Summary Itinerary 8 days Kota Kinabalu - Lawas - Ba'Kelalan - Miri

Hey guys, if you are following me in my instagram @mytravellicious or my Facebook page, you might noticed that I was travelled to Ba'Kelalan in north Sarawak. I was invited by Tourism Malaysia Sarawak to join their Famtrip joined by other social media content creators such as Hazemin Huzir (Youtuber), Khairul Jamain (Youtuber), Shirly&Nomi (Youtuber), Kaki Travel (FB/Website), Billiq Tidoq (FB), I Love Borneo (FB/Website), (Social Media/Community), and TravelWithSeth (Blogger/Photographer/Videographer). 

It is such an adventurous journey and I am really excited as I never visit the place in the itineraries. Before I make a specific blogpost for each of the place, let me summarize our journey from day 1 till day 8 ya! So it will easy when you want to make some travel reference. Hope this will helps. As for the cost, I might have a little bit idea as this trip is sponsored and I did not spent any money during this trip. If you have any inquiry, do reach me, I will try my best to answer ya!

All the content creators with Tourism Malaysia staffs. Photo by @TravelwithSeth


Day 01

πŸ›«Flight from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu by Malaysia Airlines at 1540hrs via MH2806
πŸ›¬5pm Arrived Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Meet other content creators from Kuala Lumpur
πŸ₯£7pm Dinner at Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market Restaurant
πŸ›️ 9pm Checked in at Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Day 1: Dinner at Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

Day 02

πŸ›« 7am Breakfast and checkout Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu
πŸš™ 8am using van, start journey to Lawas via Sindunim(Sabah) / Merapok(Lawas) border
🍜After 4hours, arrived Lawas, pitstop for lunch at Hao Wei Seafood Restaurant
🚘 At 2pm, changed using 4WD Hilux to continue journey to Ba'Kelalan
πŸ›Œ 8pm, arrived Ba'Kelalan. Check in at Purait Homestay (Just next to the Ba'Kelalan airport).
πŸ‘€9pm, we visited Juliasang Homestay.

Day 2: Crossing border Sabah (Sindunim) - Sarawak (Merapok) for the first time

Day 03

πŸ₯£ 7am Breakfast and safety briefing.
πŸ‘Ÿ 8am started journey to jungle trekking and hiking to viewpoint of Ba'Kelalan (Pa Sarui)
🏁 9.45am Arrived at the viewpoint 
πŸƒ 10.45am Start to hike down
πŸ¦‰ 11.30am Arrived at OWL house for tea and bird-watching experiences sharing by Mr Andy.
πŸ› 12.30pm Lunch at the Purait Homestay
🏑 2.30pm Visited Buduk Nur Community Hall for the 'Visit My Kampung' Experience. There were Malaysia Day Exhibition by Arkib Negara, handicraft activities organized by Kraftangan Malaysia, and also we joined the traditional sport competing with locals organized by JKKN Sarawak. We had fun and won some hampers that day!
🏊‍♂️ 5.30pm We went to the river for some fun.
πŸŽ₯ 8pm We proceed again the community hall for Wayang Pacak by FINAS and bonfire.
πŸ’ƒ 9pm We learned some Lun Bawang traditional dances guided by JKKN Sarawak.

Day 3: At the top of Pa Sarui Be'Kalalan viewpoint

Day 04

πŸ₯˜ 8am Breakfast at the Purait Homestay
πŸ›¬ 9am Proceed to Ba'Kelalan Airport to wait the arrival of  Dato' Seri Hajah Nancy binti Shukri, Minister of Tourism, Art, & Culture. A lot of welcoming celebration happening around.
πŸ¦‰ To the OWL House for the morning tea/refreshment
πŸ§‚ Visiting and lunch at Punang Kelalan Salt Springs
🌻 Visiting Botanical Garden SK Ba'Kelalan at Long Langai
πŸŽ‰ Visited exhibition at Buduk Nur Communinity Hall
⛱️ Closing ceremony at Lun Bawang Longhouse

Day 4: Arrival of Dato' Seri Hajah Nancy binti Shukri, Minister of Tourism, Art, & Culture at Be'Kalalan Airport

Day 05

πŸ₯ Breakfast and Checkout Purait Homestay
πŸ›« 10am Departure of Dato' Seri Hajah Nancy binti Shukri, Minister of Tourism, Culture & Arts using airplane
πŸš— Depart to Lawas Town by land (4WD)
🍜 Stop over for lunch at Merarap Canteen
πŸŒ‡ Arrived Lawas Town, then proceed to Kampung Punang to visit Ikan Tahai Production (Perusaan Ain Zamari) at Floating Village and for the sunset view.
🍽️ Dinner at the Gerai Seri Pantai Punang
πŸ›Œ Check-in Hotel Seri Malaysia, Lawas

Day 5: Visiting Ikan Tahai Production at the floating village of Kampung Punang

Day 06

πŸ”Breakfast at Hotel Seri Malaysia
🌱 Short visit to the Lawas Waterfront and Pasar Tamu
🚘 8am Depart to Kota Kinabalu International Airport using van via Merapok(Lawas)-Sindunim(Sabah) border
🐟 Pit-stop at Kimanis to buy souvenier (Ikan Bilis, etc)
🦐 11.30 Arrived at Restoran Malaysia for lunch (near airport)
πŸ›« 1.40pm Flight to Miri from Kota Kinabalu (AK6071)
πŸ›¬ 2.30pm Arrived Miri Airport
🦜 3pm Proceed to Piasau Nature Reserve, Miri for hornbill watching
🎁4.30pm Shopping at Miri Handicraft Centre
πŸŒ‡5.30pm Coco Cabana Miri for sunset
πŸ›Œ 6.30pm Check-in at Pullman Waterfront Miri
🍽️ 7pm Welcome dinner at the Pullman Waterfront Miri

Day 6: Sunset at the Coco Cabana, Miri

Day 07

🍩 Breakfast at Pullman Waterfront Miri
🌳 8am Depart to Niah National Park
πŸ¦‡ 12.30pm Arrived the Great Caves of Niah
πŸšͺ 2pm Arrived at Rumah Panjang Patrick Libau. Lunch and dance performance
🏨 5.30pm Arrived back at the Pullman Waterfront Miri Hotel
🍽️ 6.30pm Dinner with Sarawak Tourism Board at Imperial Palace Hotel

Day 7: Great Caves of Niah National Park

Day 08

πŸ₯ 9am Breakfast and check-out
🚢 9.30am Hotel room tour at Pullman Waterfont Miri
🏫 10am Visited Canada Hill/Grand Old Lady/ Petroleum Museum
πŸ›’ 11am Last minute souveniers  shopping at Miri Handicraft Centre
πŸ›« 1315 Depart to Kuching via AK6191

Day 8: Last minute shopping at Miri Handicraft Centre.

‼️End of itineraries‼️ So, stay tuned for the review of attractions for each places ya!



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MYTRAVELLICIOUS - Foods & Travel Blog Malaysia: Summary Itinerary 8 days Kota Kinabalu - Lawas - Ba'Kelalan - Miri
Summary Itinerary 8 days Kota Kinabalu - Lawas - Ba'Kelalan - Miri
Hey guys, if you are following me in my instagram @mytravellicious or my Facebook page, you might noticed that I was travelled to Ba'Kelalan.
MYTRAVELLICIOUS - Foods & Travel Blog Malaysia
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