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#FlightReview - Scoot TR453 Economy Class (Kuala Lumpur - Singapore)

On 5th April 2018, I had flew to Singapore using Scoot as I need to cover the story for the Singapore Jazz Festival 2018 which one of the line-up was a Lauryn Hill. Yeah, cool right!.  I decided to choose Scoot as the price was very affordable plus I get the some cash voucher. It turn out the cash voucher can't deducted the fare ticket and it was only covered the add ons. That's why I added on a  pre-order meal, a luggage and seat selection too. So here some of my thought for this particular flight.

😍 Check-in
Checked in happened at KLIA2 even though I had mistakenly with KLIA. It was smooth and few counters opened for the process. The queue was short. As always, I wrapped my backpack before checked-in my luggage. Everything was fine.

😍 Aircraft
Using the old A320, I remembered it was the same experiences when I was using Tiger Airways last few years. For your info, Scoot had been taken over the Tiger Airways. 


😣 Flight Entertainment
No in flight entertainment was available. But the flight was less than 1 hour. No problem for me. It is a low cost airlines. No high expectation.

😍 Magazine
It turn out I love their magazine. 


😞 Flight Meal
I pre ordered the combo meal. It cost me around 17SGD. It is quiet pricey if comparing to AirAsia. If AirAsia, most of the meal is around 5SGD and most of it are very yummylicious. The combo meal come with one hot meal, one soft drink and one Ritter Sport Butter Biscuit Chocolate. I chose the Makhani Chicken with Brasmati Rice. It turn out the hot meal is like frozen food with the expired date (21 Aug 2018). On top of the rice, it was dry and crispy showing its been heat up while its frozen. But nevermind, the taste was okay and I finished it up before I landed. The rice portion was big and I am really full. And the hot meal is HALAL. Not all the menu are Halal, only a few of it. I really love the Butter Biscuit Chocolate a lot!



😍 Overall
For the overall flight, I am quiet satisfied with Scoot. The crews also very helpful. I do not mind to fly with them again next time as long as they provide very good ticket price.

#FlightReview - Scoot TR453 Economy Class (Kuala Lumpur - Singapore) Reviewed by mytravellicious on 5:25 AM Rating: 5

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