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#HotelReview: Where to stay at Senggigi & Gili Trawangan in Lombok

Hey guys, I had travelled in Lombok for the 2nd time for 5 days 4 nights before I flew to Bali but this time I brought my mom along the journey. So this trip was her first time in Lombok. This trip, I tried to find a little bit more comfortable room as I traveled with my mom. So do not asked me why I did not stayed in hostel like I used to be. Last Lombok, yes I stayed in hostel.

We spent 3 nights in Senggigi and 1 night in Gili Trawangan. Just for your info, our flight landed in Lombok International Airport around 7pm. As there was no public boat to Gili Trawangan at night, we decided to stay in Senggigi for one night before we off to Gili Trawangan in the next morning. We spent 1 night in Gili Trawangan and we back again to stay in Senggigi for 2 nights.

My criteria are simple. Comfortable room to spend the night, swimming pool is a must and must be include the breakfast.

So here is the summary where we had stayed:

1 night = Jazz Senggigi Hotel, Senggigi
1 night = Little Coco , Gili Trawangan
2 night = Sendok Hotel, Senggigi

1. Jazz Senggigi Hotel - Senggigi, Lombok

We loved all the hotel staffs as they are so friendly and very helpful. They welcome us with a drink. Surprisingly, the owner of this hotel is originally from Sabah, Malaysia. The room was cleaned and comfortable for our first night in Lombok.

Huge swimming pool is a plus. As this hotel located at the hill, you can go to the rooftop of the hotel to enjoy the view. Unfortunately, to go to the hotel area, you need to go through to the very steep stairs. It is not really suitable for the older people with the leg problem. Luckily my mom did not have a problem with this but I saw her struggle a little bit to go up and down the stairs. But shes happy to stay here as its so calm and very clean.

For the breakfast, it is not that big portion, but my mom and I agrees that the fried noodle they served are delicious. They served fruits too for the dessert.

What I do not like about this hotel is their location. It is not located at the center of Senggigi. Around only got a few hotel and very dark surrounding. There is one mini market where you need to walk for 5 minute to the main road.

Type of Room: Premium with Breakfast
Price per night: RM 70.74 through Agoda




2. Sendok Hotel - Senggigi, Lombok

We spend last few night in Lombok stayed in Sendok Hotel. Even the name quite funny for us Malaysian as "Sendok" mean the cooking spatula and there is also one blogger called Kak Sendok.

This hotel have a big restaurant as you need to go through to their restaurant before go to the hotel room. Again, the hotel staffs here are very welcoming and kind.  It felt like a boutique hotel and very Balinese. Buddha statues are everywhere even in front of my room room which made my mom little scared to be alone when she alone.

Spacious and lovely pool too. And their breakfast menu also good and big portion, look at my "Nasi Kuning".

The bonus is the location located at the center of Senggigi. Around the hotel are alive. Many restaurant and bar where you can hang out. Street foods and mini markets also available at the various location. 

Type of Room: Superior AC with Breakfast 
Price per night: RM 94.89 through Agoda




3. Little Coco - Gili Trawangan, Lombok


We never planned to stay at Little Coco while in Gili Trawangan. It happened after our room in one of the hotel in Gili Trawangan were in really bad condition and we decided to check out and change the hotel.

I contacted my friend in Lombok and asked him for the recommendation, and he suggested this hotel. He also tried to negotiate the price for us and booked the room immediately. From our current hotel we need to walk around 10 minutes to reach the hotel. A little bit pricey, but for the short of notice, I just don't care as I really tired with the snorkeling trip.

I can say the location is around 15 minutes from the jetty. As my mom brought her pull luggage, we decided to hire a horse cart to brought to the jetty with the price 100k (RM30) for 7 minutes ride.

Back to this hotel, love our room so much. The swimming pool just in front of my door. The design of the every room also unique, it a Sasak traditional house inspired. My mom quite happy with this hotel. I loved the idea to have a breakfast served in front of our balcony door with the swimming pool view.

They provided the rental bicycle to use around the island, it is useful. I can conclude Little Coco is really small premise, but very lovely if you are looking for a calm and quite night. 

Type of Room: Double Room
Price per night: 500k Rupiah @ RM160+ through Agent (last minute booking)




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