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Where to Eat? Caffe Bene Mangotella Review

I still remember the day, when I was doing the food tasting on April, one day before my birthday, and the next day I need to fly to Indonesia and travel to the remote island, and it was unplanned, like mytravellicious always done.

My journey in Indonesia was so tiring and adventurous, suddenly I do know not why my SD card becoming error and I lost most of the photos. What a bad birthday trip! But I really enjoy my trip definitely! Luckily, I met my friend, to recover the SD card, then he succeed! Tada! And here is my pending review post.


I knew about Caffe Bene when I traveled in South Korea. My first Caffe Benne was in front of Hamdeok Beach in Jeju Island. It was winter, freezing cold! But my nephew insisting to eat Bingsu in the middle of winter. But it turn out to be great things! You will wondered because more freezing, more favorable to the ice.

Then, Caffe Bene slowly opened the franchises in Malaysia including in my hometown Kuching. But it was very small shop. I was like "I've been there in South Korea!"...

And now, I want to introduce you Caffe Bene Malaysia  latest seasonal menu which made available nationwide!

Caffe Bene has once again launched their seasonal menu and this time it is the dream combination of Mango and Nutella. With 4 NEW seasonal items in the Mangotella series, they believe it will capture the hearts of dessert lovers all around.

In addition to the seasonal menu, Caffe Bene Malaysia has also introduced 2 seasonal gelato flavors: Mango Gelato and Nutella Gelato; only available during the Mangotella series. 

Caffe Bene Latest Seasonal Menu Mangotella The Dream Combination of Mango and Nutella 

Bringing both Mango lovers and Nutella lovers together, the Mangotella series is sure to capture dessert lovers heart. With 4 NEW seasonal items plus introducing 2 NEW Gelato flavors, and now I am very happy man to enjoy all this


Mango lovers will be delighted to dig into sweet icy Mango Bingsu topped with juicy mango cubes and our Yogurt Gelato. This sweet dessert is perfect for the Mango Lover on a hot sunny day. 

My thought: [4/5] Yummy! I love the mango cubes and the Yogurt Gelator complete the taste and texture of this Bingsu. If you are the fan of yogurt, give it a try! 


Bringing the dream combination for both Mango and Nutella lovers with Mangotella Bingsu. Icy cold Bingsu with Nutella, Mixed Nuts and Cookies Crumble base before finishing it with sweet mango cubes and topped with our seasonal Nutella gelato. 

My thought: [4/5] Okay, when I read the description and they mentioning about Nutella, my brain was freezed, who does not love Nutella?  Plus its mixed with nuts and cookies crumble. It was sugar rush. Make sure you share it with your friend or love one. Its huge!


Warm Belgium waffle topped with sweet mango chunks, almond slices and Yogurt gelato. This sweet treat made better when drizzled with decadent Nutella sauce 

My thought: [4/5] Wah! Waffle with mango chunks plus almond slices plus yogurt plus Nutella sauce. I might be the happiest man on earth when enjoying that! I need this kind of food as I need to travel far far far away on my birthday trip.


A smooth creamy drink with the unique combination of sweet Mango and indulgent Nutella.

My thought: [3.5/5] Too sweet and not my forte. I prefer the Mango and Nutella in the food form.

Yeah..  that's mytravellicious review. Wait, do you know how to eat Bingsu? Let me teach you, as I really had not idea when I first time went to Caffe Bene in Jeju Island.

How to eat Bingsu the Bene way?

Upon receiving your Bingsu:

(1) Take a picture! and add hastag #caffebenemy

(2) Press the topping & gelato to the bottom of the bowl

(3) Mix & Stir well starting from the center

(4) Enjoy!

Thank you for the crews of Caffe Bene: Malacca Branch


Caffe Bene Terminal Pahlawan
Lot G69-G70
Ground Floor,Terminal Pahlawan,
75000 Melaka
Where to Eat? Caffe Bene Mangotella Review Reviewed by mytravellicious on 5:02 PM Rating: 5


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  2. awwww~ Never know they now have Mango bingsu too! Might give it a try one day! Btw, nice photography! :)


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