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Review: SATS Premier Lounge at Changi Airport served Halal Foods

While waiting my flight from Singapore to Penang, I had a chance to enjoy one of the premier lounge in the Terminal 2 of Changi Airport. Actually there are a few of premier lounge around Changi Airport and I am free to choose either one. But based on the positive review online, I decided to take a try a SATS Premier Lounge. It was the best decision though.

😍 Registration
The reception counter was friendly and very helpful. Within a minute, all registration complete. No complication. There were two receptionist at the counter.

😍 Sitting area
The chairs were sufficient. If you are looking for a little privacy, you can sit at the private compartment which equip with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. There are also single sofa area with every sofa equipped with the electrical socket plug. Or you can sit at the dining table area. 


😍 Environment
Suprisingly here are so quiet and calm. Fortunately, it was very less person inside the lounge, I can say around 10 persons right now. I love the orchids around the lounge. It make the lounge look very refreshing .


😍 Foods
There were a lot of food choices in the lounge. The in charge chef was a Muslim Chef Khairril Azzard and all the food catering are from the Halal-Certified supplier. Do not forget to try out Singapore Laksa.




😍 Cleanliness
I was so impress with the crews here. There are so hardworking to make the lounge in clean state. Every 5 minutes, the crews will walk around to clean and pick-up the empty plate. It was very spotless clean. Thumb up for the crews.

😍 Shower
The toilet was clean and there are showers inside. I did not try to take a shower, but if you are looking for a place for a shower, here is the place.


😍 Facilities
There are 2 massage chairs, but it was equipped with people all the times and I do not had a chance to try it. But it is good to have a massage chair. Like always, WIFI is super fast. Galaxy tab are available if you need one. Magazines are more than sufficient for you to kill the time while waiting for your flight.

😍 Conclusion
I am quite satisfied with SATS Premier Lounge. I might be back again as I think here is really worth the money.

Review: SATS Premier Lounge at Changi Airport served Halal Foods Reviewed by mytravellicious on 7:30 AM Rating: 5

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