — Maybe do without the add-on meal and checked-in luggage, and travel with just your hand-carry allowance of up to 10kg.
-   Going on a shopping trip, and intending to bring back a lot of souvenirs? Then travel outbound with an empty luggage and book the FLYBAG bundle for just your return flight.

By booking your add-ons online (including meal selection, baggage allowance and wifi access), you can enjoy flights on Scoot that are as flexible as you are.

·        Legroom doesn’t have to refer to the space in front of you, especially when the empty seats in your row look like an ever-so-tempting space to put your feet up and stretch across! Want a way to secure those two seats before even getting on the plane? With Scoot’s MaxYourSpace, you can purchase up to 2 seats next to you to stretch out and relax when flying on a less crowded flight. Available on a first-come first-serve basis, simply go on to the Scoot website before your flight and check for availability. If approved, your extra seats will be reserved for you 6 to 12 hours before your flight.

·        While on the topic of maxing out your flight experience, how about a full upgrade into Business class? Bid4Biz allows you to bid for seats on selected flights whenever there are unreserved spaces in Business class on Boeing 787 aircraft. Simply choose your flight and bid your price of choice for a chance to be upgraded, and if your bid is approved you will get notified up at least one day before your flight. Being selected for the upgrade means getting to enjoy all the perks of business class travel including double the legroom, priority check-in and boarding, 30kg checked-in baggage and up to 2 carry-on bags weighing 15kg each, streaming onto your laptop or tablet, and more.
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