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My Ship Life | Episode 01 | Agong's Birthday Holiday

Location: My Workplace @ My Ship

Swing Swang Swinging~
 Last June
There were a holiday
It was Agong's Birthday

Evenhough the holiday had been postponed
due to busy schedule

So I called this holiday
A Postponed Holiday

The voyage was from Kawasaki
back to Bintulu.

We had a little celebration
a small party
one of our main activity during the holiday


enjoy the pics!!!

remember... travel deliciously with mytravellicious!

Kambing Golek
At first i thought there were turkey. Chicken!
I love this. Fruit Egg Tart!
Chocolate Cake
Another desert!

Bread been carved with "Party 2011"

Malaysian Fruits

Roasted Chicken Wings

Variety of sushi

Food Food Food, a lot of them

Shrimp Sushi
Love this

Sushi Heaven



Which one I want to eat first?


Desert Pudding!


Decorated Honeydew


Steamboat choice: Mussel, Shrimp, Crab

Another steamboat choice

A lot of fruits

Traditional Cake

Egg Tarts

Dragon Fruit

Eat while you can!
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  1. Kat siney tok? Banyak juak choice.. Paling best nangga gambar steak kambin ya.. Betul ka d tangga aku?


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