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I Tried Variety of Special Meals on Malaysia Airline's Flights

Last few years, I was a frequent flyer of Malaysia Airlines as I need to attend some course in Malacca every week. So, Kuching-Kuala Lumpur flights was like a bus ride for me for the whole month. To make my fly time more interesting, I had an idea to change my normal flight meal to the special meal. Special meal is a meal that will suits your diet.

Advantage of Special Meal

1. You get the meal as per your diet

2. To be honest, requesting a special meal is so special as you will be the first person to get your meal. Immediately after the seat belt is off, you will get your foot. That is mean, in the time you finished your meal, people sitting next you just started to enjoy their meal.

3. The meal might fancy with the normal serving meal

Disadvantage of Special Meal

1. You do not have any food choice

2. Might be uncomfortable to have a meal first if there somebody sitting next to you. 

3. The normal serving meal might be fancier than your special meal (Especially when they having Nasi Lemak)

4. Your meal might not include other side snack such as snack or peanuts.

Planning to try more special meal next time. So, I am going to share to you my special meals I had.

1. Low Cholesterol Meal / Low Fat Meal

Was so surprised with my low cholesterol meal. To be honest, I was really impressed with the meal and proud to show off my meal around. Lol. It consists of omelet, potatoes and mushroom with some gravy. So yummy. Never regret to request this meal. Taste yummy and a bit looks like breakfast meal.


2. Low Calorie Meal

I did not expect to have a rice when I requested low calorie meal. As I know rice is having a very high calorie. It was looking like a normal flight meal. Rice served together with mix sauté mix vegetable and chicken with soy sauce. Also got small plate of honey dew. 

3. Seafood Meal

As this was a 6AM flight, I was regret with my decision. White rice, together with fish and mixed vegetable in early morning never suits me. Hahaha. At least I tried seafood meal. I saw person sat next to me having a Nasi Lemak and other one having a noodle make me so jealous. But it is okay, more flight to go. Lesson learnt, never request a special meal especially early morning flight.


4. Vegetarian Vegan Meal

Another special meal I tried was vegetarian vegan meal. I could say I was really surprised and impressed too with the meal served to me. Its look like a Biryani served with Curry Tofu. Delicious for me and I expect that I got served with huge amount of vegetarian, but I am wrong. Its not that bad as you imagined.

5. Hindu Meal

I don’t really know why I requested this special meal. I was a funny moment for me when the cabin crew served the meal to me, ‘You request Hindu Meal sir?’, but I am a Malay looking. They must be confused. When I want to start eat, I said ‘Bismilllahirrahmanirrahim’ a little bit loud so person next to me know that I am Muslim, not Hindu. Anyway, my special meals consists of Biryani served with Chicken Curry plus Mushroom Curry too. Yummy!

So, you had tried any special meals before? Mind to share ya? Maybe I can tried another special meal and update this post.

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  1. My favourite would be Hindu meal and Low Cholesterol Meal / Low Fat Meal.


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