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#RamadhanBuffet2017 - Astana Puteh Restaurant, Masjid Tanah

Salam Ramadhan,

As I stayed at Kuala Sungai Baru, Masjid Tanah is the nearest main town. Luckily, there is one restaurant that offered Ramadhan Buffet with very affordable. Yes, it is only RM23.90 and it's called Astana Puteh, or White Castle.

Before this, I had my dinner here too and I am impressed with the food taste and their unique signature dish. For the truth, for few year, I was boycotted this restaurant due to their bad services. But, people changed. Their restaurant service is now at the top notch. And currently, every month I will put Astana Puteh in my foodie list. A lot of food I need to try.

But now, I will concentrate will Ramadhan Buffet. I went here with my friend without any reservation. Yes, I get the table, no problem at all. Might be because of the weekdays. Masjid Tanah is 30-40minutes drive from town.

I love Astana Puteh because of the parking space, which no problem at all, the restaurant is quiet unique, comfortable, nice environment and most important, here is very clean.

They also offered homestay and wedding hall. They claimed you can have a 5-stars wedding here. I am quite agree. This place is beautiful as their nama Astana Puteh.

With only RM23.90, you can have Nasi Arab, Kambing Golek, and many more. They also remind you that any excess food they will charge you RM10 for 100g. But based on my observation, nobody got to pay for the excess food.

But for the taste, it is just average. Like Kambing Golek, the meat is not that fresh, a little bit hard. But I love their Nasi Arab. A lot of traditional cake offered.

I am very sorry because of the limited photos I took as I was to hungry to snap the photos. Hahaha...

And with only RM23.90, I think it is really worth it! And trust me its the best price so far I found for the Ramadhan Buffet.

Price: 5/5
Environment: 4/5
Parking: 4/5
Location: 4/5
Staffs Efficiency: 4/5
Variety of Food: 4/5
Tastiness: 3.5/5

Will I return: YES


Batu 17, Solok Duku
78300 Masjid Tanah

013-247 1990

#RamadhanBuffet2017 - Astana Puteh Restaurant, Masjid Tanah Reviewed by mytravellicious on 1:08 AM Rating: 5


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