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#HalalFoods near Khao San in Bangkok – Aisa Rot Dee Muslim Restaurant

If you are visiting Bangkok, it will not complete if you are not visiting Khao San Road, a backpacker heaven area in this city. If you are looking for Halal Foods,then I can recommend you to have your lunch at Aisa Rot Dee Muslim Restaurant.

You can try Google Maps “Asheeyah Roddee”, located at Tani Road, very near to Khao San Road. I think it is the best street halal food you can find in Bangkok. And the price is reasonable too. A sign on the sidewalk — in Thai — reading “Aisa rot dee” (Aisa good taste). In the narrow alleyway behind the sign, two forbidding faces manning a beef noodle stand, and as you approach the darkness, the hint of more. After passing the khao mok gai and tripping over two or three people on the way, the darkness becomes the light, and the alleyway opens into a substantial open-air courtyard, tables, chairs — even waiters.

Here are the foods you can find here:

Salad, 45bath = Rating 4/5

I love this salad. I thought at first it was “Rojak”, but I was wrong. The crispy potatoes in the salad complete the Asian taste.

Beef Satay, 80baht = Rating 4/5

I never thought I will found satay in Bangkok, but I did. It also served with peanut sauce. For 80baht, you will get 10 sticks of satay. And the satay itself is surely very good.

Spring Rolls, 40bath = Rating 4.5/5

This spring rolls were awesome. Full with ingredients and its very satisfying to take every bite of it. Overall, I can get enough to eat this.

Fish Balls = Rating 4/5

Here come my favourite snack, fish ball!. It is so addictive to eat the fish ball with the thai style chilli sauce. Anyway, at back home fish ball is one my favourite snacks.

Ox-Tail Soup, 80bath = Rating 3.5/5

In Malaysia, ox-tail soup is never my favourite and I do not know why. At here, when they serve the ox-tail soup which I never saw before, I just barely taste it a little bit. Soup in Malaysia is more favourable and more spices taste. But you can try.

Khai Mok Khai (Indian Style Curry Rice with Chicken), 65 baht = Rating 4/5

Here come the special meal for this restaurant. You can choose between chicken or beef. Both are good. The curry also full with aroma. Served with simple fried rice and come with small bowl of soup. It can full your tummy whole day and the price is worth too. 

Location: 7/10 - Near Khao San Road area. But you might had difficultly to find the place as you really need to find right banner. There will no “Aisa Rotdee” banner in front of the restaurant.

Cleanliness: 6/10 - If you are really not into street food, the surrounding might be not suitable for you.

Environment: 6/10 - Using fan, open air but covered with building around. No AC, at noon, the place quite full and crowded.

Price: 8/10 - Where you can get cheap halal food in Bangkok near the famous backpacker area?

Taste: 8/10 - Full with taste and surprisingly good.

Operation Hours:

Tue-Sun 9am-4pm, 5pm-10pm


Areesaa Lote Dee อาอีซะฮ์ รสดี
178 Tani Road (corner of Rambutri/Tani)

Contact No:
02 282-6378

Google Map: Asheeyah Roddee

#HalalFoods near Khao San in Bangkok – Aisa Rot Dee Muslim Restaurant Reviewed by mytravellicious on 8:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. Untuk status halal tak perlu diragukan lagi, sekarang cemane dengan tastenye Bro?

  2. Ssangat menarik... LeYa belum ade kesempatan ke Bangkok lagi.. InsyaAllah one day


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