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#EAT@KlangValley Foodtopia Foodbulous Weekday Treats - RM7.90 only with 19 set meal choices at 7 restaurants

For the truth, this was my first time ever been to the Mines Shopping Centre even though I had stayed at the Palace of The Golden Horses a few times. I went here because I had a food tour to 7 restaurants inside this shopping mall. Before the food tour begins at 2pm, I tried to avoid eat any foods in the morning as I know I am gonna eat a lot of food.

What is this food tour all about? Well, I get a good news for you guys. Mines Shopping Centre is having a great promotion called Foodtopia Foodbulous Weekday Treat. This promotion lets you enjoy a delicious meal & drink for only RM 7.90. Yes, it is true, you can eat below RM10.

The promotion is all day long on weekdays and you need to sign up as a CapitaStar member on level 3 customer service counter or if you are already a CapitaStar member, you can redeem the voucher with 1,600 points. This promotion is until 2 June 2017

After tried out all 7 restaurants with more than 15+ meals, honestly I can say it is THE BEST DEAL you can ever get! Some of the meals, the value I can say more than RM20 but, you can enjoy it with RM7.90 only. It is so lucky whoever staying nearby the Mines Shopping Centre.

There are 7 restaurants participating in this promotion namely:

Fish & Co
Little Fat Duck
The Chicken Rice Shop
Pizza San Francisco

Let me show you what they offered in every restaurant for RM7.90 only. 1 voucher you only can get 1 set of meal.

1. Fish & Co

This was my 2nd time to try Fish & Co. They known as seafood in a pan. For RM7.90, you have 3 choices, which are Fiery Catch, Seasonal Catch with Spicy Teriyaki and Spaghetti Pomodoro. I preferred the seasonal Catch with Spicy Teriyaki. All the meals come with soft drink (Coke/Sprite/Iced Tea)

Fish & Co

Fiery Catch
Seasonal Catch with Spicy Teriyaki

Spaghetti Pomodoro

2. Little Fat Duck
The truth, this was my first time to eat at this restaurant. I was really skeptical with the name "Duck". But, I can tell you there is no "duck" menu involve. This restaurant is small and more to kiosk. It is for the person looking for fast-lunch or fast-dinner. They also served the food in the paper plate.

What they served here are western foods especially pasta. For RM7.90, you can choose 4 variety of pasta. My recommendation is choose Chicken Mushroom Mornay. All the pasta will come with drinks.

Little Fat Duck


Sausage Spinach Bechamel

 4 pastas you can choose from Little Fat Duck

3. The Chicken Rice Shop
Who does not love Chicken Rice Shop? With RM 7.90 Foodtopia Foodbulous Weekday Treats voucher, there are 3 types of Chicken Rice you can choose including drinks, which are Roasted Chicken Rice, Steam Chicken Rice and Soy Sauce Chicken Rice. Roasted Chicken Rice is my favourite all the time.

The Chicken Rice Shop

Roasted Chicken Rice

Soy Sauce Chicken Rice

Steam Chicken Rice

4. Almendi's

For those who are looking for Middle East cuisine, do not worry because Almendi's got it covered. With the voucher, you only have 1 choice of set meal here which is Mendi Chicken Set. Without the voucher, the meal will cost you around RM16-RM20. The restaurant is spacious. I love the sauce for this meal. Unique.

5. Sepiring

If you are looking for Malaysian cuisine, Sepiring is the answer. I love the ambient of the restaurant. For RM7.90 voucher, they offer 2 set meal which are Penang Assam Laksa and Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken. Their foods are good and yummy. Even though I am Laksa lover, but I was impressed with Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken as the curry was so delightful. Their laksa is "so-so" and does not impressed me much.

Nasi Kunyit with Chicken Curry

Penang Assam Laksa

6. Pizza San Francisco

 Now we fly to USA for the Pizza San Fancisco. But I was quite disappointment as the name of the restaurant is "Pizza", but the voucher does not include Pizza for the choices. Here, you can choose either two, which are Fish & Chips and Carbonara. Comfort food alert!! Seriously for RM7.90, that's too cheap for this kind of meal. Their Fish & Chips is good, I love it. And their Carbonara suprisingly good as its rich with cheesy taste. I am happy man now

 Pizza San Francisco

 Fish & Chips


7. Dubuyo

Anneyongsayo! At last we arrived at the last restaurant. It is Dubuyo, the urban Korean Food. Malaysian loves Korea so much. For me, you should use your voucher here as their set meal is huge for RM 7.90. Yes! It is huge and worth every penny. They offered Soondubu Jigae for the set meal where you can choose Seafood, Meat or Chicken. Also, you can choose Honey Garlic Bulgogi which is my favourite.

 Dubuyo - Urban Korean Food

Seafood Soondubu Jigae

 Honey Garlic Bulogi

Well, that's it. Just for you to know, I ate all that foods and I was satisfied, everything are delicious! With only RM7.90, who can complain right?

For more information on the Foodtopia Foodbulous Weekday Treats, please visit Mines Shopping Centre Facebook www.facebook.com/theminesshoppingmall/ or website www.the-mines.com.my/en/.
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  1. Okay. This is really worth to buy every single bucks that will be spend! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Do follow me at https://khalidahabdhadi.blogspot.my/ for a new promotion on food!

  2. sure amazing deal!!! Gonna check it out


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