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My Collection of AirAsia & AirAsiaX Hotmeals

I had flew with AirAsia/AsiaX million times this past few years. Thank you to them for the cheap fares. By the way, while I organized my travel photo folders in my laptop, I just realized that I always took a photo of my hot meal in the AirAsia/AirAsiaX flight. Believe me, their meals are worth to buy and enjoy onboard. Most of them were delicious. If your flight is more than one hour, do enjoy their meal, do not forget to pre-book your meal to enjoy cheaper prize and the meal will be served earlier.

Here are my collections of hot meal photos that I took. Some of the hot meal may discontinued by AirAsia/AirAsiaX:

1. Nasi Lemak Pak Nasir [Rating 9/10]

The most famous hot meal ever. Who does not love Nasi Lemak? It is hard to resist to order this meal once the passenger around you is eating this meal.

2. Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice [Rating 8/10]

For me, this Chicken Rice is nice. But sometimes it is too dry. Amount of chicken is good.  

3. Mee Goreng Mamak [Rating 6/10]

I am the fan of Mee Goreng Mamak. Unfortunately I am not really enjoy this meal. Too oily for me.

4. Blackpepper Chicken [Rating 9/10]

Love this meal so much. But I did not see this hot meal on the menu nowadays. Hope they bring back this meal.

5. Chicken Pasta Arrabiata [Rating 4/10]

The worst AirAsia hot meal ever I think [as for my taste]. The first hot meal which I did not finish. 

6. Nasi Dagang [Rating 7/10]

Love the idea of Nasi Dagang on the flight. The curry is good.

7. Nasi Kerabu [Rating 6/10]

I am not the fan of Nasi Kerabu. But I tried this hot meal. Still not a fan.

8. Glutinous Rice with Chicken and Dim Sum Combo [Rating 9/10]

Yummeh! Glutinous rice is great. And the dim sum are superb.

9. Mac & Cheese [Rating 9/10]

Another favorite of mine. Yes to this meal! You should order this.

10. Sherpard's Pie [Rating 10/10]

For me it’s perfect. I really enjoy this on my flight. Maybe I am too hungry? 

11. Chicken Pizza Sandwich [Rating 8/10]

Love the idea of pizza sandwich. Good light meal.

I will update my list from time to time. So which one is your favorite hot meal in AirAsia/AirAsiaX?
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