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#7 places to go in Nagoya for 1 day

If you got like only 1 day to explore Nagoya, I recommend you to visit this, you can do it in 1 day, assuming you starting from morning till night. All of the places I stated here are based with my own experience. Nagoya is a very interesting place. I am so lucky because of my work, I keep coming to this beautiful region.

The transportation in here is excellent and you can buy Subway 1 day pass for unlimited use of subway plus you can get many discounts for the attraction entrance fee.

1. Nagoya Castle

I think Nagoya Castle is the main highlight of the Nagoya and one of the historical building in here. The garden in here is huge and one of the good spot for taking photo during cherry blossom.. Inside the castle is the same like museum, and also have the observation deck. In here, there are souvenirs shop for you. Just remember it close at 4.30pm. 

The entrance fee here is 500 yen, but if you using subway 1-day-pass only 400 yen.
To get here, take Meijo Line and stop at M07 Shiyakusho Station (City Hall)

2. Nagoya City Science Museum

Why I really love to visit this science museum is because of the unique building. I really want to take photos with this building and I did. Inside here it has world largest dome screen of planetarium, does it sound awesome? Because of I am an engineer, I found that this museum is quite interesting, it has Electrical Discharge Simulator, Large Water Circulation Simulator, -30C Room, Man Made 8m Tall Tornado and plus they do fun demonstration every day! Plus the surrounding of the museum is spectacular.

The entrance fee is 800yen, 720yen(1day pass) for observatory & Platerium
To get here, take Higashiyama or Tsurumai line and stop at T07/H09, exit 5, walk south 5 mins 

3. Oasis 21

This is where the subway of Sakae Station stopped. Oasis 21 is really nice building and look like a spaceship. I used to hang out at the garden around Oasis 21 because it is so nice. In Oasis 21, you can find many shops and restaurant. Many event had been held here. The interesting part is, you can go the rooftop of Oasis 21 for free to enjoy the view of Sakae. Here is good to take picture of Nagoya TV Tower. Remind yourself to go during sunset.

To get here, take any line to Sakae Station.

4. Nagoya TV Tower

If you really enjoy the city view, I recommend you to go to Nagoya TV Tower, one of Nagoya landmark. If you really not interested to go up, you can take photo around the tower. The best spot to take the picture is at the Central Park (between Louis Vuitton shop and Oasis 21) or at the Oasis 21 rooftop.

The entrance fee for adult is 700yen, 600yen if you using 1day pass
To get here, take any line to Sakae Station.

5. Nagoya Port

Another awesome place to spend time is Nagoya Port area. In here you can go to the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, the entrance fee is 2000yen, and 1800yen for 1day pass). Here you can see dolphins and white whale or the called it Beluga. Next to the aquarium is Maritime Museum and Fuji Antartic Museum. Here its explain all about maritime such as details of ship on a voyage and the observation of their Antartic research. One of the museum is a real ship which they use to go to Antartic. Entrance fee is 700yen, 580yen (for 1day pass). 

To get here: Go to the Nagoyako Station.

6. Kamimeazu Shopping Street / Osu

Another awesome place to spare is Osu or Kamimeazu Shopping Street. Here is like Ginza shop. Many small shops and restaurant. My favourite restaurant here is Gindako which sells Takoyaki Octopus Ball. Also at here, there are 2 Mega Kebab restaurants, which is HALAL. You can find shoes, cloths, and also 2nd hand item. At the end of the street, you can find Osu Kannon Temple which is one of the popular place in Nagoya

To get here: Go to the Kamimeazu Station

7. Sakae Shopping Area

Ahhhh…. Shopping heaven, I hope you can behave yourself. Sakae area is where you can get any designer brand you want. From Louis Vuitton to Coach to medium range of brand like Zara, H&M, Gap, Uniqlo and many more.  You will notice there are Ferris Wheel on top of building. I recommend you 1 duty free shop, located across the Ferris Wheel building and also across of Coach boutique. The entrance is like supermarket, you can go up to find more item such as perfumes, clothes, watches, bags, and many more. The tall building across the Mitsukoshi where you can see “BOOK OFF” banner  is also good. It is like 10th floor building and in here you can find Uniqlo, GU,ABC Mart, and HARD OFF (2nd hand shop). So, Sakae is where the rich go.

To get here: Go to the Sakae Station

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  1. menarik, tak puas ronda2 di nagoya... pergi muzium sains tapi tutup...
    sempat ronda2 kat toyota museum, best!

    1. toyoto museum blum penah pegi lagi..next time nak singgah jugak lah....

  2. awesome sight...yea saw my friend post on the Oasis 21. Awesome

  3. Whh... good tips! very2 informative info for people who only visit nagoya for a day or two...


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