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#HalalFoods in Banzaan Freshmarket at Phuket, Thailand

In Phuket, in you know the place, it is easy to find Halal foods around. The cheapest Halal foods is at the restaurant near to the Mosque, But you need to walk a little bit. If you are thalking about Thailand, of course it is about seafoods.

Banzaan Freshmarket is located just across the Jungceylon Mall. It is actually a wet market which offers vegetable, fruits, meats and seafood. It has 2 floors. The upper floor is a food court where you have your lunch, or if you bought raw seafoods downstairs, you can bring it to upstairs for them to cook for you.



In Banzaan Freshmarket, at the raw meat station, you can find Muslim stalls. It is really suitable for whoever rent an apartment /hotel with kitchen facilities. You can cook your own meal. And price is reasonable. I had surveyed around, there are about 4 stalls that are offering Halal meats. Just be careful around, as the pork also offered by the next stalls.

If you go upstairs, there are 2 Muslim restaurants offering Halal foods. You can ordered menu based or you can bring your raw seafood which you bought downstairs to this restaurant. But before that, make sure to confirm the price with the owner.



I did not have any chance to try out both of this restaurant as I was alone, and I did not felt to eat that much and I was looking for the street foods. But if you around, you can go here and give it a try. It’s a fresh seafood, where you can eat without hesitation.
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