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Review: Fantasy Rain Forest Live Performance | PICC

When I saw the advertisement about this show, I was really excited as I love the live performance especially if it involving dance and musical. I went to Putrajaya International Convention Centre for some conference, and after that, I decided to enjoy the Fantasy Rainforest Live Performance as it is happening at the same venue but a different hall.

There are two shows per day which are on 2pm and 6pm. I watched for 2pm show with the VIP seat (complimentary). The price for the ticket is really expensive for me, as the VIP seat is RM200, standard seat is RM120 and the child is RM60.

During that time, I only saw one group of 15 tourists from China in a big hall. I guest the show only targeted the tourists and it might be including in the Kuala Lumpur tour package which is sold by the tour agent. 

For me, PICC is a grand venue. But for the local staying in KL, it is located a little bit far from the city center.

Let's talk about the show. "FANTASY RAINFOREST", encapsulates the concept of "love", "tolerance" and "harmony" through the role of a hunter. The storyline begins with a harmonious state in the Malaysian rainforest, in which the aboriginal people and wildlife are living together peacefully. However, the harmony is later stirred by a hunter who sets up traps to poach the endangered animals in Malaysia – Malayan tigers, monkeys, peacocks and other animals, and he even shoot the Malaysia's national bird – the hornbill with a shotgun and caused the anger among the aborigines. The hunter then suffer the consequences himself, he caught by the traps set himself and arrested by the aborigines. However, with the theme of 'Love' and 'Harmony', hornbills did not choose to hurt the hunter but to forgive him. At last, the hunter had hand his gun down and join to be part of the big family and live together peacefully.

The story represents the harmony in Malaysia – people of all races live together in peace and accept each other's differences, subsequently bringing forth a beautiful Malaysia. In addition, the "FANTASY RAINFOREST" also presents the unique flora of Malaysia – hibiscus, Rafflesia, rainforest vine and others.

Do you want to know my opinions about the show? Here are my reviews: 

After the show ended, I had a mix feeling about the shows. I do not know whether I am a little bit of disappointing or I am in shocked. The sentence come out from my mouth after the show was "This is so 'memperogolkan budaya' "

As myself from Borneo and a traditional dancer during my study years, I was really excited about the show as it is using the Borneo concept. And they mentioned the costing for the show is about RM10M, of course I am expecting "wow", in my mind, I already imagined about "Siam Niramit" in Thailand or the Grand Finale show at the Window of The World in Shenzhen.

The hall is great. Comfortable seat and the AC temperature is comfortable. 

 The stage was okay and have a big screen behind for the visual presentation. It is not like the backdrop can be change or moving. 

I was really shocked to see the Kadazan girls costume. The skirts are seriously short. I never saw Kadazan girls wear that kind of skirt. I do not know whether it is done intentionally, but I really felt uncomfortable with the costume, it is not because of it too sexy but I think it just so wrong to represent the Sabah culture like that.

The music is too electronic sound and nothing ethnic, I really expected its more traditional fusion. I watched so many creative dance competition with the themed of Borneo which wow me every time.

The steps and choreography just not that I expected. They are too modern. I know all of them on stage are amazing dancers.  Even though the theme is Borneo, you can feel non-borneo on the performance.

The acrobatic stunt is amazing. But I am not sure about the Peacock dance which imported from some Latin country.

As there is no dialog, only the dance show, it is easily make you fall asleep.

There is interaction with the guest is good. Actually I had been invited on stage. My eyes are folded. And they try to blow up the balloon with the blowpipe. 

Hopefully, they can improved the choreography which more picturesque the Borneo culture. I did not really hate it. I just wonders is there any expert in dance industry involving with this show?

Review: Fantasy Rain Forest Live Performance | PICC Reviewed by mytravellicious on 8:00 PM Rating: 5

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