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AirAsia , Goodbye to Surat Thani, Kalibo (Boracay) and Iran routes

Today in Facebook, most of my friends stated their frustrating when they received email from AirAsia, that informed about the Tehran flight will be suspending. Now, its will be the second time AirAsia suspended the Tehran route. So, starting this month until April, there will be 3 routes been suspended by AirAsia, which are:

Surat Thani, effective on 25 Feb 2018
Kalibo (Boracay), effective on 24 March 2018
Tehran, effective on 22 April 2018

I am not really sure why AirAsia decided to cancel those route, it might be it had been few guest on those flight, which they can't make profit or they have more bigger plan. 

All those 3 routes are my favorite places. All got sentimental memories for me. Most of the my journey to those place are to priceless. I am lucky I got the chance to visit those place before AirAsia suspended the route.

Surat Thani

I flew a few times to Surat Thani. One time to Koh Samui and one more time to Koh Pangan. I had been to Koh Pangan twice, but the first time I was there, I flew to Hat Yai, then taking a road transport and ferry to Koh Pangan.

Koh Samui is very nice place. I can say the beach is not that awesome, but the nightlife is great. It offers various waterfall too.

Let's talk about Koh Pangan. Famously with Full Moon Party. Yeah, I had made a tonne of friends during the party and those party made me felt very young. But those are the years when I was a teenager

With cancelation for this route, you still can enjoy those amazing places with fly to Krabi, but you need to add a little more penny to travel to Samui.

Kalibo (Boracay)

I never flew to Kalibo (Boracay) using AirAsia flight. Boracay is one of the best white beach in the world. I had visit Boracay before AirAsia introduced Kalibo flight. I remembered last time, I flew using Cebu Pacific from Manila and its barely to meet Malaysian there. Nowadays, the place is full with Malaysia and its quiet famous now.

Yeah, I love Boracay. It is one of the amazing island I ever see especially morning till noon time. I did not done any activities on this island as I decided to chill and relax, finished my Dan Brown novel. One of my dorm mate that Dan Brown is too serious theme for the vacation like this. Lol.

Tehran (Iran)

Seriously, I was shocked this morning when my friends posted about this. Seriously they suspended the Iran route? Why? Last time, my flight was full, when I went to Tehran and return to Kuala Lumpur. It's a good business for AirAsia. Iranian loves Malaysia.

Iran nowadays is really famous about Malaysian traveler. Everywhere you go in Iran, you will be amaze with the view. Yeah, I seriously agree because I had been there.

The Final Call promotion is always cheap. Plus, in winter, you can enjoy the snow too. The Persian are really kind and helpful.

The best thing about Iran route is, it is one of the hub for traveler to explore Europe or North Asia routes. From Iran too, you can take a bus to Turkey too and from Turkey, you can fly cheap to anywhere in Europe using Pegasus (Budget Airlines in Turkey).

Now, with the suspension of this route, traveler need to think another altenative to make their journey cheaper.

So, I hope there will be great news coming.
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  1. salam hey hey hey ABANG haha im finally here! hmmm ada marketing strategy kot coz i think flight to tehran mmg org kejar kot murah plak promo rtu! hehe


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