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#MalindoBites by Malindo Air Flight OD1605 KCH-KL

On my recent flight back to Kuala Lumpur from Kuching, I was very surprised to be served with #MalindoBites. Usually, on this same flight, the passengers will get Muffin and Biscuit.

#MalindoBites come with a box, and in a box, there were very cheese pizza and red velvet muffin. I never expect this, Malindo Air had upgraded their meal services.

The pizza is hot, and when you bite it, it goes like the pizza advertisement that usually you watch. It was seriously delicious. And you need to eat with hand as no cutlery been provided even the plastic one. Make sure to bring your sanitizer. Red velvet muffin is the bomb! Both meal served in hot condition.

As I research online, #MalindoBites had been served since last year. But I am very sure that is not include the Kuching flight as I am the regular Malindo Air passenger on this sector.

Hopefully, it will be continues. As for this date, only 29 photos of Instagram using the hashtag of #MalindoBites. Hopefully they are woke up to take the social media influence seriously. They should promotes the hashtag of their #MalindoBites as many did not know the existence of this meal.

Forget about the delay problem that you face with Malindo Air, hopefully the #MalindoBites will have more suprised and more variety of meal will be served next time. 

So now, with very competitive price, for economy flight, you can get free 30kg, plus a yummy #MalindoBites. Delay? Hope they can improve their delay time as currently there are so many complaint about this problem.
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