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My experiences with 3 Flights of VietJet Air using SkyBoss Class from Kuala Lumpur

Last October, I started my holiday after 5 months working, unfortunately I had to cancel my Euro trip as I do not have any mood to travel in Europe right now. Luckily I my flight got refunded. I need to think another travel plan. Central Vietnam is one my long travel due list and bring my mom to travel together is an good idea. Just for your info, I had traveled before to Hanoi, Sapa, Ha Long Bay and Ho Chi Minh City. After discussion with my mom, I proceed with the plan. Here is our final travel route plan: Hue-Da Nang-Hoi An-Nha Trang-Da Lat-Mui Ne-Ho Chi Minh City and my 66 years old mom is my travel partner. Nice!

Watch my VLOG for my VIETJET AIR experiences

We decided to fly with VietJet Air from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh, then we fly again to Hue. To Hue, the flight is not a transit flight. That is mean, you need to take your luggage, go to the domestic terminal and check-in and drop again your luggage. Just make sure you have an enough time for this process, if you asked me 4-5 hours gap is sufficient. Just bare in mind if you decided to make Ho Chi Minh City your Hub. How to pronounce HUE? It is "HU-WEI", its like you pronounce Huawei without an "A"

In front of Check-in counter at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Why I did not stop in Ho Chi Minh City first before I flew to another city? I decided to be back and exploring Ho Chi Minh City as our last destination in our journey. Just for your info, Ho Chi Minh City is the main hub for VietJet Air. We traveled starting from Hue till Ho Chi Minh City by bus & shuttle van. Luckily when I checked the VietJet Air flight from Da Nang to Nha Trang, they had a promotion and it was really cheap. So I bought the flight tickets two days before. We saved our traveled time from 9 hours using bus to one hour using flight. 

Priority Tag given to cabin bags plus complimentary voucher to Airport Lounge

I will make another post for each destination we traveled in next post, just stay tune with my blog for the attraction guide, halal food guide, transportation and travel tips.

So total of my VietJet Air flight is 4 flight where 3 flights using Skyboss Class and another one using Economy Class with Priority Add-On. Here is my review.

VietJet Air aircraft model in KLIA


As a Skyboss class passanger, I have 30kg checked-in luggage and 10kg Cabin luggage. If you decided to shop in Vietnam, this is the best choice for you.

SkyBoss check-in counter at International Airport @ Ho Chi Minh City

CHECK-IN (10/10)

Checked-in was smooth and fast. For the Skyboss class passanger, there is a special counter for you with the carpet, same like Business class check-in counter. The counter staff is really helpful especially in Ho Chi Minh City. For the normal economy class passangers, the queue is quiet long. There are many self-check-in kiosk in Ho Chi Minh City for you to print your boarding pass, but not in Kuala Lumpur. You also will be given a complimentary  to airport lounge.

SkyBoss check-in counter at Domestic Airport @ Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City domestic airport, there is a special lane for the SkyBoss passenger to the Security Checkpoint. We at first, queue up with normal lane. Suddenly the security coming at us and asked us to follow him to the special lane as he saw our priority sticker and card at the boarding pass. Just bare in mind, this is not for the immigration lane at the international airport, where Skyboss not applicable for the priority lane.

SkyBoss Airport Lounge voucher at Ho Chi Minh City


In Kuala Lumpur, we given access to Plaza Premium Lounge at the Satellite Building. I used to go to this lounge as I am the Priority Pass card holder. There is a shower facilities at this lounge and only a few choice of foods in here.

My mom having a dinner at Plaza Premium Lounge, KLIA

In Ho Chi Minh City, both domestic and international terminal airport lounges served variety of foods. Unfortunately no Halal foods available. But a lot of fruits and drinks you can enjoy.

Airport Lounge at Ho Chi Minh City, International Airport

Airport Lounge at Ho Chi Minh City, Domestic Airport

As a SkyBoss passanger, we are given priority to board. That is mean, we are the first to enter the flight. From Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh and returned flight, we are the only two SkyBoss passangers. But from Ho Chi Minh to Hue, the row of SkyBoss seats were full.

Boarding Hall, KLIA

In Kuala Lumpur International Airport, we are escorted from the boarding hall to the flight. I think this is really special touch from VietJet Air. Even you are flying first or Business in other airlines, there is nobody will escort you to your flight.

In-flight magazine for VietJet Air

As Ho Chi Minh City airport, as normal economy class passenger you will need a shuttle bus transfer from the terminal to the plane. But for the SkyBoss passenger, it will be separate transportation which is a VIP shuttle van. Another special treatment from VietJet Air. You do not need to queue up. What you need to do, just identify yourself to the gate staffs that you are the SkyBoss passenger and they will call you when your VIP shuttle van is ready.

SEATING (9/10)
All four flights, our seats were at the Row 1. Row 1 as you know having a spacious leg room and easy for the cabin crew to entertain you. The size of the seat is the same. It is same like "Premium Economy" class in some premium airlines.

Spacious legroom seat at ROW 1, special for SkyBoss

For flight to/from Kuala Lumpur, there will be separate curtain for the SkyBoss and Economy class passenger. Row seat No 1, 2, and 3 are special for SkyBoss passangers. Not this is not the case for the domestic flight.

After we seated, we were given a snacks nuts, mineral water and refreshing wet tissue. We felt very welcome to enter the flight.

Pre-departure snacks and drinks. Complimentary for SkyBoss passengers

All cabin crews are great and they always smiling. There is Malaysian cabin crew on my first flight. Most of the cabin crews their English is good. They are really helpful with our hand luggage even we do not want them to help, as we know the risk of back pain. I still did not admire their uniform, as if you look very closely, the material of the cloth is a little cheap look-alike. Maybe that is only my eyes and my opinion. 

VietJet Air, Domestic flight, no separation between SkyBoss and Economy

As a SkyBoss passengers, hot mean and drink are including in the fare. So, there is one Halal certificate hot meal provided which is Nasi Lemak. The rice is a little bit different, more like sticky rice. But after a while, the taste grows on me. I like it.
Complimentary Hot Meal + Drinks for Skyboss passengers

For the domestic flight, when we are flying from Ho Chi Minh City, Nasi Lemak is available. But when we are flying from Da Nang, it is not available. Too bad. For the drink, you can choose any drinks from the menu.

In-flight hotmeal menu. Only one Halal meal available.

Nasi Lemak - The only Halal hotmeal

Nothing to brag much about the flight. Just a normal flight like I use to, Nothing unusual.

Flight merchandise sell on board with affordable price

I bought many merchandise as my souvenirs as I have extra VND left.

Surprisingly, all of my flight landed smoothly. Again, SkyBoss passenger has a priority to leave the plane first. There will be special VIP shuttle van waiting for you after you step on the ground. It is not the case in Kuala Lumpur Internation Airport as the skybridge is available.

Special VIP Shuttle Van for the SkyBoss passengers. Only us on the van that time.

As all the SkyBoss passenger's luggage having a PRIORITY tags, you will get your luggage first and without any delay.

As each of us got 30kg luggage allowances,so we shop till we drop! Lol!

OVERALL (9/10)
Flying with VietJet Air using SkyBoss class is really worth it. Totally different experiences with my other flight. The treatment is extra than the Business Class passenger from other Premium Airlines. If you asked me, I gave them 9/10 for all the flight I had been with them for this journey. With 30kg of check-in luggage, you can shop like crazy in Ho Chi Minh City. Plus, you need not worry about the food on board as Halal Nasi Lemak is available to make your stomach full during the flight.

Here are the Skyboss Class benefits.
My experiences with 3 Flights of VietJet Air using SkyBoss Class from Kuala Lumpur Reviewed by mytravellicious on 1:05 AM Rating: 5

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