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Review: Where to EAT in Kuching? | Metrocity Seafood Garden

We are looking for a place to have a family dinner until my father suggested to give a try a new seafood restaurant which located at the Metrocity, Matang area. We never heard of this restaurant. My father told us that this restaurant just opened up and we should give it a try.

It is easy to park your car. That is a good news. Secondly the restaurant have the air-conditioning system which is great. Thirdly outside you can see all the seafood still alive, that's mean the ingredients are fresh. Fourth, when we arrived, only 3 tables occupied, that's mean, the kitchen not so busy so can get our food in a limited time.

They menu booklet complete with the price. Only for the some seafood, the price depending on the weight of each portion, and it's price tag per 100g.

I was surprised with the each food presentation. It was good and they make the effort to make the dish looks perfect. They used unique plates and interesting vegetables decoration.

For the taste wise, I love my sea cucumber soup. The fried rice and kuey tiaw frien noodles have a plain taste (or no taste at all?). Midin Belacan was good. Oyster pancake was so-so, and I prefer the one at Top Spot. Salted Egg Fried Squad was okay, but we did not finished it. Their butter prawn still cannot beat the one at the Top Spot. Even though the steam fish has a scary look, but it taste good.

For the price, as we are 5 adults and 4 childs, our bill was around RM250. What do you think? Just for info, the restaurant is Halal, and you see a lot of Halal certificate of each supplier at the entrance of the restaurant.

Disclaimer: We pay for our own food. We did not have any collaboration with the restaurant, we did not own the restaurant and we did not have any share with the restaurant.

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Review: Where to EAT in Kuching? | Metrocity Seafood Garden Reviewed by mytravellicious on 8:00 AM Rating: 5

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