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Sabah - Day Trip to Famous Gaya Island

Most of my trip, islands and beaches are never exempted. During my Kota Kinabalu trip, I took the opportunity to visit one of the island at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. I chose only to visit "Gaya Island" because I do not want to rush and caused me unable to enjoy my beach moment.

As I rented motorcycle in KK, it was easier for me to go from one place to one place. I parked my rented motorcycle at the Jesselton Jetty Terminal.

First, you need to buy return ticket to the island. To go to Gaya Island, return boat trip only cost you RM23 including all the tax. There are so many company you can choose. If you only want a return trip, you can choose any company, most of them are fix prices. I bought the boat trip ticket from Sunny Rainbow. If you want to do some activities in the island, of course you can survey the price from each company and also you can haggle the price. Good Luck!

Sunny Rainbow boat is quiet satisfactory. Only 8 persons inside the boat. Journey to the island is smooth, weather also quiet nice.

Once we arrived at the island, there will be 1 person will in charge for each company. Just remember their shirt!, each company, different people in charge, and you will easily get confused. Just tell them what time you want to go back to the city center. If you have another island to go, just tel them what time you want to transfer to the other island.

As Gaya Island is quite famous, it was so many visitor during that day. Plus, it was weekend. All the places were pack. I just went to the end, and organized my picnic mat. 

The water at Gaya Island, I can say its quite clean. But for snorkelling, it was nothing. This is because I had been snorkeled at a lot of places. Only a few small fishes and coral. This is because the snorkeling area is limited and have a limit. You cannot snorkel anywhere you want, only at designated places.

Anyway, trip to Gaya Island is good for me, where I can relax and read my novels and watching behavior of people all around the world.

I went back at 3pm, and I realized my skin got tanned!
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