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Siem Reap | Episode 02 | Artisan D’Angkor

Location: Asia » Cambodia » Siem Reap » Artisan D’Angkor

Wood Craving Workshop
They are so artistic!
Exploring around Siem Reap was like reading the art books chapter by chapter. Every chapter full with graphics and had its own story to tell. That was I felt when I was in Siem Reap.

Hello there mister!! Welcome
A women craving the woods.
I was realized that the art industries is really important to the Cambodian. But from time to time, you will discover all the arts were using the Hinduism & Buddhism motives.

Most wanted sculpture
Stone craving
Maybe rejected item.... discount anyone? Can't imagine how I want to bring this thing in my backpack
“Artisan”, ART!. In Malay, “artis” means someone who active in art.
Artisan D’Angkor is situated at Sivantha St. Just next to my hotel.

Concentration is the key of perfection
Is this a school? Where is the instructor?
To Soap Stone Workshop
We went here by our rented bicycles.
Artisan D’Angkor is a really beautiful shop. Selling the souvenirs most probably from the wood craving.

The sketching!
The example of the woods they used
Welcome... please come in...jangan malu jangan segan!
 At here, there is a art school named Les Chantier’s Ecoles. This school is specializing in teaching wood & stone carving techniques to impoverished youngsters.
All the items had been done by the students from this school.

This is where they burnt!
Where is the safety
 But I just wonder, why some of them are old. But people said “to gain a knowledge, no matter what age you are”.
Is that a pumpkin?
Burning process!
The Buddha
How much per entry?
Do not worry. It is free.
Of course if you going to buy something, then it is a different story.

House decoration frame
Still not complete
 You can free entering all the carving workshop, to see with your own eyes how they making the souvenirs.
I wonder, are the student will get paid for their work?
Almost done!
The gold hand
Nokia HP for sale!
Most of the item in the shop quite expensive.
Just hope you did not break any item in the shop while you wondering around!

The garden
The sculptures...
Yes....can I help you sir?
We can post the item to your door step!
 So guys… do not forget to visit this place while you are in Sieam Reap!
Just remember…. Travel deliciously with mytravellicious~

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  1. Takes a lot of work to make all those statues. But they do look very good

  2. Soh sidak polah angry bird...

  3. I am thoroughly convinced in this said post. I am currently searching for ways in which I could enhance my knowledge in this said topic you have posted here. It does help me a lot knowing that you have shared this information here freely.
    Stone Carving Techniques


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