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#FoodReview Sarawak's Bowl is Now Opened at Sunway Putra Mall

Kiasu or not, I don't care as I am a Sarawakian and I really loves Sarawak cuisines. To all Sarawakian in Kuala Lumpur, there is one restaurant called Sarawak's Bowl just opened at the Sunway Putra Mall. I really love the location they chose! Sunway Putra Mall is at the center of Kuala Lumpur, easy access as it just next the PWTC station and the car parking here is really convenient.

Sarawak's Bowl was just opened yesterday and it's marked their second branch. Their first branch is at Setapak Central Mall and started operating since last year, 2016.

"Walai Jami" is mean "Our Home" is Iban language. It is actually "Alai Jami" and the just add "W" for their signature. And their logo includes hornbill as it is one of Sarawak icon.

They have 3 sharing partners, who are originally from Sarawak itself, 1 Malay and 2 Chinese from Limbang. Sarawak's Bowl is in the process to get the Halal certification. So no worries, it's Halal by the way just not yet official.

I was so lucky to get invited to review Sarawak's on their first day of opening.  Actually, this review session with  ​Sarawak's Bowl  which was arranged by KIPLE, via Kiple's Influencers Program (KIP).  If you are interested to join as the KIPLE Squad and doing reviews, you might join at http://kiplepay.com/kip .

Here are my review:

The Restaurant (8/10)

It is situated at Level 4 of Sunway Putra Mall. This is where most of the restaurant located. The size of the restaurant is not that big but it is acceptable. You can sit inside the restaurant or outside for more comfortable. They use open kitchen where you can see what they cooked. I can say it is a very simple restaurant where you to grab very fast lunch or dinner.

The Service (7/10)

As yesterday was their first day of opening, it is really quiet busy day. But from my observation, most of the customers get their orders really fast. And for the small restaurant like this, they have sufficient staffs. Hope they can maintained and improve it from time to time.

The Foods

1. Laksa Sarawak 
Score: 7.5/10 

Laksa Sarawak (Ala Carte: RM8.90, Combo set with beverage: RM14.80)

Laksa Sarawak is their best-selling menu based at their first branch.The portion is big, come with 2 medium size of shrimp. But  for me ratio of noodles with the "laksa" itself is not really right as the noodles is too much than the "laksa". Looking at the portion of noodles, 2 people can simply share the bowl. And make sure to eat it immediately before the "laksa" dried up because they noodles tend to absorb the "laksa". I love the taste of the laksa, it's complete and supposely taste like. The broth is thick with spice and I can say it is good!. As most the customers didn't familiar, it is recommended to explain to the customers how it suppose to eat, example: tell them can mix the "Sambal Belacan" in the Sarawak Laksa, as some of Sarawakian said, Sarawak Laksa tastiness is depends on its "Sambal".

2. Sarawak Kolo Mee 
Score: 8/10 

Sarawak Kolo Mee (Ala Carte: RM8.90, Combo set with beverage: RM14.80)

OMG! For me, the Kolo Mee is the menu to die for. I love their Mee Kolok. In Sarawak, there are few type how they prepare the Mee Kolok, whethers its Chinese Style (mostly plain) or Malay style (mostly it is sweet). And in Sarawak's Bowl serve Malay style of Mee Kolok. When I ate this, I felt like I was at home. Of course it served with separate soup, but you can eat it dry. Love it, for sure, I will come again and again for the Mee Kolok. Usually Mee Kolok will eat with "Sambal Hitam" for more kick.

3. Mee Jawa Nyonya Tey (Beef)
Score: 7.5/10 

Mee Jawa Nyonya Tey (Beef) (Ala Carte: RM8.90, Combo set with beverage: RM14.80)

As for you know, if Mee Jawa serve with Satay in Sarawak, it is called Mee Jawa Special and the peanut sauce will put on top of the Satay as it will be mixed with Mee Jawa sauce when you eat it. Usually Mee Kolok will eat with "Sambal Hitam" for more kick. I simply love this Mee Jawa. The taste is seriously good but honestly speaking it can't beat my mom Mee Jawa as my mom used to cook the beef inside the Mee Jawa sauce. 

4. Sarawak Mee Sua 
Score: 8/10 

Sarawak Mee Sua (Ala Carte: RM8.90, Combo set with beverage: RM14.80)

Mee Sua, honestly this asw first time tasted Mee Sua. This is the dish where I feel I want to diet, and I need something light but the truth is its just same with other dish. It seem simple, and when they served it, the smell of this Mee Sua sure really good, full with herbs smell. And the chicken texture and taste is amazing. It really caught me by suprise. You need to try this Mee Sua and you will not dissapointed.

5. Nasi Lemak Daging Masak Hitam Manis 
Score: 7.5/10 

Nasi Lemak Daging Masak Hitam Manis (Ala Carte: RM8.90, Combo set with beverage: RM14.80)

Everyone love Nasi Lemak. If all the noodles is not what you are looking, then Nasi Lemak is the answer. But what is special here, they served with Beef Black Sweet Sauce. They taste is good.

6. Ayam Pansoh (Ala Carte: RM15.90)
Score: 7.5/10 

Ayam Pansoh (Ala Carte: RM15.90)

Ayam Pansoh or Chicken cooked in the Bamboo. It served with Bario rice surely caught my attentions. For your information, Bario rice is rich with minerals and vitamins and it is sweeter compared to the plain rice due their rich starchy content. The rice is special imported from Bario.  Their Ayam Pansoh is also rich of tastiness. But the portion of chicken is too small, I want more as it is so good. Come with 3-pieces of chicken. Plus it's served on the bamboo plate made it more interesting. If you are looking more traditional food, you should try it.

7. Beverage
Score: 8.0/10 

I love the varieties of the beverage the offered. You can try Sarawak signature drinks which is 3-Layers-Tea as it mixed with "Gula Apong"=Gula Sarawak. Currently Sarawak's Bowl has the promotion, main menu + beverage for RM 14.90 only. 

For the Sarawak's Bowl promotion, download the apps called "KIPLE", where you can top up and pay using the apps and get the rebate. Inside KIPLE, they have many participating outlet and many promotion is happening right now. Download KIPLE now in your phone. Give it a try.

Final Verdict

Cleanliness: 5/5  Open kitchen.
Environment: 4/5  Mall environment. Small but comfortable.
Location: 5/5 Inside the mall. Easy access. KL center
Parking: 5/5 Sunway Putra Mall Parking is good!
Staffs Efficiency: 3.5/5 Can be more improve
Tastiness: 4/5 It is good. But still can be improve

Will I return: YES

The Menu List (Click to enlarge)

Address and Contact:

Sarawak's Bowl
Level 4
Sunway Putra Mall

#FoodReview Sarawak's Bowl is Now Opened at Sunway Putra Mall Reviewed by mytravellicious on 9:12 AM Rating: 5


  1. perghhh!! nyaman gilak ehhhh.. (org Swk ckp sedap giler)
    boleh la pergi terjah pasniii..hheh

  2. mcm best jak tok oooo....bak makai time


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