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#RamadhanBuffet2018 Jom Makan at Hilton Petaling Jaya

Hey guys! It's about two month more for Muslim celebrating Ramadhan. What I love about Ramadhan is of course the foods. Ramadhan is when we get choices a lot of foods and the best place to have it of course at the Ramadhan Buffet. Planning your Ramadhan Buffet is a good idea as many restaurant offering early deals promotion, and it can save you a lot of money. So let me introduce you the first Ramadhan Buffet choice for you.



Who does not know Hilton? Of course everyone knows. Hilton Petaling Jaya is inviting guest and diners to "Jom Makan" at Petaling Jaya's landmark hotel for its annual buka puasa feast with an array of delicious, tempting Malaysia cuisine set in home like comfortable environment.

I love all the dishes as its taking me on journey back in time to reminisce the times of being in a kampung during Hari Raya. Hilton Petaling Jaya is focusing on "Kampung" or traditional favourites from different states in Malaysia. 



How about the variety of foods? A lot ! If I  say a lot means you can simply blown away with over 150 dishes of yummy, modern and traditional food. The most unique things, is there will have food truck vendors which offering guest best of two worlds from scrumptious spread of cuisines and local delights set up in a buffet spread as well as some amazing regional fast food you can find from what is known as uber-popular trucks.




Extra point for Hilton Petaling Jaya because there will be an Angklung performance. OMG! I love angklung. You will experience the exhilarating Angklung Orchestra, while enjoying your delicious food at Paya Serai Hilton Petaling Jaya.



Here are the menu provided by the Hilton Petaling Jaya for their Ramadhan Buffet. And here, we are not responsible for any unavailable dishes during your visit.


Nasi Kandar
 Nasi Putih
 Kari Ikan Bawal
 Dging Rendang Mamak
 Telor Ikan Goreng
 Teloq Ikan Goreng
 Teloq Dadar Chinese
 Sotong Malasa
 Ayam Goreng Mamak
Lauk Gulai Kawah & Claypot Station
 Yee Mee
 Salon Fish Head Curry
Best Lemang
 Lemang Jagung/Pulut Hitam&Pulut
 Rendang Ayam/Daging/Kambing/Rusa
 Ketupat Nasi/Ketupat Palas
 Kuah Kacang
Ayam Golek
 Sup Gear Box / Isi Lembu
Makanan Laut Panggang – Grilled Food
Fish / Beef / Squid / Prawn
Ikan Bakar
Lontong and Condiments
 Sayur Lodeh
 Nasi Himpit
 Serunding Daging/Ikan/Ayam
Tempura Station
Indian Food Counters
 Tandoori Chicken / Vegetables
 Fish Tikka
 Lamb Kebab
Middle East Food Station
Deep-Fried Item (Seafood/Chicken)
 Ayam Goreng
Ikan Goreng
Sotong Goreng
Roti Station
 Roti Canai
 Roti Boom
 Potato Gravy, Dalcha
Bubuk Lambuk
Variety Pasta, Sauces & Condiments
 3 type’s pasta
 5 sauces
Assorted Marinated Satay (Chicken & Beef)
Steamboat (2 Type of Stock)
Teppanyaki Bar – Food Truck
 Assorted vegetables
 Assorted meal
 Apam Balik
 Dim Sum Station
 Noodles House (Daily)
 Tau Fo Fah
 Island of Ice Cream
Fried Fruit & Root Vegetables
 Goreng Pisang
 Keladi & etc
 Nasi Kukus
 Lidah Sapi Bakar Bersama air assam
 Ayam Penyet
 Ulaman, sambal penyet & Chicken Rice
Hainanese Roasted and Steam Chicken Rice
Beverage Station
 10 Types
Mix Seafood Bar
 Prawn, NZ Green Mussel, Squid Ring, Boiled Crab & Black Lip Mussel
 Condiments: Lemon Wedges, Cocktail, Lime, Lemon, Pesto Oil & Tabasco
 Assorted Cold Cut / Turkey Slice
 Smoked Salmon Platter & Condiments
Salad Bar
 Varieties of Fresh Lettuce
 Tomato, Cucumber Carrots, Green & Red Peppers

 Thousand Island
Asian Appetiser
 Stuffed Bean Curd with vegetables, Thai Chilli Dip
 Sotong Kangkong
 Vietnamese Spring Roll
 Vegetable Pakoras
 Blanced Vegetables with Peanut Sauce
 Begedil Ayam and Kentang
 Friend Potato and Chicken Dumpling
Food Trucks Area
 Durian Station
 Rojak Mamak and Cendol
 Char Koay Teow
 Putu Bamboo
Desserts – Chilled Pudding / Cream and Tart
 Cake Counter
Hot Dessert
 Aneka Kuih-muih Melayu
 10 Types
 Fresh Fruit Station
 Whole Fresh Fruit
 Chilled Cocktail
 Forever Favorite’s
 Local Hot Dessert
 Ice Counter
 Kuih Traditional
Indian Corner
 Chick Pes Briyani
 Lamb Champ Masala
 Chick Karaikudi
 Goa Fish Curry
 Aloo Methi
 Snakegourd Kuttu
Kampong Melayu
 Kari Ketam Ubi Keledek
 Daging Salai Dengan Rebung
 Siput Sedut Masak Pedas
 Ayam Masak Merah
 Kepah Dengan Cendawan Kukur
 Pajeri Teruing Panjang
China Town
 Tiger Prawn with cocounut
 Fried Rice with salted egg and chicken
 Wok fried beef “Mongolian style”
 Loh Hoon Chai
 Fried Crispy fish tom yam chili sauce
 Braised Szechuan To Fu with Minced Meat
 Beef Petites
 Mexican Rice and Chicken
 Seabass Butter Sauce
 Grilled Beef
 Macaroni and Salmon
 Chicken Roulade




  •  Purchase Early Bird Vouchers   at RM 149 Nett (Adult) & RM 79 Nett
  • First three days (15th May 2018 - 17th May)
    • Starting from RM 169 Nett (Adult) & RM 89 Nett (Kids)
  • The following Weeks (18th May 2018 - Saturday onwards)
    • Starting from RM 189 Nett (Adult) & RM 99 Nett (Kids)
  • Last three days (11th June 2018 - 14th June 2018)
    • Starting from RM 169 Nett (Adult) & RM 89 Nett (Kids)


Contact No: +603 7955 9122
Address: 2, Jalan Barat, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 46200

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