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My Travel Companion Watch: August Timepiece

A smartphone is one of the many essentials that I can't live without while I am doing my travels; but even if one of its many helpful functions is to display time, I find that keeping a wristwatch is something that I just can't skimp out on - not only can I easily see the time swiftly but it's also a great accessory! Now, when it comes to the best timeless piece, my new favorite would have to be August Timepiece.

At Royal Chulan Kuala Lumpur

Welcome August Timepiece to the family. It is now my 15th timepiece in my collection. There are only three choices you can choose from, which are white dial watch (black and brown leather strap) and black dial watch with black leather strap. You can visit their catalog here:

With background of Parliament Hall in Kuching, Sarawak

First thing what I like about the product is the postage. There are using DHL which meant the product is very exclusive. There is a simple white paper box to cover the watch. I really hope they can improve the box as to make it more exclusive next time. But no issue for me as the box will be gone after that.

Makati City from above

And here is the watch. A very minimalist, classic, modern design look with a black leather strap. To be honest, I did not use any leather strap for a long time, and here I am using a leather strap watch. I’ve been wearing it for a while now and it’s really a timeless piece and a versatile one too — I can wear it with my casual outfits, and also with more formal ones and it stays in tip-top shape even after all the time that I’ve been using it.

It’s a classic, ain’t it? And the best part is — it’s affordable and given the quality, I even think that it’s worth more than the price they’ve set for it; so come and get yours now! 

Jeepneys in Manila

I had received the watch two days before I need to travel to Philippines. So, during one week of my busy hectic schedule in Makati City, my travel partner aka my best travel companion is August Timepiece.

Waiting for the meeting

If you are interested to get one too for your collection, you can get 15% discount when using my promo code  MYTRAVEL15 for purchasing @august.timepiece's watches at .

You can follow their FB too at 
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